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Jan's Ancestors
This site is designed to share my Kelley and Colyer family from western Pennsylvania and to connect with others researching the same family lines.
Clover, A family of
Clover and related families residing in Georgia, Flordia, Michigan, Ohio and Texas.
Jennifer Batkins Family
Book: Civil War Letters InterneTree: Jennifer Batkins
My Genealogy Home Page-- James T. Bain, Families of Grandpts
James Bain and his wife Elizabeth Doherty, born in North Carolina in 1799 and 1800 repectively. They were the parents of Martha, John, Harvey, Adeline, Lee and Nancy. My Genealogy Home Page-- James T. Bain, Families of Grandpts: Surname List
Aults of Indiana
Ault's of Indiana, in the Brown and Bartholomew Counties. My ggrandfather was Clarence Oliver Ault married Dora Percifield. my other ggrandfather Oliver Sylvester Waite married Thersia Kemper lived in the Indianapolis, Acton area. InterneTree: Robert H Ault Aults of Indiana: Surname List
The Allens of Rhode Island and Eastern Townships of Quebec
William Allin b. 1640 of England came to Prudence Island in Rhode Island about 1660.\r\n\r\nWilliam's great great grandson Samuel Reynolds Allen and his new wife Pamelia (Mila) Dee settled in Stanbridge Township in Missquoi County in Quebec about 1810. Pamelia's father Elijah Dee fought in the Revolutionary War and in the French and Indian war as Elijah Davol of Connecticut. Samuel's mother Mary Reynolds\ ancestors came on the Mayflower.\r\n\r\nSamuel Reynolds Allen's son Sylvester Jackson Allen came to Bolton Township Brome County Quebec in 1842. Sylvester Jackson Allen and his second wife Eleanor Turner were my great grand parents.\r\n
Edward W Mageary & Jessie M Orvis & Family
MAGEARY family from Rochester, New York. \r\nLYNCH family from Lynn, Massachusetts and Halifax, NS, Canada. the ORVIS, CHAPMAN, FULMER, TURK families of New York. \r\nADKINS of Bangor, Maine.\r\n\r\nEdward W Mageary & Jessie M Orvis & Family: Surname List\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Julie Jean Adams
The History of the Falor Family.
Contains an extensive look at the development of the Fehler/Falor family starting with Hans Adam Fehler, the original German immigrant in the early 1700's. Large clickable family trees. Includes birth, marriage, death records as well as history and photo?s of key family members.
A concise look at the history of the Falor family
This site contains an extensive look at the development of the Fehler/Falor family starting with Hans Adam Fehler, the original German immigrant who came to Philadelphia via Amsterdam in October 1738. Large clickable family trees. Many images of birth, marriage, death records as well as scraps of history and photo?s of key family members.
The Bailey Family
Ancestors of James Stephen BAILEY
Lippincott Legacies
Personal website for Lippincott family genealogist
Our Family Branches
From England and Holland to Massachusetts and New York to settle in a new world with religious freedom
Genealogy website from database spanning 60 generations over 2 millennia. Includes 10 generations of ancestors to parents, Eugene A Andrew & Anna L Hanish, covering American ancestry back to emigration from Europe beginning mid-17th century. Included are all known branches and descendants of great grandparents, William H Andrew, Abigail L Barber, George H Angermueller, Elba L Moncellius, John B Hanish, Caroline Klobasa, Frederick D Strudel & Anna M Blaetz, residing in St Louis around 1860-1940.
Mother Hubbard's Cupboard
The Bangle Genealogy lists all surnames connected to the Bangle Family but it is also a personal homepage with links to family

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