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The Peter Anthony Family Home Page
Peter Anthony, born in Beruit, Lebonon, on July 15,1877, he was the second child of Petro Antone and Insalues Pasala. Onah was his second wife, unknown name of first wife, his first wife died in 1900's, they had two children, James Anthony, married Elizabeth Popham and Margaret Anthony married, Deap Phaiah. Peter came to America the first time by himself, his parents would not let him bring the children until he remarried. He married Onah, and the four came to America in the early 1900's. In America, Peter and Onah had Solomom, who died at age 17 hit by a car. Then Mary Anthony, who married Peter Galenski, Charles Anthony, who married Yvonne Bernier, John Anthony who married Agnes Guilbeault, the last child, Alice Jenny Anthony.

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