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Bobbie Flowers
Description: Harrison b. 1813-Ky Mother Rhoda Dougless Five Children, LAST Address Sevier,Co Ar. Killed in 1863,Hot Springs,Co Ar.from ambuse

Surnames: Harrison Dearborne Flowers

Description: Two possible meanings, both Saxon. 1. Refers to old English term \the flower\ meaning the makers of arrows. First recording, John Flowers, Devonshire, England 1273. 2. A person of \flowery\ complexion. Fair or pale skinned.

Surnames: Flowers

Arthur Walker
Description: I am looking for Arthur Walker. He was married to Nora(h) Flowers and had a son, Clifford Walker on Jan. 1, 1915. I think he was born in Al or TN.

This is my grandfather and my family knows absolutely nothing about him, other then he was an alcoholic. Thank you.

Surnames: Walker

Colin Havercroft
Description: Based Kingston upon Hull in the UK researching around the world.


Nancy Haggan
Description: Searching for Laverick's in the Longbenton/Seaton Burn areas of Northumberland dating from c1800+..... William, son of James, William son of William etc.

Surnames: Laverick, Beading, Howman/s, White, Flint, Forster, Grey, Giles, Plummer, Harrison, Keeler, Flowerdew, Monks, Southgate, Starling, Scottow.

Description: I'm searching my Dad's side of my family ~ the places I'm searching, are Michigan and Canada.8~) I'm trying to find out any other places my family might have came from and who my distant cousins are, etc.8~) If you're a Descendant of Laban Miles (born in Canada and then came to Michigan) and/or can help me, please e~mail me and let me know (and put "Miles Family" in the subject line so I won't mistake it for junk mail).8~) Thanks.8~D

Surnames: Firmey, Flowers, Gilbert, Mackie, Miles, Sharp & Wilcox.8~)

Description: I hope it's okay that I post this again, I didn't know it was going to show up on every surname I typed so I wanted to re~type it (or edit my other post, but I don't know if that's possible on here).8~)

Miles ~ If you're a Descendant of Laban Miles (born in Canada and then came to Michigan) and/or can help me, please e~mail me and let me know (and put "Miles Family" in the subject line).8~)

Sharp ~ My Sharp family comes from Mecosta County, Michigan.8~) If you're a descendant of Eugene Sharp (he married Ida May Wilcox) or can help me, please let me know (and put "Sharp Family" on the subject line).8~)

Flowers ~ I think this side of my family comes from Arkansas. My Grandpa's Moms last name was Mackie before she married his Dad.8~)

I'm hoping to find out any other places my family originally came from and who my distant cousins are, etc.8~) This is all on my Dad's side of my family.8~)

Surnames: Firmey, Flowers, Gilbert, Mackie, Miles, Sharp & Wilcox.8~)

Kimberly Converse
Description: Researching my family.

Surnames: Converse, Butler, Topper, Carder, Barber, Harmon, Johnson, Nyquist, Anderson, Peterson, Flower

Description: I am looking for information on my gggrandfather Adelbert Eugene Flowers, born 1846 in Wisconsin, Father: Carl W. and mother we believe to be Mary Warren. Would appreciate any information about him. His wife Margaret Elizabeth Lewellen is a total mystery also as she was orphained and knew nothing of her family, not even her parents names. We show she was born in 1872 near Topeka Kansas. Believed to be raise by J C Newton family. They were marriad in Oregon and raised their family here.

Surnames: Flowers, Warren, Lewellen, Newton

Description: family researcher

Surnames: Heckert, Emfinger, Wactor, Flowers, Foy, Thornhill, Tarver,Jones, Harsh, Rinehart, Sonnedecker, Stratton, Schall, Whitehair (Weishaar), Hancock. Armstrong, McWhorter, Osborne, Steip

Sheryl Broderick
Description: Have been looking for my ancestors, I desperatly want to know where I come from, my grandmother was Daisy Vaneta Weaver, She had 24 children, her father was David Benjamin Weaver, and her mother was Edith Taylor or Wilhide (no-one seems to know what it really is or even if her fathers name is DBW) all they know for sure is his name was Weaver.

Surnames: Weaver, Taylor, English, Cumbie, Hall, Pendelton, Baxley, Boykin, Broderick, Devitt, Copley, Skaggs, Shaffer, Pittman, Kidd, Gill, Hartzog, Snell, Little, Flowers, DeBose,

Judy Gray
Description: My gr-gr-great grandfather was David P. PROSSER, b. 13 Aug 1833, prfob MD. He mar Margaret DARR on 11 Mar 1852, Columbiuana Co OH.


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