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Ay Genealogy research can be facilitated by use of this page. It links to the majority of the Ay surname data on the web, as well as to individual Ay family trees, Ay origin and Ay meaning if known, and many other Ay genealogy resources.

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    Aday Genealogy Respository
    Description: This web site is a collections of research data from our contributors, with abbrievated descendancy charts on our direct line ancestors. Site features: Aday Family lines: About The Aday Repository, Walter Aday of VA, Walter Aday of TN, Levi Aday Family, Boaz Aday Family, Jonathan Aday of MD, Some Aday Family Photos, Aday Database; Aday Research Records: Aday Time Line, Research Notes, Family Wills, Virginia Records, Family Marriages, Contributing Researchers & Listings, Aday Web page Links, Name Origin.

    Surnames: Aday


    Baalham Family History
    Description: The aim of this website is to connect the \Baalham's\ around the world! Site features: Mission/Help; Baalham Name Origin/Meaning; Coat Of Arms; Queries/Messageboard; Forum; Descendant Lists; Baalham Researcher Lists; Download Files; Archives; Genealogy And Homepage Links; Photo Album; Other Variations Of The Name; My Family Tree; Submitting Data; Webrings; Chatroom; Guestbook; and Communications.

    Surnames: Baylam, Balham, Balam, Bailham, Baalham, Baalam


    Bayard Genealogy
    Description: Free online genealogy book based on: A history and genealogy of the families of Bayard, Houstoun of Georgia, and the descent of the Bolton family, by Joseph Gaston Baillie Bulloch. Published by J. H. Dony, Washington D.C., 1919

    In presenting the history and genealogy as contained in the following pages the author does not for one moment claim to have included the issue of each line or of each marriage, nor of all those descended from each family, but rather to carry out the descent of the direct line of the family to the first American ancestor, from whence those descended can arrive to that position where they can conveniently trace their lineage from the first ancestor arriving in America.

    In the forthcoming pages many who have no record or who have not become members of any patriotic bodies or who have failed to avail themselves at a critical period of the requisite information, will find much aid in being enabled to trace to some ancestor their lineage as contained herein.

    It may be very difficult in time to trace the lineage of those who, living in a country filled with an admixture of various races, to prove their pure blood from American ancestors who settled in this country, unless we keep a true record.

    Although there are many references to the distinguished Bayard family, there appears to be no connected line of descent from the three brothers, Balthazer, Petrus and Colonel Nicholas Bayard, the sons of Samuel Bayard and Ann Stuyvesant, which can be found together in one book. The author does not pretend to give all the lines and issues of the different branches, nor of all the children of each marriage, nor is any claim made that perfection of the genealogy of this family has been attained. Those descended from Nicholas Bayard and Catherine Livingston will find by consultation of the House of Alexander that they have a Royal lineage.

    Surnames: Bayard


    Bratton (et al) Worldwide Clan
    Description: This web page and associated d-bases are the result of a cooperate effort of many people who have throughout the years have contributed their free time in the pursuit of family information relating to the Bratton, Brattain, Brayton, Brattan, Brattin, Brittin, Braton, Brotton, Bretton and Bratten families Bratton et al in Cyberspace; Genealogy Help Section; Geographical Locations ; Immigration Info; of the Old World; Veteran Information; Social Security Death Listings; Who's Who List; Surname World Origins; Database; Odds and Ends; Guestboot; etc.

    Surnames: Brotton, Britton, Brittin, Brayton, Bratton, Brattin, Bratten, Brattan, Brattain, Braton


    Bruce Fairhall's Homepage
    Description: Fairhalls Migrate to Australia; Brede - East Sussex (Fairhall Origins Other Fairhall Migrations and Researchers; Fairhall Links with Fame

    Surnames: Fayrehale, Fairhall, Fairehall, Fairall


    Cat(t)ley and Variants One-Name Pages
    Description: The purpose of the site is to collect all information pertaining to the Catley surname and its variants and publish it on the site to assist researchers in the free exchange of information and to assist in putting those researchers in contact with one another via The Message Board. The site is also home to a Catley Events Database and there are various links to other sites with Catley interests. Site features: Heraldry; Catley's In The News; Origins; Message Board; The Catley Database; Web Links; Genealogy Links. Name variants include: Cateley, Catlay, Catlee, Catly, Cattley, Katley, and Katly.

