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Laughter Web Site
LARTER, in many instances in England, has been found to be a variant of the earlier surname LAUGHTER; and since LAUGHTER appears to be the mother of many English and American English variants that have through the centuries become established surnames in their own right, we decided to create a mother site where all relavant information of Laughters and closely related variants world-wide can be communicated
Autrey Genealogy Page
This page is a wonderful resource page for all spellings of the 'Autry' name. It includes mailing lists, family histories, and a researchers search page.
The Thomas Balentines of Temple,TX
Our findings so far, go back to our G.G.G.Grandparents; John Balentine (DOB:1785) and Sarah Culpepper (DOB:1786),on our father's side, and to our G.Grandparents; William J.Keaton (DOB:05 May 1835)and Martha Ann Moore (DOB:1840)on our mother's side. The Thomas Balentines of Temple,TX: Surname List
The Jon A. Baltzells of Broken Arrow, OK
The Jon A. Baltzells of Broken Arrow, OK: Surname List
The Vicari/Aplin/.Beaudoin/,Baker Family
InterneTree: Stephanie Baker VA Report: Birthday Report The Vicari/Baker Family: Surname List
InterneTree: Rachel Baxter (Beixter)
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Else Andersen
The Kennedy Family of Northern New Jersey
Michael Kennedy, my great grandfather, immigrated from Ireland in 1869. He settled in Pt. Oram, New Jersey where he met and married Anna Maloney. The Maloneys are also from Ireland. Joseph Grimm and Anna Hannaka from Germany. They settled in Dover, New Jersey. Barbara A Babbitt - InterneTree
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Adam F Autera
Dexendents of William Monroe Aungst
the Aungsts of Central Pennsylvania Dexendents of William Monroe Aungst: Surname List
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Rufus Taylor, Sr. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Augustus Dobbelear Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of David Paulsen Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of John Martin Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of William Brock
Bevel Family Page: Leaving a Legacy
InterneTree: Robert Jordon Bell(Ford) Dennis Bevel Family Page: Leaving a Legacy: Surname List
Mark & Linda Atterson Family Home Page
5,000 name database.
The William J. Otten Family Genealogy Home Page
Family Treemaker page for William J. Otten Family
Klinkenberger's and Fosbrink's of Pennsylvania
Including Bernesser/Biernesser/Birnesser ancestry.
Searching family tree Mecklenburg, Germany - Pennsylvania, USA - Ontario, Canada - Saskatchewan & Alberta & British Columbia, Canada
My Genealogy Home Page
John H Allyn surname list \r\n
Aldinger & Hughes Branches, Twigs, Nuts
my maternal gggrandfather Adam Hohenadel, and my paternal gggrandmother Mary Louisa Porter. \r\n\r\nInterneTree: Carol L Aldinger\r\n\r\nReport: Carol's extended family\r\n\r\nAldinger & Hughes Branches, Twigs, Nuts:\r\nSurname List\r\n\r\n
Donna's Family Treehouse
Henry Wiley BEESON who was born somewhere in Kansas in 1878. \r\n\r\nDonna's Family Treehouse:\r\nSurname List\r\n
The Adams-Robertson Family Trees
My Genealogy Home Page:\r\nSurname List\r\n
Breunig Genealogie / Genealogy
Genealogy information for the surnames Breunig Preuniger Breuniger Hessemer Esch Weinmann Gellert Wenzel Hofmann Henrich Eiermann Ungerer Minola Dietz Kn?ffel Sinsel Neithardt in Germany
JOE's Page
You Will Find many surnames Here. photo's other family links my files on my families. check it out.
Hubbard's Home Page
Genealogy; Germany, Ohio, and southeastern KY
This site has numerous family genealogies including McClelland, Howe, Furgerson, Schlichtmann, Autery, Jackson, Rhoads, Bauer, Ettwein, Siglinger, Keister, McGlashen, ransom, Dill
Lawter/Laughter Family Website
Family Tree, Family info submission form, photo album
The Atterson/Auterson Connection
This family web site is designed to connect the Atterson/Auterson and other related families. It has a family tree maker link to additional families, a historical restrospect of the family name, a family military listing, links to old and new family photographs, and a number of genealogy help links.
Hobler & Associated Families
Tracing the descendants of Jacob Hubler across France, Switzerland, UK, USA and Australia. Dates range from 1500s thru to present day.
Raitz Family History
This is the Family History of\nCharles R. and Augusta (Jacob) Raitz\nand their children.

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