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Starting From the Back and Moving Forward
Searchable index of surnames. Also old photos of BYERS line from Alberta, Canada and a photo of the UPTON family of Galt, Ontario -- This family emigrated from Leicester, England and goes back to 1794. The MENNIG line goes back to 1782 in Germany.
Bavuso, Byers/Snyder, Ruev, & Alexander Families
IGNATZ RUEV. He came from Chernigov,USSR back in November, 1906, Parents were Arat & Malina. Ignatz's wife, CATHERINE ALEXANDER (daughter of John Joseph Alexander & Julia Kovalcheck) from Gilitizia, Austria.
The Steve Bast Family Home Page
Steve Bast surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Barbara Achilles Kurt R Bandel surname list
Vi's Family from A to Z
Viola A Ballance - InterneTree
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Gary L Baldwin
The Glenn Baker Family of Fort Wayne, Indiana
Baker families who emigrated from PA to Tuscarawas County, OH, in the early 1800's. Also, the Crilley family who emigrated from England to US in 1848.
Shannon Claire Bailey Family Home Page
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Samuel Beyer/ Boyer * Genealogy Report: Descendants of Head of Family Drennen or Drennan Genealogy Report: Descendants of Jeremiah L. Sr. Lyons* Genealogy Report: Descendants of Johan Matinpoika Dunder* Genealogy Report: Descendants of Henric Jacobsson* BEYER/BOYER/BYERS and REIST: Switzerland/Germany to PA (Lancaster, Franklin, Cumberland Counties). MILLER: Germany to Franklin (Quincey Twp.) and Cumberland Counties, PA. STAUFFER/STOUFFER and SCHENK: Switzerland/Germany to PA. SEPPELIN and POUTTU: Isokyro and Ylistaro, Finland to Ohio. HAWVER: Germany to New York to Ohio (Lake and Cuyahoga Counties) to MI. BURNS: Ireland to Cleveland, Ohio. MIKITTA/MEKITTA/MCKITTA and SCHILLING and JARMUSH/JARMUSCH and KILLIAN: Prussia (Poland) to Ohio. EINHART and EINHARD and SAUER and BENDL/BENDER: Switzerland to Austria to Ohio and Silesia to Austria to Ohio and Austria. DRENNEN/DRENNAN and WILSON: Ireland to Ohio (Trumbull and Mahoning Counties) and PA (Venango and ? Counties). LYONS:Ireland to Ohio (Trumbull and Mahoning Counties). RUTTER: England to Pennsylvania
Leighton Family in New England
THOMAS LEIGHTON first settled in Dover, NH in 1633 and was one of the first planters of Northam (Dover). There is some conflict about whether Thomas came from England or Scotland. Some say that he was the son of a prominent official in Scotland, while others say that he probably came to New England on the ship JAMES in 1633 with Capt. Thomas Wiggin. 1814 in Mills Settlement, New Brunswick, Canada to John Byers or Boyers, who was probably born in about 1791, probably in England. My branch of the family came to New England, settling in Maine and New Hampshire and eventually to upstate New York. They are the descendants of George E. Byers and Clarenda Maude Byers who settled in Groveton, New Hampshire. Clarenda eventually went to live with her son, Gilbert, in Fort Edwards, New York where she died as the result of a fall from a second story window. The BEST family lived in St. John, New Brunswick, Canada. The father's name was JOHN P. BEST and the mother's name was LOUISA HOLLINS. The MOSHER family lived in the areas of Johnstown and Caroga in Fulton County, New York in 1850, and probably all of their lives. I believe that JOHN P. MOSHER was a direct descendant of HUGH MOSHER of the Mosher clan that had settled in Massachusetts and New York State. Nancy L Auclair - InterneTree The Leighton Family in New England Auclair Family Tree
Byers-Antolik Family Home Page
John B. Williams was born in Virginia in 1794. He fought in the War of 1812. He married Mary White in Gallia County, Ohio and they had six children. Margaret L. Williams was born Feb. 4, 1827 in Gallia County, Ohio. Mary died and he married Hannah McCoy Latimore in Warren County, Indiana. I understand there is no marker on his grave. Margaret was the child of John Williams and Mary White. Margaret married Jacob Byers (born in Washington County, Maryland, in 1825). They were married according to our records, March 7, 1847 in Gallia County, Ohio. They had 11 children: Samuel Benton, John Wesley, Franklin McDonald, Moses Edward, Elwood Bruce, LLore S., Ona L., Laura B., Mary Belle, Sarah Belle, and Lena Minnie. Grandma Deckerhoff also had an interesting background. She was one of 5 girls and 1 boy. Her mother was KATE FERTIG. Now the 1st American Fertig was a German professional soldier, who came here in the British army during the French Indian wars. When his term was up, he had had his fill of fighting. When it came time to collect his wages, (3 terms I think) the British were short of money, (so) they gave him a farm in Connecticut, and enough money to bring his family from Germany and they became farmers. Then came the revolution,Joyce Byers Antolik
The DUDE Family and Members
Allen D Anderson - InterneTree
Rev. John Ward Anderson - Hampshire Co. Va. & Mingo IA
InterneTree: Descendants of John Anderson Rev. John Ward Anderson - Hampshire Co. Va. & Mingo IA: Surname List
The Anderson Family Home Page
