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Peter Randle
Description: Researching family history and more recently family medical hsitory. Born Warwickshire, England but now based at Dorset, South West England.

Surnames: Randle

Michael Conmy
Description: Family research primarily in Pa, NJ VA and NC.
Will gladly share what I have. Looking for anyone who may be able to share with me as well.

Surnames: Conmy,McDonald,Larkin,Mulhare,Eckloff,Fulcher

Alice Rheaume
Description: Any information on Spradley lines back to 1500 or 1600. Also, any allied families. My father (B. Elmer Spradley) has researched for over 70 years.

Surnames: Spradley, Parker, Ponton, Talley, Bounds, Bownds, Greenwood, Reavis, Larrison, Rheaume, Todd, Fulcher.

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