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Origin of Ang

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Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: this name dates back to the 11th century. it's origin is in italy. it means Of the Angels. My maiden name is DiAngelo. My father was born in italy and came to the united states in the 1931. He served in the us army and to distinguish that his name was D'Angelo and not D. Angelo they changed his name to DiAngelo.
Surnames: D'angelo, Diangelo
Submitted by: barbara mecannic
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Zanghi family came to the USA from the provence of Palermo.
Surnames: Zanghi
Submitted by: Elaine Zanghi
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: The Standing Council of Scottish Chiefs agree that the name MacInnes and all of its variants are of ancient and unique origin. The celtic version is closer to Mac Aonghais. During ancient times the Mac Innes clan followed King Colla from Ireland to Dalriada and established themselves there as one of the original clans to settle that part of Scotland from Ireland. They weathered many hardships but the final straw was the Jacobite Rebellion, which split the clan and led to the Highland Clearances. As a result, the clan has been scattered across the United States and Canada, with some contingents in Australia. The various customs and immigration services of the areas where the Scotsmen settled seem to have corrupted the name many times, leaving a wide variety of variants.
Surnames: Macinnes, Mcangus, Mcginnis, Mcinnes, Mcinnis, Mckinnish, Mcmaster
Submitted by: Jack McInnis
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Spangenberg is a 'name of origin,' relating to the town of Spangenberg, southeast of Kassel in Central Germany. In the Middle Ages, people started leaving the small villages of their birth and moving to towns. When they arrived in the towns all they were known by was their Chirstian name - Hans, Fritz, Klaus, etc. However, there were a lot of people named Hans and Fritz and Klaus. To differentiate from one another, they took their birth town as their surname. For example, Hans von Spangenberg. The 'von' indicates 'from.' Eventually, the 'von' was dropped from the name.
Surnames: Spangenberg, Spangenberger, Von Spangenberg
Submitted by: Clayton D. Spangenberg, III
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Earliest records reveal that in 1273 Michael de Gingedale held tenure of land owned by monks of Glastonbury, Somerset that remained in the family until 1664. During this five century period members of the family moved, via the Manor of Garsdon, to Wiltshire and neighbouring counties. Some variation in the spelling of the name occurred, but by the early 17th Century Gingdale, Gyngel, Gyngle and ultimately Gingell were names closely connected with districts where the majority of the family where landowners, farmers and yeomen. Many were Quakers. Kathleen Broughton Gingell
Surnames: Gangell, Gingall, Gingell, Gyngell
Submitted by: Craig Gingell
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Mangum has been traced to three countries (Ireland, Germany and France, but the Irish derevation is by far the most common. I am part Mangum myself. Many Mangums settled in North Carolina and surrounding states and worked West from there. It is a direct corruption of at least one important Irish name (Mangan). This is an ancient family from the West of Ireland. Mangum is only one of a dozen variations of it. Some of these are natural (i.e. originated in Ireland) some originated on this side of the Atlantic because, lets face it, our ancestors weren't always that literate, and Americans would definitely have difficulty understanding Hiberno-English. Many of these immigrants were no more than 1 or 2 generations separated from a time when many Irish were still speaking Irish. The Website, www.infokey.com says that the name is of origination in Connacht, the western province of Ireland. I would like to know more about the origination of the name myself if anyone has any additional info about the name in general,or a man named Charles Luther Mangum from North Carolina who also lived in South Carolina for a time and by family legend was an Irish Immigrant in the last quarter of the 1800s. Andrew John Rich Norman, OK
Surnames: Mangum, Mangan, Manghan
Submitted by: Andrew J. Rich
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Spanish
Surnames: Fangio
Submitted by:
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Surnames: LANGE
Submitted by: Michele
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Emigrants from Beerta, Groningen, Netherlands to Florence, Ia, Hurley, SD, and Miles City, MT
Surnames: delange
Submitted by: ralph delange
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Daughter of Lyle Beange. His parents where Jim & Mary Beange believe they lived in Grand Prairie
