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The Never Ending Tree
Book: Colleen's Family The Never Ending Tree: Surname List
The Thomas L. Barcom Family Home Page
Barcom from Wisconsin and Canada, Meier later changed to Meyer from Wisconsin decended from John Meier in Germany, Johnston from the West Monroe, Oswego County New York area and the Sheboygan County Wisconsin area and Zettel from Wisconsin decended from Sebastian Zettel of Germany, the area of Bavaria. The name Barcom stems from the French name Berthiuame and is spelled by some branches as Barcomb, Barcome and several others. Zettel is sometimes spelled Zettl. Sebastian, Maria and their three children settled in Leroy, Wisconsin. Son Joseph later moved to West Bend, Washington, Wisconsin while daughter Maria, Teresa and son Xaver remained in the Leroy area . Joseph's son Albert settled in Baron, Wisconsin while the rest of his children remained in the West Bend area. Johan Meier settled in Washington County Wisconsin and his children settled primarily in the West Bend and Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. I am a direct decendant of son Leopold Wilhelm Meir Sr. The Thomas L. Barcom Family Home Page: Surname List
Balko Family Ancestors
Diane Balko surname list
Bruce Murray Babcock, Oakland, CA FAMILY HOMEPAGE
Babcock (Sherman, b1762, RI, m. Delecta Rich, b1774, NY) Babcock (James, b1665, England, m. Sarah Unknown,b abt 1667) Heniken (George W, b1831, m. Margaret J. Frair, b1834) Lucas (Virginia, b1857, VA, m. Clinton Murray, b1854, KY) Martin (Jacob, b1822, Darmstadt, Germany, m. Mary Unknown, b 1825, Germany) Murray (Charles, b1748, Ireland m., Jenny Rodman, b1760, Ireland) Murray (Donald Allen, b1898, Moray, Scotland) Rimstidt (Rihmenstedt)(John Gerhardt, b 1800, Germany, m. Adeline Seveus, b1804, Germany) Searles (William A., b abt 1860, NY, m. Frances Elizabeth Martin, b1863, IA), Sergeant (Victoria, b 1860, IL (mother Mahala Unknown), m. William F. Babcock, b1853) Book: The Babcock's Bruce Murray Babcock, Oakland, CA FAMILY HOMEPAGE: Surname List
Doris Anne Lacava_anguzza's Family New York And California
my relatives started in NY and Migrated to California. My grandfather was born in 1880 and died in 1960. Doris Anne Anguzza - InterneTree
Home Page Of Doris Anne Lacava - Anguzza
Antonino LaCava and Giovanna Russo my Great Grandparents. My other Great Grandparents are Raforlo Frannessi and Anna or Annie Casolita. Then Francisco LaCava and Caterina Frannessi. My Grandparents. For the LaCava line. Paul Carl Bennett and Camille Davies were my Grandparents. Ezekial Davies and Sara Anne Rebecca Bogan my Great Grandparents. Doris A Anguzza - InterneTree
Family Home Page of Charles Frederick Anderson
ancestors in Sweden, which include Gustaf Johannesson of Tisselskog parrish, Franz Sv?rd of Hakarps parrish, Anders Jonsson of Bj?rnlunda parrish, and Anna Nillson of V?stra ?mtervik parrish. my wife's Swedish ancestors including Ola Nillson of St. Herrestad parrish and Mathilda Nordborg of Halmstad parrish.
Kansas Field/Allen
InterneTree: Jan-Peter Jansson (Roos)\r\n\r\nKansas Field/Allen:\r\nSurname List\r\n
Adams / VanNess Family in Illinois
We\re looking for information regarding VanNess or Adams family members, particularly Irving VanNess (who was born in upstate New York in 1843 and died in 1928)or John W. Adams (born December 1, 1851 and died 1925).
Genealogy the family ENDE and HEIDEN
family research in Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania, Saxonia and Saxonia-Anhalt
Arild Lunde Genealogy Page
Link to my homepage genealogy site, only in norwegian. But send me a mail, and I will try my best to help You.

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