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Penny's Kickin' Kin
Penny Pratt Baker surname list
Edward W Mageary & Jessie M Orvis & Family
MAGEARY family from Rochester, New York. \r\nLYNCH family from Lynn, Massachusetts and Halifax, NS, Canada. the ORVIS, CHAPMAN, FULMER, TURK families of New York. \r\nADKINS of Bangor, Maine.\r\n\r\nEdward W Mageary & Jessie M Orvis & Family: Surname List\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n
Portal for the Furey Family of names.
Web Portal for the family of Furey and ? Fiodhabhra, it's derivatives Fury, Feery, Fleury, Feury, Fuery, Fuere, ? Fuere, ? Fiobha, ? Fiura, ? Fidabra, ? Furreidh, ? Foirr?idh and other possible associatied names of Fureigh, Furrie and Furay.
Grandma's Family Tree
My ancestors came from County Tipperary, Ireland to Newfoundland and ultimately to New Jersey. They also came from County Westmeath, and County Down in Ireland to New Jersey. They came through Batavia, New York.
Desautelle Family Genealogy
A genealogical history of some of my French Canadian and Irish roots. Still lots of holes to fill! Links to FTM site featuring: InterneTree, Descendant reports for Andre Bouthillier-Bouteiller, Pierre Lamothe, Pierre Desautels, Martin Connors, and SamuelBouthillier, Connors, Desautelle, Desautels, Hatcher, Lamothe
Genzen1's Home Page
ROTH(1810):PA to OH to IL to NE--- EUBANK(Late 1700s):VA to KY to IL---HUGHES(1831)-HARRISON(1789)-FUREY(1760s):IRE to PA---SHEFFLER(1808):SCOT to PA---MOSS(1730s):(John)-ENG(Hugh)-VA to KY-Amer.Rev.War Major---TAYLOR:1732-VA:Descendant of Presidents TAYLOBeck, Brown, Durham, Estright, Eubank, Furey, Harrison, Hughes, Kellerman, Leach, McCoy, Moss, Rhoades, Roth, Sheffler, Taylor

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