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Kenya Sturdivant Sexton
Description: We have just started researching this part of our history. We have so far Christina Blaydes b.12-28-52 in Memphis,TN. Her parents are Elmer Curtis Blaydes b.10-29-23 d.2-8-00 in Memphis,TN and Joy Marie Follis b.10-3-30 d.2-28-89 in Memphis. If anyone has more info please contact me.

Surnames: Blaydes

Rachel T.M. Lapointe
Description: Nicolas Audet dit Lapointe/Madeline Despres m 15 Sept 1670 St Famille, Ils d'Orleans, PQ, New France

Surnames: Audet/te, Audet dit Lapointe, Lapointe, Ouelette, Charest, Tremblay, Hebert, Boucher, Tougas, Renaud, Beauvais, Bourque, Bourgault dit Lacroix, Paridis, Gelineau,

Kit Weiler
Description: Searching for Holloways descended from Billy Holloway of Virginia, North Carolina and Tennessee. Direct descendants include Barnes, Lawson, Henry and Ira Sankey Holloway. Placenames include Cumberland County VA, Lincoln Co, NC, Blount Co., TN, Cass Co., MO, and Kincaid, KS.

Surnames: Holloway, Lewis, Jones, Barnard, Hammontree, Jackson, Wallace, McGill, McClellon, Meador, Meadow, Blaylock, Senter, Jenkins, Privett, Whitehead, Blakely, Tucker, Weiler, Deaton Hawley, Grindstaff, Jeter, Snodgrass, Cramer, Berry, Cushing, Porter, Hodgson, Thompson to name a few.

Judy Kilpatrick
Description: My research can be viewed at my website:
Primary locations: southwestern VA, eastern TN
Migration routs from Pennsylvania, Maryland to southwestern VA, the gateway to the west

Surnames: Andtes, Barker, Basham, Blaylock, Brown, Canter, Eads, Felty, Fleenor, Gaddy, Large, Lowe, Miller, Mitchell, Pleasant, Privette, Wiggins, Whitaker

Viola Seward
Description: Searching for info on Marie or Mary Landry born ca 1800. She was a little chippewa lady who supposedly married Dunan McDougall and had daughter Catherine in ca 1818. Duncan died same year 1818. Catherine married Raphael Tremblay and had a number of children at Lac la Biche, Alberta. Catherine died ca 1890's or later. Maybe buried at Calgary, Alb. with husband. Any and all info needed.
Thank you.

Surnames: Landry, McDougall, McLeod, Morrison, Tremblay.

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