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Faycik Family
some of the information contained in the online databases is documented and some is not as they are a work in progress.
The Wolf's Den
The site contain over 8ooo names in 4 different databases. It contains: The Weird FAmily Tree; Descendants of William James Warnock, My Personal database, Cropper Family of Scioto Co. Ohio
The Descendants of John Hinchliffe
John Hinchliffe was born at Longwood, Huddersfield, Yorkshire, UK.
Ancestor's of Tom Watkins
Watkins, Booth, Brooks, Cain, Clements, Gibson, Howell, Lassiter, Marsh, Parrish, Reeves, Walls, Wilcox
Families are Forever
Ancestors of Chip Vause; Family Histories, Photos, Resources, Cemetery Records, Why I do Genealogy.
Database of Jimmy Kerr
Genealogy Page
Our Carolina Roots
I\ve put this family Web site together to share the history and heritage that I am so proud to be apart of. As a full-time freelance writer, I feel priviledged to incorporate my love of history with my writing. Most of our families are originally from NC, SC and VA, but I was born and raised in NC, thus I\ve named it 'Our Carolina Roots.
Our Carolina Roots
Most of our families are from NC, SC, and VA.
Southeast US Genealogy
This Web Site contains a Database of over 28,000 descendants of early settlers in East Tennessee, Western North Carolina, and Northern Georgia that are inter-related.
My Genealogy Home Page
Linda L Beasley surname list
Descendants Of William H.Chandler From Patrick Co.VA.
Report: Kinship of Or Eughiootee, Elizabeth Coody Genealogy Report: Descendants of Milton Calvin Montgomery Genealogy Report: Descendants of Matthew Deatherage Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Chandler Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Grant Descendants Of William H.Chandler From Patrick Co.VA.: Surname List
The Doug Beaver Family Research Page
Douglas Beaver surname list
The Watkins Family
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Rezin Watkins John Coe Watkins was born in Frederick County Maryland. He later moved to Ohio where he met and married Sarah Ann Kollar in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio. They later moved to South Bend area of Indiana. Sarah Kollar Watkins mother was the daughter of Peter Swinehart and Anna Mary Muench. Her father was the son of George Kollar and Susan/Susanna Koons. John Coe Watkins and Sarah Ann Kollar were married 19 Apr 1832 in Tuscarawas Co., Ohio.
Bean, Clark, Mathis and Their Related Families Home Page
Chauncey E Bean - InterneTree User Home Page Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Hobbs Genealogy Report: Descendants of Joseph Clark User Home Page Genealogy Report: Descendants of Nancy Jane Bean Book: Mathis Family James M. Bean born 7-5-1859 in DeKalb Co., TN. Mother was Nancy Jane Bean Hawker. Second, Joseph W. Mathis born N.C. about 1799. Moved to Muhlenberg Co., Ky. around 1834. Died 9-4-1868 KY. Third, Jasper James Clark b. 1808 N.C. d. 1885 Linclon Co., TN. (Parents, Joseph Clark and Mary ______.) Married twice. 1. Elizabeth Merrill (12 children) 2. Sarah Virginia Driver (13children).
