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Origin of Cummins

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Origin of Cummins, Meaning of Cummins

Origin: The Cummings or Cummins families came into America from Scottish origin. While others came from England. It is believed by most historian that the Cummins came into the British Isles from Normandy at the time of the Norman Conquest and in many forms, ie; Cummin, Comyn, Comings, Cuiminn, Cumings, Cumyas, CUMMINS, CUMMINGS. The last two are presently in common use today. Some records show that the family originated in France. They were farmers that cultivated the food spice known as -----%0a%0aCUMMIN (cuminum cyminum) A small slender annual herb of the family Apiaceae. They have finely dissected leaves and white or rose colored flowers. It is a Native of the Mediterranean region. Cummin is also cultived in India, China and Mexico for its fruits, called seeds, which are used to flavor a variety of foods. It is an essential ingredient in many mixed spices, chutneys, chili and curry powders. Cummin is especially popular in Asian, African, and Latin American Foods. American like to put it in Beans dishes. Cummin has a strong aroma.The taste is warm and spicy.
Surnames: Cumming, Cummings, Cummins
Submitted by: Ernie & Betty Cummings
Origin of Cummins, Meaning of Cummins

Origin: Searching for information on a Catherine Cummins b. approx 1836 in Kilkenny. Married John McNamara 1861 Owning Kilkenny. Moved to Australia in 1905 with family.
Surnames: Cummins
Submitted by: Kele-Jane McNamara
Origin of Cummins, Meaning of Cummins

Origin: Researching the line of Joshua W Cummins from Ohio, born 1835, through Nebraska and Missouri. He married Annie Pierce in Ohio, then Julia Cowles in Missouri.
Surnames: Cummins
Submitted by: Sandi Barber
Origin of Cummins, Meaning of Cummins

Origin: Some "Cummings" origins start in Ireland. These Irish originated with the CUMMINGS spelling and some (being they were whalers that, for the most part, weren't schooled) acquired the Cummins, Comins, Commins, etc; surnames. As previously stated, their main occupation was whaling, therefore giving them ample transportation to America (this was mostly during the 1700-1800's, though some trace their origins to the mid-late 1600's).
Surnames: Cummings, Cummins
Submitted by: C. Cummings

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