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The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois
William B Barnes surname list The William B. Barnes Family of Danville, Illinois: Surname List
Bailey/Christ - DeFelice/Elgrim Online Family Tree Site
InterneTree: Dave Bailey
InterneTree: Descendants of David Cox Arenson-Oboler-Obeler-Obler-Padnick-Padrushnick-Stein: Surname List
Almar family
InterneTree: Haydee Esther Abbate
Allen and Higgins Families of Georgia
Johnny Ray Allen surname list\r\n
Aleandri's In America
InterneTree: Descendant Fan Tree of Vincenzo Aleandri\r\n\r\nAll-in-One Tree of Fabio Aleandri (PDF Format)\r\n\r\nDescendant Fan Tree of Vincenzo Aleandri (PDF Format)\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Ancestors of Vincenzo Aleandri (View PDF)\r\n
Mary Genevieve Holden of California
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Mary Genevieve Holden\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Johnathon Morris Holden\r\n
The Cocchiara-Allen Legacy
As of July 2005, we have 969 family members and 270 unique surnames in our family record. In addition to information, stories, and photos, you will find "Links to the Past", and resources to help you research your roots.
Descendants Of Martin Kemp
Martin Kemp 1723-1772 Poole, England. History contains ancestry , and descendancy coverinf over fifty generations back to 1220 to the present.
Cuchiara/Clifton Family
News, notes and obituaries of the siblings and parents of Dennis Cuchiara son of Joseph and Josephine (Carnagio) Cuchiara of Chicago Illinois and Jane (Clifton) Cuchiara daughter of Clayton and Clista (Wallace) Clifton of Rocky Comfort Missouri
Majer? and Maiara Family
This family hails from Cervicati, Cosenza, Calabria, Italy. My branch descends from Giuseppe Majer? who immigrated to New York, USA in 1888.
Kerins Tribe Homepage
This WebSite is a place to add your Kerins Info and help us build connections among the Tribe.

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