My Genealogy Home Page
Cecily Reeves Beasley surname list
Armond Beaty's Family Research Home Page
JESSIE G. BEATY, b.1820, m: SUSAN NELMS, b. abt. 1818,m: 12/27/1841 in Logan County, KY., children: JOHN S. BEATY (Jessie G. Beaty), b. 1842; THOMAS WILLIAM BEATY (Jessie G. Beaty), b. 2/4/44, in Logan County, KY., m: ANNIE GUSTA HILL 1843-1922 in Logan Co. ILL., 11/20/1865, children: MAGNOLIA (Maggie) BEATY(Thomas W. Beaty), b. 1867, m. NORIS HOUCHINS 1868-1930, 11/22/1891 in Ector, TX., children: NORRIS HOUCHINS JR.;JESSIE HOUCHINS; SAMMIE HOUCHINS, m: EARL SMITH; ERMINE HOUCHINS, M: UNKNOWN CANNON; HAROLD HOUCHINS, m: LAURA PRATT. ANNALAURA BEATY (Thomas W. Beaty), 1869-1871; ARMOND VERCHOYLE BEATY (Thomas W. Beaty), 1871-1896; JESSEY LEE BEATY (Thomas W. Beaty)1873-1910, m: SAMUEL PRESTON MYERS 1865-1914 in Ellis County, TX. on 12/12/1893, children: ROSCOE CLINTON MYERS 1899-1983, m: MATTIE IRENE JONES 1902-1977 on 1/22/1921 in Altus, OK; SYBAL VANE MYERS 1894-1918, m: R. F. FINNEY, b. 1891; WILLIE JONES MYERS, b. 1896, m: R. F. TERRY, b. 1892 on 8/1/1914; SAMUEL CLEO MYERS 1897-1907; MACKIE CLEMMA MYERS, b. 1902, m: CLEVE TERRY at Marlow, OK. in 1958; HOMER LEE MYERS 1904-1993, m: ARTIE MAE HUMPHRY, b. 1898; TRUMAN CARROLL MYERS 1908-1980, m: EVELYN INNA; BABY DOLL MYERS 1906-1907. JOHN WILLIAM BEATY (Thomas W. Beaty) 1880-1930, m: UNKNOWN, children: MARSHALL BEATY; JOHN WILLIAM BEATY, 2d wife ADDIE FINNEY, m: 10/26/1898, children: EDITH BEATY, m: BEN BRAKEEN in CA; and HERMAN BEATY (John W. Beaty); GEORGE CLINTON BEATY(Thomas W. Beaty)1883-1980, m: MATTIE DELLA BYRD, b. 1886,m: in ECTOR, TX., 9/18/1904, children: LESSIE LARANE BEATY(George Clinton Beaty), b. 1905, m: ORIS SMITH 1903-1982 at Memphis, TX., 10/16/1922; CLYDE KIMBLE BEATY (George C. Beaty) 1906-1985, m: GOLDIE BYRD at Roswell, NM; 2d wife, KATY UNKNOWN; CLIFTON AUGUSTA BEATY (George C. Beaty) 1911-1994, m: MARY EMMA BRIAN 1913-1990 in 1931, NM; 2d wife, ANN STEVENS in 1942 in CA; 3d wife, BELLE STOUT, in 1948 in TX; AMSEL IRENE BEATY (George C. Beaty), b. 1914, m: LINCOLN SCHREINER 1904-1978; WILLARD CLINTON BEATY (George C. Beaty), b. 1917, m: ALPHA UNKNOWN; 2d wife, HELEN UNKNOWN; LOYD EDGAR BEATY (George C. Beaty), b. 1918, m: THELMA MAE WATKINS on 10/1/1942; 2d wife, ANDREW LOMA GIBBS,b. 1918, m: at Brownfield, TX., 5/10/1945; and LILA MAE BEATY(George C. Beaty),b. 1922 m: PIERCE MURREL in CA; 2d husband, KENNETH CADMAN, in CA; FINNA BEATY (Jessie G. Beaty), b. 1846. 2d wife of JESSIE G. BEATY, EVELINE SIMMONS, m: 3/16/1847 in Logan County, KY.,their children:FRANCIS BEATY(Jessie G. Beaty),b. abt. 1848,in Logan County, KY., HENRY BEATY(Jessie G. Beaty)b. abt.1850,in Logan County, KY., JESSE BEATY(Jessie G. Beaty) b. abt.1854 in Logan County, KY.,RICHARD BEATY(Jessie G. Beaty)b. abt. 1855,in Logan County, KY., and GEORGE BEATY(Jessie G. Beaty)b. abt. 1859 in Logan County, KY., LEWALLYN BURR BEATY 1862-1907,in Logan County, KY, m: TENNEY CRAWFORD 1873-1907 on 5/10/1893 in Fannin Co. TX., children: WILLARD HARVEY BEATY 1904-1951; THADDUS BEATY; EVA BEATY, m:UNKNOWN LEWIS, ROBERT LEE BEATY, b. 1894; WILLIAM THADDUS BEATY, m: VERDA UNKNOWN; LEWALLYN BURR BEATY JR. 1906-1974, m: TENNIE BEATY; ANNIE BEATY, m: BILL JOHNSON.
