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The Lochabay's and Beasley's of Texas
My search starts with the marriage of Wyatt Parker Lochabay from Georgia and Delilah Caroline Davidson of Alabama, in Perry, county Alabama on September 19, 1847 and Robert Elijah Beasley born on April 14,1863, and Mary Elizabeth O'Rear born April 9,1866, she died before 1917,also Emerson Cooper Austin, born August 19,1853, in Kentucky and Lucinda Marillo Thompson, November 1, 1856 in Flatonia,Texas.They were married there on May 27,1875, also Eddie A. Williams and Willie Ethyl Walker, married in about 1890 in Ellis,Navarro Or maybe Tarrant county Texas. The Lochabay's and Beasley's of Texas: Surname List
The Grant & Gillis Family Home Page
InterneTree: Laura A Beauregard Genealogy Report: Descendants of K(C)arl Gubbe User Home Page Genealogy Report: Descendants of Patrick Leaky User Home Page Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Dorsey Genealogy Report: Descendants of Duncan Grant Genealogy Report: Descendants of Angus Gillis
The Basil(Boesl), Donahue, Leid, McCann Family Tree Page.
Report: George Leid - Living Descendants as of 04-10-03 (View PDF) Report: Michael J Donahue - Living Descendants as of 04-10-03 (View PDF) Report: John Boesl II - Living Descendants as of 04-10-03 (View PDF) Report: George McCann - Living Descendants as of 04-10-03 (View PDF) The Basil(Boesl), Donahue, Leid, McCann Family Tree Page.: Surname List
Thomas and Margaret Barylski of Livonia, MI
Report: The Relatives of Barylski and Murtagh
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Barbara Achilles Kurt R Bandel surname list
Charles Michael Ballman roots to Greenview Illinois. His father, Charles August Ballman, married Mary Anne Walsh in Greenview Illinois. Charles August was born in Brooklyn New York in 1862, but who were his parents? Marriage certificate for Charles Michael Ballman shows parents as John Ballman and Mary Flanagan. We know he and his siblings, Maggie and John were orphaned and Charles was young. We believe they were orphaned as a result of the epidemic between 1865 and 1873. Charles August was born in 1863 so he was about 10-12 years old. Larry Looby was know to have raised Charles Michael Ballman in Greenview, Menard/Sangamon County, Illinois USA.
Jim Ball - Saint Paul, Minnesota
Jim Ball - Saint Paul, Minnesota: Surname List
The Flanagans of Pa.
Patrick Flanagan. Husband of Ellen Ramsey. They were married in 1900 in Pa.
My Genealogy Home Page
Kim H Baker surname list
The Bainbridge Home Page
The Bainbridge Home Page: Surname List
Backus, Flanagan, Lawrence, Eells, Fuchs, Waldorf Families
Descendant of the Backus Family in Russell, NY, St. Lawrence County. My father is Donald Edgar (Gus) Backus, son of Georgia Flanagan and Donald Backus. Donald was the son of Edgar and Daisy Backus. The family originated from the Backus Farm on Backus Road in Russell, NY. This farm still exists, but it is no longer family property. There was a Sheriff Erastus Backus Jr., son of Erastus Backus Sr., who in the early years of this century, was responsible for having the idea of Probation made into Law. He lived on the Backus Farm in Russell, St. Lawrence County, NY. ancestors of Edgar Backus (my g-grandfather) of Russell, NY. My Grandmother Georgia was a Flanagan. Her parents were Frank Flanagan (b.1872) and Emily Lawrence. Frank's father was Hugh Flanagan (b. 1844 in Ireland?). He was married twice, once to Mary Fountain(Frank's mother), and then to Emiline Eells. Hugh's parents were Hugh Flanagan (b. in Lisbon, Ireland?) and Bridget Burns.
