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My paternal granfather's name was, Juan Aparicio. He was married to Otila Aguirre and sired several sons and dauhters. My father's name was Alejandro Aparicio. He was born in Devine, Texas in 1906. My father died in Corpus Christi, Texas in 1978. My paternal granfather was probably from Saltillo, Mexico. Some Aparicios' from that area migrated to the U.S. My maternal grandmother, Juana Sepulveda, was born in 1890 in the little town of Linares, Mexico. She had several brothers and sisters; Marcelino, Octaviano, Guadalupe, Dominga, and Eva Sepulveda. Her father; my great grandfather, was the Mayor, Justice of the Peace, notary public and peace keeper of the little town of Linares, Mex. back in the 1800s. My mother was born in Monterrey, Mx., in 1906. Her maiden name was Baptistina Saldana. She had a brother, Isaias (Ike) Saldana and a half sister, Dora Villarreal. My grandmother's sister, Eva Sepulveda was married to Gral. Patricio Mendoza, a mexican federal officer serving under President Porfirio Diaz's dictatorial Mexican regime. During the attack of Monterrey by the Villistas and the Carransistas, orders were issued to apprehend and execute all federal officers of the Diaz regime. To avoid detection and to avoid falling prey to tAlejandro Aparicio

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