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The family of James Balch (b.1845) came to Canada by ship in 1909 - that is, his wife Sarah and children came without him to the new world. James' son, also James (b. 1879) met and married his wife Alice Margaret Scattergood in Canada, and that is the beginning of the London, Ontario Balch family. James (b.1879) had a brother George who settled in Toronto and had family, some of whom now live in British Columbia, and a sister Mildred (Stone) settled in the Vancouver, BC area and also had family. One brother of James (b.1879), namely John William Balch, b. Sept. 5, 1881 in Caterham, Surrey, who married Queenie QUELCH, did not come to Canada. He became a butcher, and died before 1965. Nothing is known of this family except that there was a son Morris born about 1910 in England. This is our lost branch. James (b.1845) came from a large family,(Mary Anne, Patience, Jane, Emily, Linford George, Clara, and Arthur) all of whom were born in Caterham, Surrey. Linford Balch, a brother of James b.1853 has an extensive family still in England. The Balch family tended to be tailors, and later also butchers (introduced by the Bryant family). The oldest Balch we can safely claim heir to was James Balch b. 1815 and baptised in St. Martin's in the Field (London, England). He became a tailor in Downing Street and moved to Caterham in 1834. There he married Betsy Bryant, daughter of Henry Bryant and Patience Roffey (or Roffe).
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