My Forest of Family Trees
Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Wencelas Baxa Book: Sheppard Family Tree My Forest of Family Trees : Surname List
John J. Baxter of Baxter Springs, Ka
Robert Lewis Baxter surname list
My Cole/Yelton Family
Book: John Cole and Isabel Montgomery Genealogy Report: Descendants of Isacc Strickland Genealogy Report: Descendants of Charles C Yelton Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Watkins
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: David Bauer
The Findings of My Barber Genealogy
InterneTree: Ancestor Fan Tree of Edwin Mae Barber, Sr. The Findings of My Barber Genealogy: Surname List
My Family Across the Country
Stefanie Michelle Bates - InterneTree
The Cowart and Reich Families of Texas
Cowart and Reich Family Tree
The Batten, Rose & Broadwell Families of Johnston County, NC
Batten - Daniel Batten (1638) with a possible link to Ashael Batten (1607), from Bristol, England to Isle of Wight County, Virginia to Johnston County, North Carolina. His spouse is unknown at this time. Ashael had four wives. Rose - Theophilus Rose, Sr. (1765) who died in Wayne County, North Carolina. He was married to Christiana Unknown. Broadwell - Edward Broadwell (1625) of Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire, England to Morristown, Essex County, New Jersey to Johnston County, North Carolina. He was married to Unknown. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Edward Broadwell Genealogy Report: Descendants of Theophilus Rose, Sr. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Ashael Batten The Batten, Rose & Broadwell Families of Johnston County, NC: Surname List
Bates/Danziger Family Tree
InterneTree: Ancestors of Paul Duncan Bates Jr Bates/Danziger Family Tree: Surname List
The Never Ending Tree
Book: Colleen's Family The Never Ending Tree: Surname List
Angela Bates Genealogy Home Page
Angela M Bates - InterneTree
Ruth Mabel Bass-Brown surname list
The Eddy Bass Family Home Page
Bass. 1750+ Deptford-=Greenwich. Kent. England. WATERMAN Blackmore 1750-1860 Greenwich.Kent. England WATERMAN Bygraves.1800-1900 Southwark. Surrey. England WATERMAN Else. 1800-1900. Milton Regis/Stroud. Kent. CARPENTER Ellis. 1800-1900. Bermondsey. Surrey. CARPENTER Flack. 1850-1900. Bury St Edmunds. Suffolk. Nolan. 1750+ Southwark/Bermondsey. Kent. IRISHMAN Prick. 1750-1850. Milton Regis. Kent BARGEMEN Pretty 1800+ Greenwich. Kent BARGEMEN Tucker. 1750-1860 Milton Regis. Kent. England. COASTGUARD Watkins. 1750-1880. Greenwich Kent. England. WATERMAN Willcox. 1750+ Southwark/Bermondsey. Kent. CARMEN
Barr's & Robinson's
InterneTree: Ancestor Tree of Martha Susan Robinson Barr's & Robinson's: Surname List
Nancy Cooper Bannister's Genealogy Site
Vivian I Hughes Descendant Tree Charles H Bannister Descendant Tree InterneTree: Nancy L Bannister Report: Nancy's FTM Database Report: Nancy's 2nd FTM Database Report: Nancy's 3rd FTM Database Report: Kinship of Nancy Cooper Bannister User Home Page Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Thomas /Joel? Cooper
My Genealogy Home Page
Holly Banks surname list
McCallister Family Family of Indiana
This about the McCallister Family starting with, William and Naomi. William and Naomi were from Ohio as far as I can figure,then they came to Indiana where my father J.William was born in 1882. William's children are,Hannah R.,Jonas M.,Peter C.Maragarety M.,Sylvester S.,Susanna H., Sarah S. McCallister Family Family of Indiana: Surname List
Gareth John Banks
Gareth J Banks - InterneTree
William Valentine Ball. He was born Oct.4,1834 in Rock Island Canada. He moved from Sherbrooke Canada to Sierra County California in 1856. The family of Marshall Bronson. He was born May 12,1811 in Susquehanna County Penn. He came to Sierra Valley in the 1850's. The family of Joseph Dyson. He was born Oct.12,1843 in Toronto Canada and came to Sierra Valley in the 1860's. Roscoe Lausen Atkins born 1872 in Ill. and came to California. robert b ball - InterneTree THE BALL FAMILY OF SIERRA VALLEY: Surname List
The Thomas Balentines of Temple,TX
Our findings so far, go back to our G.G.G.Grandparents; John Balentine (DOB:1785) and Sarah Culpepper (DOB:1786),on our father's side, and to our G.Grandparents; William J.Keaton (DOB:05 May 1835)and Martha Ann Moore (DOB:1840)on our mother's side. The Thomas Balentines of Temple,TX: Surname List
Suzie Morris Ball Family Home Page
Suzie Morris Ball surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: James Alty
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Donna L Bales WA

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