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Ick Genealogy research can be facilitated by use of this page. It links to the majority of the Ick surname data on the web, as well as to individual Ick family trees, Ick origin and Ick meaning if known, and many other Ick genealogy resources.

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    Brickenden Surname Resource Centre
    Description: The purpose of this site is to act as an academic sponge for the Brickenden surname. It soaks up all available information ready for the researchers to give it a good squeeze. Site features: * Family Lines: Strays - can you help?, Time Lines, Other Surnames; * Research: Queries, Genealogy Sites; * Resources: Archive, Help List, Biographies, Locations; * General Information: History and origins, Other families from the Weald of Kent, The Brickenden Test, The Brickenden Group; * Internet Links: Surname Researchers, Descendants & Relatives; * English Origin Family Tree.

    Surnames: Brickenden


    CHICKEN Family Histories
    Description: This site is intended to be a focus for ALL CHICKEN's and their descendants across the world, providing information on the name, it's origins, locations of families, and contacts for the increasing numbers of people researching this unique surname. Geoff is a A Member of the Guild of One-Name Studies, No. 2457 researching the Surname CHICKEN and all Variants.

    Surnames: Chicken


    Czarnik Surname Resource Centre
    Description: This site is focused into two major sections - the first relating directly to research about the surname Czarnik; and the second to help everybody who is doing any sort of family tree / genealogy research. Site Features: Mission; Family Trees; Family Photos; Surname Queries; Databases; Meaning & Origins of the Name; Downloads, including the Database; Archives - Research, Records, etc.; Surname Researchers; Czarnik Home Page Links; General Genealogy Links; Czarnik List; How to help. Name variations covered by this site: Czarnetsky, Czarnetzke, Czarnick, Czarnik, Czarnikow, Czarnke, and Zarnke.

    Surnames: Czarnetsky, Czarnetzke, Czarnick, Czarnik, Czarnikow, Czarnke, Zarnke


    Deatrick Surname Website
    Description: The online center for the Deatrick researcher

    Surnames: Deatrick, Deitrich, Deitrick, Dietrich, Dietrick


    Earwaker family
    Description: Ancestors and descendants of Alan Earwaker

    Surnames: Earwaker, Earwicker, Erricker, Earwaker, Earwicker, Erricker


    Hickson Surname
    Description: Researching all HICKSONs everywhere for a one-name study. If you find a stray, or a family, please drop a line. Site features: Name Origin; Who's Hickson?; Some early Hicksons; The Hickson Crest; Select Hicksons by County; Index of researchers; Index to other homepages; Have you a query?; The Page of Links

    Surnames: Hickson


    Kirkpatrick Genealogy
    Description: Kirkpatrick Genealogy

    Surnames: Gilpatrick, Kirkpatrick, Kilpatrick


    Risewick Surname Resource Center
    Description: Introduction; Queries; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Books and Magazines;; Cemeteries; Census and Tax Listings; Court Records and Naturalizations; Families, Gedcoms, and links to Researchers; Immigration and Ship Lists; Land and Deed Records;; Marriage Records; Military Service;; Newspaper Articles; Obituaries; Web Links; Wills and Letters of Administration.

    Surnames: Ryswick, Riswick, Risewick, Ricewick, Reusswig, Reiswig, Reiswick, Reisswig


    SEDGWICK.ORG - Sedgwick Genealogy Worldwide
    Description: Sedgwick genealogies, histories, and photos, scanned and transcribed books, pamphlets, manuscripts, source documents and census records, miscellanea and research tools.

    Surnames: Sedgewick, Sedgwick, Sedwick


    Sheddrick Family History
    Description: We are collecting all information pertaining to the Sheddrick surname, and the bearers of the surname that might in some way facilitate research of the surname. Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Rootsweb Sheddrick Resources; Researchers List; Submit your information; How to help; Family Homepage Links.

    Surnames: Sheddrick


    The KINNICK Project
    Description: This Project is dedicated to the collection of information on the Kinnick family in the world, who ever and where ever they may be. Our first goal is to locate and contact each and every Kinnick descendant by the year 2003 - it is not that far away.Our second goal of the Project is to produce a new publication of the family history of the Kinnick family by the year 2003. Our third goal of The Kinnick Project is to identify as many living Kinnick relatives as possible and include them in the project. We start with the surname Kinnick.Site features: Dedication and Goals; What's New?; The Family; Kinnick Mailing List; Kinnick GenConnect Boards; Contact Information; Pioneer Sketches; Surname Resource Center; Kinnick Researchers; Progress Reports; Tribute to Nile C. Kinnick, Jr.; The most famous KINNICK; USGenWeb Link; The KINNICK Family Resource Page. Variant spellings include: Kimmick, Kennick, and Kinnick.

    Surnames: Kinnick, Kimmick, Kennick


    The Kuhring Family's Homepage
    Description: The Kuhring Family's Homepage

    Surnames: Churing, Kuring, Kuhring, Kuhrick


    Wicker Family History
    Description: Biographies; Census Records for the Wicker Surname by State and Some Related Surnames; Civil War Links; Download GedCom File; Favorite Links; Marriage Index; Meaning And Origins Of The Name; Photos And Images; Purpose Of This Site; Queries/Message Board; Submit Your Information; Surnames and Family; Surname Researchers; Wicker Family Mailing; Wicker Links.

    Surnames: Wicker


    World Wykes Web
    Description: The World WYKES Web is a focal point on the Web for all Wykes's worldwide. Site feature Areas: Wykes?; History; Heraldry; Distribution; Gallery; Roots; Links; Visitors Book; Forum; Map; New. Variant spellings include: Weackes, Weacks, Weak, Weake, Weakes, Weaks, Weckes, Wecks, Weeckes, Weecks, Week, Weekes, Weeks, Whicks, Whikes, Whykes, Wick, Wicke, Wickes, Wicks, Wike, Wikes, Wix, Wixe, Wyck, Wyckes, Wyke, and Wykes.

    Surnames: Weackes, Weacks, Weak, Weake, Weakes, Weaks, Weckes, Wecks, Weeckes, Weecks, Week, Weekes, Weeks, Whicks, Whikes, Whykes, Wick, Wicke, Wickes, Wicks, Wike, Wikes, Wix, Wixe, Wyck, Wyckes, Wyke, Wykes


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