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Green Family Tree
Personal family tree for J. Brian Green.
The Pulligs
The PULLIG family from South Carolina > Arkansas> Texas.
Family History & Genealogy Research of Amanda Taylor
Family History & Genealogy Research of Amanda Taylor
Ancestry of Rosa Genetta Swain Ball
Ancestry of Rosa Genetta Swain wife of George Matt Ball of Whitley and McCreary Counties, Kentucky.
Ancestry of George Matt Ball
Ancestry of George Matt Ball of Whitley and McCreary Counties, Kentucky.
Short Family Roots
The history & genealogy of Obediah (1795-1846) & Leona Foley Short (1795-1841) of Patrick Co., VA & Floyd Co., GA. Some of their children removed to TX & WV.
Hemlock Hill
Mostly Southern families in the USA
Kenneth's ARDREY Genealogy
Genealogy Outline of the ARDREY family.
The Glynn Family From Moylough To The
The Family of Patrick Glynn 1828-1904 and Bridget Kelly 1930-1907. From their origins in Moylough Parish, County Galway to Ontario, Canada and Beyond.
Cary Williams Genealogy Homepage
My personal genealogy pages. I have over 900 individuals, the majority all related to me. I can list 62 direct ancestors, with siblings, spouses, dates, etc
McCarter Genealogy
My database includes McCarters and allied families of Grayson County, Virginia
Dow, Keay and Williamson Families.
Families originally from Fife, Scotland
The Hesse-Mills Genealogy Website
Descendants Of James Hamilton, Samuel Long, Hugh Mcquiston, Robert Mills, Thomas Moody, James Robinson, Richard Williams, Friedrich Brenner, Peter Guntermann, Julius Caesar Hesse, Jean Adam Hornung, Frederic Mathieu Lang, and Carl Christian M?ller.
Central Missouri Families
This site contains individual names along with their birth & death dates/locations from many families who lived in several central Missouri counties during the 1800s. Also included are several ancestral lines extending back to the colonies and some even to Europe. The European ancestors mostly arrived in the colonies during the 1700s and settled primarily in Pennsylvania, Virginia and the Carolinas.
Cathy's Hillbillies, Confederates and German-Texans
Family Genealogy pages.
Mott - Risher Genealogy
Please don\t consider my research a 'primary source'. Many researchers have been instrumental in adding to the information. I do store some 'primary sources' here: http://www.geocities.com/bevmahon/
Dana's Genealogy Page
Comprehensive genealogy of Dana and her husband.
Smeal,Schmehl, Descendants of Nicholas
Additions and corrections welcome
Jenny Wiley Association
To collect, preserve and share genealogical, biographical and historical data regarding our ancestor Jenny Wiley, and her ancestors the Hezekia Sellards Family.
Genealogy Is Fun
A 'Family' page created to aid and display the personal reseach conducted by my wife and myself for our progenitors.
A southern MCKEE & HUNT saga
I also have a page at RootsWeb in genealogy community where I post bits of census data, odd marriages, parts of city directories, extracts from books, and grave data of Ms, Ga, & NJ..
Genealogy Page of Virgil Williams
I have been researching my genealogy since 1982. I have been concentrating most of my research to my German and Swiss German ancestors that arrived in South Carolina between 1737 and 1771. The names of my immigrant ancestors who arrived in South Carolina are: Hans Conrad K?enzler, Stephen Smith Sr., John George Souter Sr., Thomas Hamiter, Beat Rebsamen, and Hans Rebsamen
The Ogilvy Family History and Genealogy.
David Ogilvy Appointed Crown Solicitor by British Goverment., came from Scotland in 1839 to Victoria Australia
Irish McCready Heritage and Roots Around the World
Photo's, Obit.'s, Bio.'s, Tree's and More.
The Williamsons
The Descendants of this Scotch-Irish Family.
The TINDELLs of Calhoun Co., FL
Our Southern TINDELL Research Center - USA; with scads of raw TINDELL data including TINDELL, TINDALL, TYNDALE, TINDOL, etc.
Derek's Pages of Wood, Durand, et. al. Ancestral Lines
Personal genealogy page, with many printed biographies and links to royal families of early Europe.
Early settlers to Dodge County, their ancestors, descentants and those related by marriage
Names of Dodge County, Georgia pioneers and descendants.
Parrot Evans
Parrot Evans b. 1802 Anson/Union County, North Carolina may have been the grandson of John and Ann Culpepper Evans who were living in Anson County at this time period. They lived in Nash County, North Carolina before and after living in Anson County. I amAlexander, Culpepper, Evans, Hartsell, Kiser, Mewborne, Newborne, Parrott, Pistole, Williams
A Kiwi Adams finding his Roots!
Dedicated in memory of my Ancestors from England,Ireland and Denmark who emigrated to an unknown land, New Zealand, and settled mainly in the Marlborough, Nelson, Otago, Taranaki, Wairarapa & Wellington Provinces
Wayne's & Nedreva's Family History Center
Family Histroy and genealogy links into our families of Beck, Erwin, Stuckey and Wolfe
Karen's Genealogy Page
Features include 4000+ database, copies of documents, photographs, message boards, chat room, Access to MyFamily.com sites for exchange of information, photos, & gedcom files
Williams Southern Roots
Genealogy site dedicated to the research of the Williams and Sorters surnames and others in my family.
Williams of DeKalb Co. Missouri and Beyond
This site is dedicated to the Williams Family of Missouri and their descendents. I\m always looking for more information on their personalities and backgrounds; bringing them, once again, alive. If you can gather information here, all the better.
Quaker Watsons of NJ and PA
Descendants of Thomas Watson (Cumberland England to Bucks County Pennsylvania c. 1701) and also (unrelated) of Matthew Watson from York England to Burlington New Jersey c. 1682
Viehweg Family Homepage
Welcome to Viehweg Family Homepage. The Layton and Viehweg family genealogy and their allied lines. I am researching and seeking additional information on these families and allied lines.
Descendants of James Gilmore of Rockingham Co VA
James was born around 1712/1722. He died 1797 in Rockingham Co, VA. James\ sons were Samuel b. 1760, Thomas b. about 1762, Alexander b. 1764, Gad b. about 1766 and David born about 1768-- plus many more unknown children.
Cole, Warren and Roberts Family Tree
These families started in Grayson Co VA and Washington Co VA and spread out all over the country.
Researching several families, especially would appreciate any information on Elizabeth Davis b. 1808 Wilkinson Co. Georgia or her husband "Jim" Davis. Also would appreciate any info on Missouri May, born about 1888 married to John Calvin Ansley in either Texas or Louisiana.

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