    Surnames: Cattley, Catly, Catley, Catlee, Catlay, Cateley, Katly, Katley


    Cissie P's Payne Genealogy Page
    Description: This site is intended to serve as a one-name search site for information on the surname Payne/Paine/Pain, etc. It includes many Payne lineages, early Payne wills, marriages, census information, military information, query pages, land records, and mortality schedules. Individuals are encouraged to submit their Payne lineages.

    Surnames: Payne, Payn, Pane, Paine, Pain


    Eyre Home Page
    Description: A genealogy website for a one name study of the surname EYRE anytime, anyplace and anywhere. The EYRE Genealogy website is brought to you by a group of Eyre researchers who have contributed information for the purpose of sharing with other Eyre researchers. Surname variants include: Ayers and Ayres in addition to Eyre.

    Surnames: Ayres, Ayers, Eyre


    Gingras Genealogy
    Description: This Gingras website was started in Dec. 2000, and receives periodic updates. There are plans (dreams?) to include all Gingras family members in North America, and all known relatives. Includes research notes, bibliography, and a map indicating European Origins of Gingras family ancestors. Also includes notes on the meanings of family names and links to other Gingras sites.

    Surnames: Gangra, Gangras, Gangraw, Geangreau, Gengra, Gengras, Gengrass, Gengres, Gengron,\r\nGinchereau, Gingas, Gingera, Gingereau, Gingra, Gingrande, Gingras, Gingras-Capitien,\r\nGingras-Daly, Gingras-Falardeau, Gingrass, Gingrasso, Gingraw, Gingray, Gingreau,\r\nGingreaux, Gingreh, Gingres, Gingris, Gingro, Gingros, Gingrow, Gringras, Janggrow,\r\nJangra, Jangrah, Jangras, Jangrau, Jangraw, Jangrew, Jangro, Jangrow, Jangrus, Janjras,\r\nJeangras, Jeangraw, Jengran, Jengras, Jhangrah, Jhangras, Jhangraw, Jinchereau,\r\nJincherou, Jingas, Jingra, Jingram, Jingramm, Jingrass, Jingras, Jingraw, Jingrims,\r\nJingrow, Johngrow, Jongrow, Shangrah, Shangras, Shangraw, Shangreau, Shangreaux,\r\nShangrow, Zangrau, Zangraw, Zangreau, Zangro, Zangrow, Zhangrau, Zingreau


    Gourlay Family Resource Center
    Description: Purpose; Meaning and Origins of the Name; RootsWeb Gourley Resources; Surname Researchers; Submit your information; How to help; Gourlay Family Links

    Surnames: Gourlay


    Grayson Surname Resource Center
    Description: Information regarding the surname GRAYSON and its known variations - Origins; Grayson Links; Archives; Gallery; Database; Researchers; Unattached Branches; Queries; Grayson List; and Newsletter.

    Surnames: Grayson


    Hanna / Hannah / Hannay Surname Research Center
    Description: Hanna / Hannah / Hannay Surname Research Center

    Surnames: Hannay, Hannah, Hanna


    Hathaway Surname Project
    Description: Site features: Purpose of the Hathaway Surname Project; Online Database; Meaning and Origins of the Name; Download the Database (Gedcom Queries; Archives - Research, Records & Deeds; Surname Researchers; Photos; Home Page Links; How to help; General Genealogy Resources; Submit your information; Genealogy Calendar

    Surnames: Hathaway


    Hayden Family History HomePage
    Description: Hayden Family History HomePage

    Surnames: Hyden, Heydon, Headen, Haydon, Hayden, Haden, Haddon, Hadden


    Haywood Surname Resource Center
    Description: The purpose of this site is to provide a place where all those worldwide who have a connection with the HAYWARD, HAYWOOD, HEYWOOD, and HEYWARD surnames can come to further their research. Please feel free to investigate this site - perhaps you will break through a genealogical brickwall via the online database! Site features: Links; Meaning & Origin; Database; Maps; Queries; Surname Researchers; and Mailing Lists.

    Surnames: Hayward, Haywood, Heyward, Heywood


    Hemenway, Hemingway, Hemmingway Genealogy
    Description: While this site is not limited to North American families, most of the vital information is about such families. Information about all families is welcome. What's New; Site Map: Articles: Miscellaneous Records: Land and Census Records; Reference Books: Queries; Family Lines; Spelling Variations; Photos; Other Sites; Bits & Pieces, etc.