The Verner C.Attwood Family Home Page
George Austein surname list
The Gregory Arnold Family Home Page
Ansel Brooks Arnold may have been born in Red Hook NJ and moved to NYC. He had a son with Margaret Howland who may be be related to first Gov. of Plymouth colony. Their son's name was also Ansel Brooks Arnold. Ansel Brooks Jr. and his wife Anna Scofield gave birth to my Grandfather Charles Emmer Arnold on Oct 16, 1888 in NYC. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Ansel Brooks Arnold
InterneTree: Descendants of David Cox Arenson-Oboler-Obeler-Obler-Padnick-Padrushnick-Stein: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Eleanor Ellen Harris
The Anthony Family And Related Lines Carter, Martin, Fausett
InterneTree: Ancestors of James Philip Anthony The Anthony Family and related lines Carter, Martin, Fausett: Surname List
Family: The Ties that Bind
New England area, primarily in Maine and New Hampshire. Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Linda Ruth Dearborn
** Osborn Family Tree **
InterneTree: Dorine M Anderson Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Dorine Marie Osborn
Annette Anderson(nee DeBoice)Family History
Thomas Brooks born in 1562 in England; or his son's Henry b. 1592-1683 and Thomas b. 1599-1667 (I am decended from both of the son's. My Father from Henry (settled in Woburn Mass)and my Mother from Thomas (settled in Medford, Mass). Johnston/Johnstone: George Johnstone (born about Abt. 1786 and died about 1856)& Mary (Wiggins) Johnstone and their family were among the first pioneers at Rupert, Que. This family emmigrated to Canada about 1832. DeBoice/Deboys/Debois/Deboyes:Nathaniel m. Rebecca - Parents of JOHN DeBoice b May 25,1833 d. 1913. John married Maria Orvis in 1863. Johnson/Case: Lawrence Johnson b. 1883 m. Lily Mae Case b. 1877 in Marion Wisconsin. Anderson: Thorvald Eugen Anderson; b. 1883 in Oslo, Norway and came to USA and then to Canada (Bawlf area)in the early 1900's with his Uncle Tom Hagan. Nicholas & Constance Orvis born in the early 1600's through their son George who emigrated to USA in the early 1600's(finally settling in Farmington, Conn., USA where he married and his children were born) down to Maria (Orvis) DeBoice, who was born in Canada in Pickering, Ont. in 1836 and the descendants of Maria and John DeBoice. Annette E Anderson - InterneTree Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Nicholas Orvis Genealogy ReportAnnette Eileen Anderson
Robert Allen of Jackson County, Alabama
My great-great grandfather was Robert L. Allen, born 1823 in Jackson County, Tennessee. Robert Allen was the son Celia Rash and an unknown Allen. Robert Allen's father apparently died when Robert was very young. As Celia Rash Allen, moved with her parents William Rash and Celia Laxton Rash to Jackson County, Alabama.
Linda Allard from Salem, New Hampshire finds family
InterneTree: Linda A Allard
The Aday Family of Mississippi
The main locations I am researching are Mississippi (Tishomingo County), Alabama, Georgia, Tennessee, South Carolina and Virginia. \r\n\r\nAncestors of Mildred Osborn Aday\r\n\r\n
Godwin Families of Great Britain
Site focusing on the Godwin and associated families
Researching Godwin Godwins UK
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities.
looking for thomas kennedy family
kennedy ancestors with other surnames,
The Flanagans\ Genealogy Home page
Links to records and pedigrees for more than 20 generations.
Catherine's Genealogy Page
Information about some of the names I am researching .
An American Family - Jeffreys-Sullivan
All the families are from the east coast of America, times are from 1930-1600, with some back to 1500.
Genealogy Home Page for Lindsay family history
Ancestoral record of first arrivals in Australia from England and Ireland
Descendants of Ambrose McCord CARSON (1821-1894) of Fayette County, Ohio.
Genealogy webpage re Ambrose McCord CARSON (1821-1894) of Fayette County, Ohio, and his descendants.
Teri's Trails
Short Stories, Song Lyrics, Chat Room for Country Music Fans, Genealogy, 'Stuff', Recipes, etc. It's a BUSY page with a little of EVERYTHING!
My page currently has two major areas, the first focuses on my poetry and the second focuses on my family tree, which includes not only my family tree but any pictures and scans of actual death, birth and marriage records
Gasaway Family
Searching for descendants and ancestors of Peter Gasaway
John Adams Family of VA/OH
Genealogy of JOHN ADAMS (1765), of VA/Belmont Co., OH thru HARVEY HOLLAND ADAMS (1844-1926) of Wash., Co., OH and his descendants.

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