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The Jose Geronimo Aragon Family Home Page
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Jose Geronimo Aragon InterneTree: Robert bob R Bailey Jose lived from 1878 to 1918.The Wife of Jose was Eutimia Lucero, 1888-1969.The family originated in Cuba, New Mexico. The Jose Geronimo Aragon Family Home Page: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Ancestors of Ivan Baca Genealogy Report: Descendants of Juan Baca Genealogy Report: Descendants of Juan Dominguez
Elisa Avilaalaniz - InterneTree
The Mastrangelo Family Homepage
From Connecticut, California, and New Jersey: Atkinson From Pennsylvania and Italy: Mastrangelo, Cortellessa (*Or Cortella*). From Pennsylvania: Taylor, Seiter, Pechin, Porter, Gillmore, Schaffer, Hanes (*or Haines*), Hahn, Webster, Fisher, Enley (*Or Henley*), Werron, Kelly, Smith, Stuhlsytz, Goettner, Neely, Harley, Walter, Hain (*or Hein*), From Montbeliard, France: Pechin, From Washington County, Iowa: Pechin From Brooklyn, New York: Hain (*or Hein*), Weigand From Syracuse, New York: Pechin From Oswago, New York: Bastian From Atlanta, Georgia: Bonshee From Merchantville, New Jersey: Porter From Camden County, New Jersey: Porter From California: Lewis From Santandar, Spain: Gutierrez From Spain: Menna, Linares, Colechar
Edward B. Arroyo, Jr.'s Family History Page
Edward B Arroyo - InterneTree
Guam And Those We Care For And Will Always Remember
Rose G Aquiningoc - InterneTree
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Ancestors of Myrtle Mae Sollars Report: Address Report Genealogy Report: Descendants of Fredrick Palmer Adkins Genealogy Report: Descendants of Myrtle Mae Sollars my grandmother Grace L Sollars . She was from Clinton , Indiana. My fathers side. My grandparents on my mothers side . Fredrick Palmer Adkins , he was Born in the Charleston Illinois , and died in Terre Haute , Indiana.
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Allyssa Marie Alvarado
California Forefathers
InterneTree: Francisco Xavier Alviso (Albizu) Bryce Louis Alviso surname list
Family Tree, Ruth Caroline Gutierrez Abreu
John Calvin Dement and Katye Bell Hughes, in Louisiana, on my Paternal side Frank Gutierrez and Candelaria Gurule, in New Mexico. I am also interested in possible Native American links through the Hughes branch via my GreatGrandmother, Mattie Cupp Hughes or through either branch of my Father's family in New Mexico.\r\nI am the only child of my parents\ marriage; Mattie Belle Dement (b.1931) and Frank Orlando Gutierrez (b.1934) married in September of 1962 in California. I was born October 14, 1963 in Hollywood, CA. I married Manuel Joseph Abreu (b.1949) in June of 1987 in Massachusetts. \r\n
Familia Eade
A page containing names of Eade people in Chile.
Held Family Tree
If you have any correction or addition please email me at Thank you, Kevin D. Held

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