    Surnames: Hemmingway, Hemingway, Hemenway


    Ismay One Name Study
    Description: Meaning and Origins of the Name; Queries; Main Index to Database; Surname Researchers; Genealogy Links; Submit your information

    Surnames: Ismey, Ismay, Isma, Jsmaie


    Layton Surname Resource Center
    Description: Origin and Meaning of Name; Layton Web Sites; Post Queries; Read Queries; Records; Genealogical Links; Goals; GEDCOMS; Researchers.

    Surnames: Layton


    Lindsays of the World
    Description: Lindsays of the World

    Surnames: Lindsey, Lindsay


    Lindsley Lane
    Description: These pages are meant to be a resource for anybody researching the Lindsley families regardless of where or connected to anybody else. Site contains: Online Databases; Lindsley Email List; Marriage Records; Death and Burial Records; Census Records; The Unknown Names; Researchers and Web Pages; Lindsley GenForum; etc. Your participation is encouraged! Variants include: Lindlay, Lindley, Lindly, Lindslay, Lindsley, Lindsly, Lindzlay, Lindzley, Lindzly, Linslay, Linsley, Linsly, Linzlay, Linzley, and Linzly.

    Surnames: Linzly, Linzley, Linzlay, Linsly, Linsley, Linslay, Lindzly, Lindzley, Lindzlay, Lindsly, Lindsley, Lindslay, Lindly, Lindley, Lindlay


    Marfleet Surname Resource Center
    Description: I have been researching MARFLEET Family History, world-wide, for over twenty years, and would welcome any related correspondence or information.

    Surnames: Morflitt, Morflit, Morflete, Morfleet, Mirflete, Mirfleet, Mersflete, Mersflet, Mersfleet, Meriflet, Merfleyt, Merflett, Merflete, Merflet, Merfleete, Merfleet, Merfflete, Mereflitt, Mereflit, Mereflete, Mayrflete, Masfleete, Marflitt, Marflit, Marflight, Marflete, Marfleit, Marfleet, Marfitt, Marfit, Smirflit, Smerflete, Smerfleet, Smarflitt, Smarflit, Smarflete, Smarfleet


    Mayrand Family Association
    Description: Mayrand Family Association

    Surnames: Merrand, Merand, Mayrand, Malhiot


    McKinley's, One and All
    Description: McKinley's, One and All

    Surnames: McKinley, MacKinlay


    Naylor Family Genealogy Page
    Description: A page for any and all researching the Naylor surname and any of its variations. All data is welcome!

    Surnames: Naylor, Nailor


    Pair Place
    Description: This site is dedicated to locating and identifying every Pair and variant, and placing them with their own family.

    Surnames: Pore, Peer, Pear, Payer, Parr, Pare, Paire, Pair


    RIDGWAY · RIDGEWAY Surname Study
    Description: A collection point for data on the RIDGWAY and RIDGEWAY surname.

    Surnames: Rydgeway, Rydeware, Rugewaye, Rudgwy, Ridgway, Ridgwaie, Ridgeway, Wrydgway


    Ridsdale SRC
    Description: This is the place for all things RIDSDALE. Site features: Variant Spellings; Origins; Ridsdale Data, Web Links, and Gedcom's; Famous RIDSDALEs; Emigration & Immigration; RIDSDALE resources; Census information; Researcher Index; Debt of Honour Register from the CWGC.

    Surnames: Rydsdale, Rudsdill, Rudsdil, Rudsdel, Rudsdale, Rudsdaile, Rodsdale, Ritsdale, Rigsdale, Rigedale, Rigdall, Ridsdill, Ridsdell, Ridsdel, Ridsdall, Ridsdale, Ridsdal, Ridsdaile, Ridsdail, Ridgedale, Ridgedaile, Ridgdale, Ridesdale, Riddsdale, Riddisdale, Riddesdall, Riddesdaile, Redsdayll, Redsdayle


    The Fay Family Homepage
    Description: A great deal of research has been done and much of this is reported on the net; but so far as we know, no one yet has gathered together all of the different strands and woven them into a tapestry where all can be seen together. This Fay Family site has been started in an attempt to do just that! Site Features: Genealogy - links to significant sites; Forums - for posting queries and exchanging information; Links - Links to personal and genealogical homepages; Mailing List; Books - bibliographical list, source materials, publications, on-line sources; GuestBook.

    Surnames: Fay


    The Haworth Family Connections Page
    Description: The purpose of this web-site is to help people who are tracing their Haworth ancestry. We will be adding ged-coms as fast as people send them. Maybe we can help you find your missing links!

