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Origin of Flo

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Origin of Flo, Meaning of Flo

Origin: this surname is of origin Espa?ol or Arabian
Surnames: Flores, Florez
Submitted by: Claudio Marcelo Flores
Origin of Flo, Meaning of Flo

Origin: Originally LeFleur from Quebec ... Changed to Flora to Anglicize name after a move to upper New York State (the current Jefferson County NY}.... Also, they supposedly operated a hardware store and 'the flower' hardware store didn't have the right ring to it... I believe this occured in the early to mid 18th Century.
Surnames: Flora
Submitted by: jack flora
Origin of Flo, Meaning of Flo

Origin: Believed to be French Canadians who migrated from Quebec to Prescott, Ontario. Entered U.S. at Ogdensburg, NY Changed name to Flora to get into RR union. Alexander Fleurant who was father of Wm. Frank Flora who lived in Niagara Fall, NY
Surnames: Fleaurant, Fleurant, Flora
Submitted by: dan Flora
Origin of Flo, Meaning of Flo

Origin: Francis Aurilla Floding , born Oct.5, 1924 in Decatur, GA to Maud Miller Guest Floding and Alton B. Floding.
Surnames: Floding
Submitted by: Sue Anne Scott Ramsey
Origin of Flo, Meaning of Flo

Origin: Looking for Cordero family Asturias to santa Barbara.Names would be Espinoza-Domingus, Domingus-Florez, Florez-Cordero
Surnames: Domingus Florez
Submitted by: Patti
Origin of Flo, Meaning of Flo

Origin: Two possible meanings, both Saxon. 1. Refers to old English term 'the flower' meaning the makers of arrows. First recording, John Flowers, Devonshire, England 1273. 2. A person of 'flowery' complexion. Fair or pale skinned.
Surnames: Flowers
Submitted by: Peter
Origin of Flo, Meaning of Flo

Origin: Harrison b. 1813-Ky Mother Rhoda Dougless Five Children, LAST Address Sevier,Co Ar. Killed in 1863,Hot Springs,Co Ar.from ambuse
Surnames: Harrison Dearborne Flowers
Submitted by: Bobbie Flowers
Origin of Flo, Meaning of Flo

Origin: My Florio's are from the Province of Agrigento, Licata, Sicily.
Surnames: Florio
Submitted by: Susan Florio
Origin of Flo, Meaning of Flo

Origin: literal translation: joker, fool

Scherzer > Spa?macher, Gaukler, Possenrei?er
Surnames: Florian
Submitted by: Scherzer
Origin of Flo, Meaning of Flo

Origin: The name "Flory," as well as its counterparts "Florey," "Florea" and "Flora," derives from the Swiss name "Fluri" or "Flori," and probably has something to do with farming and not with "the land of Flowers," as the French homonym would suggest. The name appears as part of a German phrase "uf der Fluri," or, "on the Fluri." "Flur" in German is a word for agraric land, pasture, or similar things. Thus, the original meaning might just be "someone who lives on a piece of land called Fluri," that is, a farmer. Thus the early Florys were probably farmers.
Surnames: Flory, Florey, Flora
Submitted by:
Origin of Flo, Meaning of Flo

Surnames: FLORES
Submitted by:
Origin of Flo, Meaning of Flo

Origin: From Asturies, Spain. Very Rare Family with a very special coat of arms, and history.
Submitted by:
Origin of Flo, Meaning of Flo

Origin: Flood family from Kotzebue, Alaska
Surnames: Flood
Submitted by: Cynthia Flood
Origin of Flo, Meaning of Flo

Origin: Greek orgin: the blind
Surnames: Teflos
Submitted by:

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