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Bayer-Canova- Bennett-Family Tree Information by Cheryl
My mother is Carol Canova, daughter of Remo Canova and Helen Bennett of Lyndhurst, NJ. My Father is Howard Bayer, son of Otto Bayer and Amelia Albrecht of Lyndhurst NJ.
Allen Mullican was my Gr.Gr.Gr.Gr. Grandfather. William J. Mullican Sr. the father of Allen his wife Wilmoth Estes. Samuel was my Gr.Gr.Gr. Grandfather,one of many sons of Allen and Susanah Fuston. He moved to Pickens county ALB, where he met and mrried Arrena Pearson, and Adeline McKinney. My Gr.Gr.Grandfather was born there,being the son of Adeline McKinney. John William Mullican. He married Emma L Blallock and my Grandfather William Ancel Mullican was also born there. They moved to Meridian MS. Had a few more children and moved on to Texas. eventually settleing in Smith County, near Tyler Texas. InterneTree: Rebecca A Baldwin Temecula THE MULLICAN'S, FROM TENNESSEE TO TEXAS: Surname List
Bailey/Christ - DeFelice/Elgrim Online Family Tree Site
InterneTree: Dave Bailey
Elisa Avilaalaniz - InterneTree
The Archer Family
ARCHER - predominantly in England (Buckinghamshire and London) BELSHAM - predominantly in England (Buckinghamshire and London) BENNING - predominantly in England (Buckinghamshire) HOWE - predominantly in England (Buckinghamshire) InterneTree: Norman K Archer British Columbia Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Belsham Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Benning Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Howe Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Hawkes Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Archer
William J. Antonelli Linked To William Bramwell Gray
William J Antonelli - InterneTree William B. Gray is my great great Grandfather and the father of Martha Amelia Hill, my great grandmother who was the mother of Frances Antonelli, my grand mother.
Lambs And Starrs Of Iowa Park, Tx
Robin L Antones - InterneTree
The Daniel Families Of Virginia
This tree contains the descendents of Thomas Daniell of Over Tabley, Cheshire, England down through Captain William Daniel (of Wigan)who was the immigrant to the Virginias and continues on to the present day.
The Antonette Family Tree- Michigan.
The Antonette Family Tree
Antonette's Ancestors
Rutha(Ruth A) Smith, born on 4/30/1849, in either Tennessee or Texas. She may be Native American. InterneTree: Edward R Antonette CA
Antonette's Ancestors
Edward R Antonette - InterneTree
Antone Family History
Matjas Antone (aka Anton Sabraskey, Matthew Antone) Born: 1812 Russia Marr: Mid 1850's Death: Aft. 1895 (Matjas was last found on the 1895 census in Hokah, Houston Co., MN) Census Records: 1860-1885 Tremp. Co., WI, 1895 Houston Co., MN occupation: tailor and farmer Mary Weaver Born: 1832 Prussia Marr: Mid 1850's Death: Aft. 1895 Mother: Mary Weaver Children: Frank Antone: Born: 1857 Iowa Marr: Death: Aft. 1910 Buried: City Point Cemetery Notes: Last found on the 1910 census in Jackson Co., Wi occupation: farmer ............................. Catherine Antone Born: 1859 Iowa Marr: Wisc, Levi Anderson Death: 1936, La Crosse, Wi Burial: Children: One daughter Notes: ............................. John Antone Born: July 7, 1862 or 63 Winona Co., MN Marr: Oct. 31, 1893 La Crosse, WI, Death: Aug. 14, 1935 Tunnel City, Monroe Co., WI Burial: Mt. Hope Cemetery Notes: Census Records: 1895 Houston Co., MN, 1910 Clark Co., WI (Spouse) Blanche B. Carpenter Born: Oct. 19, 1878 Money Creek, Houston Co., MN Marr: Oct. 31, 1893 La Crosse, WI Death: Oct. 10, 1952 Sparta, Monroe Co., WI Buried: Mt. Hope Cemetery Parents: Dr. Albert James Carpenter & Polly Wait Children: Pearle 1894-1894 Mabel 1895-1916 FCarol Antone
The Peter Anthony Family Home Page
Peter Anthony, born in Beruit, Lebonon, on July 15,1877, he was the second child of Petro Antone and Insalues Pasala. Onah was his second wife, unknown name of first wife, his first wife died in 1900's, they had two children, James Anthony, married Elizabeth Popham and Margaret Anthony married, Deap Phaiah. Peter came to America the first time by himself, his parents would not let him bring the children until he remarried. He married Onah, and the four came to America in the early 1900's. In America, Peter and Onah had Solomom, who died at age 17 hit by a car. Then Mary Anthony, who married Peter Galenski, Charles Anthony, who married Yvonne Bernier, John Anthony who married Agnes Guilbeault, the last child, Alice Jenny Anthony.
Morrone del Sannio
Morrone del Sannio is a small village in Campobasso, Italy. Website provides a list of surnames of people orginating from this small town.

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