    Surnames: Howarth, Hayworth, Haworth


    The KAYE Files -- Genealogy Archives
    Description: If you are a KAY(E) researcher and have data files to share this is the place to visit! Site features: Researchers & Queries; Family trees; Photographs; Biographies; Look-ups; Other KAYE/KAY Resources; Family stories; Records: Census, Military, IGI Entries, Immigration, Cemetery, City directory listings, Birth, Baptismal, Marriage, Death, Burial, Funeral, Obituaries, Church, Wills & probate, Deeds & land, Bible records ... basically any mention anywhere of the KAYE family name! No matter how you spell it .....

    Surnames: Kay, Kaye


    The Layzell Archive
    Description: This site is designed to be an Internet Repository of any and all records detailing the Layzell surname and it's many variations. If you have a Layzell, Laysell, Lazell, Lazzell, Lassel, Lascelle etc. in your family history, this site should hopefully be oLacell

    Surnames: Lazzell, Lazell, Layzell, Lascelles, Laisell, Lacell


    The Mabry Family
    Description: Welcome to the Mabry page;

    Surnames: Mybury, Mowbray, Mowbery, Moubray, Meaprey, Meabry, Meabrey, Meaberry, Maysberry, Maybury, Mayburry, Mayburey, Maybry, Maybrey, Maybre, Maybray, Maybowrie, Maybory, Mayborey, Mayberye, Maybery, Mayberry, Mayberrey, Maybary, Maybarry, Mawbury, Marbury, Marburry, Marburie, Marbray, Marberry, Maibry, Maiberry, Mabury, Maburry, Maburey, Maburery, Maburay, Mabry, Mabroy, Mabrie, Mabrey, Mabrery, Mabree, Mabre, Mabray, Mabra, Mabory, Mabore, Mabiroy, Mabire, Mabiray, Mabery, Maberry, Maberey, Maberay, Mabera, Mabbery, Mabberry, Mabary, Mabarry


    The Surname Family Center
    Description: The Surname Family Center

    Surnames: McCray


    The World Chamberlain Genealogical Society
    Description: A surname society formed in January 1996 to foster genealogical research on the Chamberlain surname, in all its variant spellings, Chamberlin, Chamberlayne, Chamberline, Chamberlaine, etc. About; News; Links; Bureau; Tree; Join; Query

    Surnames: Chamberline, Chamberlin, Chamberlayne, Chamberlaine, Chamberlain


    The World Wide Krahenbuhl Family
    Description: Dedicated to the exploration of heritage and the sharing of stories among globally dispersed families with similar surnames and common roots in Switzerland. Site Features: Site Map; Genealogy Center; GEDCOM; Family Genealogy links; Family Calendar; The Family Name; Historical TimeLine; European Connection; Family Histories; Stories and Legends; Footprints in Time; Books and Publications; Directory of Family Members; Guestbook; Links; What's New; and Kr?henbuhl Family Forum. Variations include: Crabill, Grabill, Grable, Graybeal, Graybill, Krabill, Kraehenbuehl, Kraehenbuhl, Krahenbuhl, Kr?henb?hl, Kraybill, Krebiel, Krebill, Krehbiel, and Kreienbuhl.

    Surnames: Crabill, Graybill, Graybeal, Grable, Grabill, Kreienbuhl, Krehbiel, Krebill, Krebiel, Kraybill, Krahenbuhl, Kraehenbuhl, Kraehenbuehl, Krabill


    Toney Genealogy Exchange
    Description: Are you Researching the

    Surnames: know of links to Toney information or other Toney related documents? Maybe you just need some help yourself. Well...You\ve come to the right place! This site is dedicated to promoting the Exchange of


    Wade Families
    Description: A member of the Society of Genealogists, Richard Kenneth Howard WADE, is widening his long-standing research of Wade Families. He is also a member of the Guild of One Name Studies and has registered the WADE ONE-NAME STUDY with the Guild and listed this site as a Family Resource Centre.

    Surnames: Wayde, Waide, Waid, Wade, Waad


    Waite Genealogy Resource Forum
    Description: Waite Genealogy Resource Forum is dedicated to the compilation and preservation of genealogical information on the Waite family regardless of surname variant spelling and geographical location in which these persons resided.

    Surnames: Weight, Wayte, Wayt, Waitt, Waits, Waite, Wait, Waight


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