Anderson family that began in Sweden and then moved to Germany in 1671. The Anderson family then moved from Wurttemberg, Germany to Tioga County, Pennsylvania. George Byers Family that were in Pennsylvania in the late 1800's. George Byers had a daughter Nancy Jane Byers that married my Great Grandfather Louis P. Larson in Laramie, Wyoming. Nancy Jane Jennie died in San Diego County, California. Louis P. Larson married Nancy Jane Byers in Laramie, Wyoming. He resided in Weiser, Idaho and then moved to San Diego, California where he lived until his death. Anderson Family Tree
The Eddings and Ware of Tennessee and Texas
Foster Eddings was born abt. 1844. Ebbie Ware was born 1869 in Lebanon, TN. Father Ransom Ware. Foster and Ebba was married around 1891 in Lebanon, TN. They migrated to Texas around 1896 or 1897. Foster had several wives before he married my ggrandmother Ebbie. On the 1870 census there was a child named Foster Eddins in Wharton Co. TX. The 1880 census Foster was with wife Julia and six childred in Austin Co. TX. InterneTree: Paulette Allen CA
Moore Cousins\ Home Page
InterneTree: Darnell Albertie
My Genealogy Home Page
John H Allyn surname list \r\n
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Nannie Blanche Abbott
Greg & Jamie Alexander
Our family origins are based from an eastern Pa. area back to Ireland, Scotland , Germany , and Italy\r\n
Duane David Alexander of Arden, NC
Duane David Alexander surname list\r\n
The William Harvey Cole's of Greensburg, PA
Connie Cole Family Tree
All of the names I am researching lived at one time in North Louisiana. Most of them originated in Catahoula Parish. Some migrated to Shreveport and others to Arkansas. Others stayed in the Central Louisiana area. The Chambers lived in Marthaville, Natchitoches Parish, then moved to East Texas, Shreveport, and southern Arkansas. I am looking for the Shaiffers. They seemed to disappear into thin air after leaving Catahoula Parish. Some of the Adairs moved to the Shreveport-Bossier area. \r\nPartriarch Joseph Adair settled in East Carroll Parish where Joe's Bayou flowed into Bayou Macon. At one time, Joseph also lived in Concordia Parish. His children were John, David, Martha, Sidney, Sarah, and a daughter who was suspected to have been kidnapped by Indians when an infant. She was the first born. \r\nJohn's children were Johnathan Marion, Mary Malinda, James, Richard Harding, Thomas, and William.\r\nJohnathan's children were Martha Euretta, Marshall Newman, Richard Randolph, Johnathan F., and Mary Malinda.\r\nMartha Euretta m. Jason Mahoney Wallace. They were my maternal grandparents. They lived in Shreveport, Louisiana. Their descentants are still living and shall not be mentioned here.\r\n\r\nDave Barry and Nancy Raines Chambers lived iRobert Adams
My Genealogy Home Page
Surname list for Richard W Adams
Christina's Family Tree
Currently searching for information on Adams from Valier, Montana.\r\nJOHN FREDERICK3 ADAMS was born 1844 in New Lexington, OH, and died October 27, 1917 in Valier, MT. He married CHARLOTTE AMELIA THOMPSON December 10, 1876 in Decatur, NE.\r\n\r\nAlso, John Frederick's father, WILLIAM FREDERICK ADAMS, born April 19, 1807 in Washington County, PA, and died October 17, 1882 in Perry County, OH. He married AMELIA TAYLOR July 25, 1828, daughter of THOMAS TAYLOR and MARY OWENS. \r\n\r\nWilliam Adams had 5 brothers and 3 sisters I am also trying to locate. They are James, John, Joseph, Margaret (m. Samuel Mustard), Martha (m. Joseph Van Kirk), Robert, and Mary. \r\n\r\nAll brothers moved to Perry Co, OH after the death of their parents sometime after 1832. Joseph Jr. moved to Sigourney, Keokuk Co, OH sometime before 1893. \r\n
Byers Family Genealogy
I have run into a wall on determing where in Pennsylvania the main family lived. George Frederick Byers married Catharine Sams abt 1784 and they had 9 children between 1784-1800. George, John, Henry (15 Jan 1788),Garrett, Martin, Isaac, Betsey, Mary Magedelen, Jacob
My Williams Family and Related Surnames
My Williams Genealogy and Related Surnames from SC to KY to IN to IL to ARKANSAS
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities.
My Anderson Family Ancestors
Ancestors of Bill Kenneth Anderson
Descendants of Jacob Bollinger
Jacob Bollinger was born in 1784 in North Carolina to Peter Bollinger, son of Heinrich Mathais Bollinger. Jacob and his wife Sarah Moreland moved from Tennessee to Randolph County, Illinois, in 1828, and then moved to Missouri, where Jacob died between 1850 and 1860 in Hickory County.
Don and Scharmal Conley's Homepage
Site contains Descendant reports, surname lists, and index of names for of some of our main lines and have links to other genealogy pages.
The Home Page of The Munsters
My web page has a genealogy database of 12,000 names & growing. I am interested in corresponding with anyone that shares one of our names. I hope that your branch fits on one of our trees!
The Genealogy Project
Contains over 90,000 names of individuals, mostly descended from 18th century Mennonites, River Brethren (Brethren in Christ) and German Baptist Brethren who settled in Lancaster, Lebanon and Franklin Counties of Pennsylvania, in Ontario, Canada and in WasBachman, Baer, Baker, Barnhart, Bender, Benedict, Ber, Bicksler, Bomberger, Bowman, Boyer, Brandt, Brechbill, Bricker, Brown, Brubaker, Buckwalter, Burkholder, Byers, Climenhaga, Cordell, Crider, Davis, Denlinger, Detwiler, Dice, Diehl, Diller, Eberly, Ebe
Raitz Family History
This is the Family History of\nCharles R. and Augusta (Jacob) Raitz\nand their children.

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