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Origin of Fu

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Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: German, 'From the hill' or 'From the Castle' Originally 'Vonderburg
Surnames: Funderburg, Vonderburg
Submitted by: Amanda Funderburg
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: I believe that the surname Fulton has a meaning of a tree near a town. It is mainly of Irish and Scottish origin, with a high concentration of this name coming from Glasgow on Scotland. The Fulton name is associated with much creativity, with many involved in artistic and practical skills, but medicine is also a common profession.
Surnames: Fullerton, Fulton
Submitted by: anon
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Name was orginally VOLLBRECHT which was German Johann Wilhelm Vollbrecht changed the name when he was nationalized as a citizen of the colony's in 1762 (PA) pg 88 as William Fulbright.
Surnames: Fulbright, Fullbright, Vollbrecht
Submitted by: Paul Fullbright
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Dates to 12th Century when John de la Fursa is recorded on the 'Pipe Rolls' of Devon in 1168. Also in 1296 when John atte Furse and Sible atte Ferse were listed in the 'Subsidy Rolls' of Sussex. (UK)Katharine Furze, daughter of Luke was christened in 1664 in Deryan, Cornwall.
Surnames: Fruzer, Fuers, Fursa, Furse, Furss, Fursse, Furz, Furze, Fyres
Submitted by: Philip Furze
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Furlong originated with the distance measurement of furlong now only used in horse races. The Irish Furlongs came over with Strongbow who aided MacMurrough's attempt to conquor all of Ireland. In reward for their services, MacMurrough promised them land in Wexford and Waterford.
Surnames: Furlong
Submitted by: judy picard
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Comes from the area of Normandy France, from the town of Fougeres. Upon immigration to Canada it was shortened to Fougere, and therein again to Fugere in Canada and the US.
Surnames: De Fougeres, Fougere, Fougeres, Fugere, Fugeres
Submitted by: Tiffany Fugere
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Ursprungsheimat: Kurhessen (Hessen-Kassel), Nieder- sachsen.
Surnames: Fuelling, Fulling, Filling
Submitted by: G.-Alexander Fuelling
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Eva Funk b. 1795 Wurttemberg, Germany married John George Easterday/Ostertag
Surnames: Funk
Submitted by: Bee
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Have results of 35 years' research; I published 'The Fugate Family Newsletter' for 18 years. I cover all spellings and all family lines.
Surnames: Fugate
Submitted by: Mary D. Fugate
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Jacob Fuhr... emigrated from Alberta to Vernon BC (Okanogan Valley) in early 1900's. Had several children... sole surviving daughter, Ida, turned 90 in February 2001. I am seeking any info on this family. Help would be appreciated.
Surnames: fuhr
Submitted by: Wayne Coogan--Juneau Alaska
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Daniel, R.
Surnames: Furman
Submitted by: Eleanor
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Fuzi families from Hunagry
Surnames: FUZI
Submitted by: Tina Southwick
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Primarily interested in the Fullers of; Brightling, Waldron, Ticehurst,Catsfield, Battle and Lewes, all in East Sussex, England.
Surnames: Fuller
Submitted by: Annette Farquharson
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: We have a website and Fuchsers traced back to almost 1500. See http://www.compserv.net/onthuhlist/fuchser_family_tree.htm
Surnames: Fuchser
Submitted by: Chris Fuchser
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Faro, the light. fur, from furios latin strong , bright. Furfaro, strong light,lighthouse,guiding light from the crusades, medival christian military expiditions from the point of light. In Spain punta del faro the point of light as well as parts of sicily use this discription.
Surnames: Furfaro
Submitted by: Jay Furfaro
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Albert Columbus Fuqua of Hamilton TX.
Surnames: Fuqua
Submitted by: Marge Crews
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: The Luhyia Community, a subgroup of the Bantu society, refer to rain as EFULA.
Boys born during the rainy season are named WAFULA while the girls are NAFULA
Surnames: Wafula
Submitted by: Wanyonyi, john Wafula
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Furnys
English origin means one who came from or lived near Furness (far headland)

Old English meaning far

Old English meaning promontory or peninsular

Furness is from Fuththernessa meaning headland or the latin word futhpernessa (1150ad) meaning the headland with a rump shaped island.

Old English Furora means further
Surnames: Furnis, Furnace, Fornace, Furnish, Furness
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Godden - either from the Earl of Wessex Godwine, father of King Harold or deriviative of anglo saxon words Goda & Den Goat Enclosure meaning someone that breed/kept goats.
Surnames: Furminger
Submitted by: Adrian
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Light house
Surnames: Funkhouser
Submitted by: Sean Williams
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: Italian, mean Fire
Surnames: Fuoco
Submitted by:
Origin of Fu, Meaning of Fu

Origin: I went to germany. Near Munich there is a pkace called Obbberammmegau. Eveey 10 years they celebrate the passion of the Christ. Also this town has a lot of woodcarvings, There is a word near a door Furong, I believe it means travel or passage. Is this where my last name whould have derived from?
Surnames: Afurong
Submitted by:

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