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Origin of Apy

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Origin of Apy, Meaning of Apy

Origin: The name Stapelton (as it was invariably spelt before Richard the Second?s time) is Anglo-Saxon. It means a 'trading village;' 'stapel,' a pile or heap, denoting a place where goods were collected and stored for sale?Dr. Johnson defines it, a 'mart or emporium'?and 'tun,' an inclosure or town. It was appropriate to a village like Stapelton, conveniently situated for commerce, on the border-line between the two provinces of Deira and Bernicia, at a point where the river was passable. But the term 'stapel,' or 'staple,' has long since lost its former signification. From being first applied to the place where goods were sold, it was next given to the merchandise sold there, and is now usually understood to mean the product for which the place is best known. The 'tun' was surrounded by an earthen mound tipped with a stockade or quickset hedge, with a ditch outside, and each township was thus a ready-made fortress in time of war.
Surnames: Stableton, Stapelton, Stapilton, Stapledon, Stapledown, Stapleton, Staplton, Stapulton, Stapylton, Stebelton, Stebleton, Stepleton, Steppleton, Steveldon
Submitted by: Steve Stapleton

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