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The Thomas Balentines of Temple,TX
Our findings so far, go back to our G.G.G.Grandparents; John Balentine (DOB:1785) and Sarah Culpepper (DOB:1786),on our father's side, and to our G.Grandparents; William J.Keaton (DOB:05 May 1835)and Martha Ann Moore (DOB:1840)on our mother's side. The Thomas Balentines of Temple,TX: Surname List
Avey/Grekul Home Page
Joan Avey surname list
The Andreassens of Norway and Australia Geneology Home Page
InterneTree: Espen Andreassen The Andreassens of Norway and Australia Geneology Home Page: Surname List
A Corry/Fudge Home Page
My Grandfather was David Solomon Fudge son of James Wesley Fudge born 1843.\r\nMy parents and most immediate relations are in Texas but they made the trek there through North and South Carolina, Tennessee, Georgia and Lousiana.\r\n
Dianna's Genealogy
ALANIZ --- TX, MI, 1900's\r\nTIMBERLAKE ---VA, TX, 1700 to 1850's\r\nCROWDER ---VA, MO 1700's to 1850's\r\nGALLAHER ---PA, TN, 1790's to 1870's \r\nMOSS --- IN, MD, OH, 1750's to 1900's\r\nCLIFTON ---DE, OH, 1800's\r\nCOOPER --- ENG., MI, 1850's \r\nKELLEY --- IRE, NY, MI, 1800's\r\nWILSON --- KY, OH, IN, 1750's to 1840's\r\nSODDERS --- OH, IN, 1770's to 1870's\r\nLYTLE --- PA, OH, MI, 1760's to 1870's\r\nSTORY --- NY, OH, IN, Bef 1842\r\nBODINE --- OH, IN, 1800's to 1900's\r\nTHOMAS --- PA, OH, IN, 1800's to 1860's\r\nCANAGA --- PA, OH, 1780's to 1870's\r\nLIVINGSTON --- PA, OH, 1740's to 1840's\r\nKENNEDY --- IRE, CANADA, MI, 1780's to 1860's\r\nCARROLL --- IRE, CANADA, MI, 1780's to 1860's\r\nRILEY --- IRE, NY, MI, 1800's\r\nRILEY --- NC, OH, 1790's \r\nROSE --- CT, NY, MI, 1780's - 1900's\r\nPATTERSON --- NY, MI, 1780's to 1850's\r\nSMITH --- VA, OH, IN, 1700's\r\nOWEN --- VA, OH, IN, 1700's\r\nHAGLER --- VA, OH, 1700's\r\nFUDGE --- VA, OH, 1700's\r\nBROMAGEM --- VA, KY, OH, IN, 1750's\r\nCANTRELL --- KY, OH, 1800's\r\nHOPKINS --- CT, NY, OH, PA, 1700's to 1850's\r\nHARRISON --- CT, OH, 1600's to 1800's\r\nJOHNSON --- PA, OH, 1800's\r\nLINDERMAN --- NY, OH, IN, 1800's\r\nBAILEY --- NY, MI, 1800's\r\nPAYNE --- NY, MI, 1800's\r\nHYRE Dianna Alaniz
My Genealogy Home Page
Thomas Jenner Akehurst's surname list
Fudge Family Site
This page is dedicated to the descendants of William J. Fudge and Susan Humphrey Fudge
A STRONG HERITAGE (The Strong-Gossage Ancestral Database)
Joint GEDCOM to HTML database of ancestors of Robert T. Strong, Jr. and Velma (nee Gossage) Strong. Includes notes and sources (within notes), and downloadable GEDCOM. Strong of VA, TN, TX, LA, 1698 to present. Gossage of VA?, NC, TN, KY, IN, circa 1790Buckhalter, Conn, Doyle, Dunbar, Eads, England, Fairly, Fudge, Gossage, Green, Gullick, Hanks, Houston, McNair, Moore, Popplewell, Powell, Sargent, Stephens, Strong, Thomas, Tibbs, Wooldridge
Hampshire (UK) Fudge Family Web Site
Family Website for Fudge (Hamsphire UK)

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