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Origin of Etter

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Origin of Etter, Meaning of Etter

Origin: It originates from the Orkney islands in the Scottish region of the UK it is probably Scandanavian in origin
Surnames: Linklater, Linkletter
Submitted by: Dave
Origin of Etter, Meaning of Etter

Origin: I have been searching the Deter name and have found it was derived from the name deterich. That Deterich name has been changed to such spellings as Tetter, Detter, Deter, Detter and I would not be surprised if Detrich is not one of those misspelled names. The Deterich I have reference too was a German that arrived in the Mennonite community of Pa. and because of the French and Indian war moved to, and was a German Baptist minister in Washington Co. Md.
Surnames: Deter, Detrich, Detter, Tetter
Submitted by: Max Shew
Origin of Etter, Meaning of Etter

Origin: Variants of the name Ketter are regional spellings, common in Wesphalia Germany. The surname Ketter is an ancient Teutonic word used to describe a soldier who wears chain mail armor. The word has been in use since before the 5th century, when Germanic soldiers went to England. The village in England named Kettering means, village of Ketters.
Surnames: Ketter, Koetter, Kotter
Submitted by: Paul S. Ketter
Origin of Etter, Meaning of Etter

Origin: Looking For The Perants Of Perry Anderson Ketterman. Born 1890 Randolph Co.Wv Died 1969 Ohio Any Thing On Him?
Surnames: Ketterman
Submitted by: Anthony Ketterman
Origin of Etter, Meaning of Etter

Origin: Looking for any information on the KIESEWETTER family that came to the Tanunda area of South Australia in the 1840s.
Submitted by: Dot Wells
Origin of Etter, Meaning of Etter

Origin: In George F. Jones book it says "TTER" means "Dweller on the ETT (river)" or "Dweller in a wattled enclosure."
I have had cnfirmed by three people fom Schweiz, Austria and Baden-Wurttemberg, that Etter means this.
1.) The word Etter comes from the Alemans. It was the name of the Bounds, Fences of her Village. The villages of the Alemans was enclosed by "Palisades" witch was called etter.
Daniel Etter
2.) "Ethymologisches W?rterbuch der deutschen familiennamen" = "Ethymological dictionary of german familynames". according to this book there are 2 possibilities. A: the name based on the old fences (as we already have discussed) B: the name based on the old alemannic word of Etter which means Kinsman.
Alexander Lutz
3.) ETTER: either is 1) Middle High German "?ter" = village fence,
or 2) MHG "etter" = cousin.
ETTERLI(N): Affectionate form for Etter = cousin. Etterli(n) was widely spread in the alemannic region (the -i is typically Swiss). In 1407 there is a Heinzmann ETTERLIN, Vogt (bailiff, administrator) at Istein (L?rrach, near the Swiss border), and in 1441 Anton => ?TTERLI (!), also spelt ETTER- LIN, town scribe in Schaffhausen (Switzerland). Heinz Majer
Surnames: Etter, Vogel, Kremitzki, Howard, Parsons
Submitted by: Robert Etter

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