Surnames: Beange
Submitted by: Bonnie Beange
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: John Alfred LANGFORD emigrated to NZ with his wife Harriet BATES in 1839 aboard the 'Aurora'. His father was Richard, mother Mary PRICE.
Surnames: LANGFORD
Submitted by: Glen
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: langtons in ireland
Surnames: langton
Submitted by: jim
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Louise Langelier probably born in Quebec abt. 1866. Her father was Remi & her mother Emily. Louise married Bartholomew Lynch, one son George Remi Lynch (1886). Would like info on her date & place of death (probably Boston area). Any help is appreciated.
Surnames: Langelier
Submitted by: DeAnne
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Max Zieschang - lived in Texas - second wife was Louisa Seiler
Surnames: Zieschang
Submitted by: Tonnia Carr
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: MANGUM - Albert I/J, Maryland / District of Columbia married Ida Louise SUIT
Surnames: MANGUM
Submitted by: Judy
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: talked to man who really knows what wolfanger means. it has nothing to do with wolves. infact it means sheep shearer.
Surnames: wolfanger
Submitted by:
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Want to find out information on my grandfather Eustache Langlais born May 30 1865 in Canda
Surnames: Langlais
Submitted by: Anne Russo
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Stephan, Steven, Stephen Immigrated 1906 on Potsdam. Sister's name Helena, family from Janowa or Janowo, Poland. Resided in East Chicago, Indiana early 1900s, founder of St Stanislaus. Death date uncertain, maybe 1947. His daughter is Helen Langowski b 10 Nov 1908.
Submitted by: Pegg L Anderson
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: I research all Swangers, Schwangers, Swongers, and related variants. I can help you with queries on any of these names in enchange for your information.
Surnames: Swanger
Submitted by: Alvin K. Swonger
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: A fairly extensive multi-page site on The Granges of Ireland at: http://www.island.net/~rjbw/GrangeFT.html
Surnames: GRANGE
Submitted by: Robert Wilson
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Surnames: LANGAN
Submitted by:
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: So named because coming originally from Anjou, in France. The natives of Anjou were called Angevines.
Surnames: Angevine
Submitted by:
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: From ??, a messenger; also the name of a town in France where the family may have originated.
Surnames: Angle, Angel
Submitted by:
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: A county of Scotland, sometimes called Forfarshire, and took its name, according to Halloran, from Aongus Fer, grandson to Carbre Riada, who, with others, invaded the modern Scotland, A.D. 498. Angus or Aongus is derived from Aon, excellent, noble, and gais, boldness, valor.
Surnames: Angus
Submitted by:
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: LANGEMANN: originating in Helsen at Bad Arolsen, Countship of Waldeck-Eisenberg Line, now in Hesse, Germany, was translated by Arnoldt LANGEMANN to Greek language words: MACRO and ANTHER, with the combination resulting in MACRANDER. he then referred to himself as Arnoldus MACRANDER after 1587 when he matriculated from Wittenberg Univeristy in Lower Saxony, GR. He was born in 1567 in the village of Helsen, where his father Gerck LANGEMANN was an operator of a large farm holding. (Occupation: Vollspaenner)
Surnames: Macrander, Langemann
Submitted by: Jimmie D. Macrander
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Strange

French origin means the foreigner or the stranger
Surnames: Strange
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Langford

English origin means lives near the long ford
Surnames: Langford
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Angelina

French, Greek, Italian, Latin, Spanish origins means Angel, messenger
Surnames: Angelina, Angelus
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: MacAngus

means son of

Celtic origin means exceptionally
Surnames: MacAngus
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: long wood clearing its british
Surnames: langley
Submitted by: langley
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: ANGUS, a very ancient name in Scotland; the first on re' cord who bore it being the brother of Learn and Fergus, the earliest kings of the Dalriadic Scots. Pinkerton says: "The Irish accounts bear that Learn, Angus, and Fergus, three sons of Ear, led the Scots back to Britain in 503, Per having been compelled to retreat to Ireland about fifty years before-that is, about the middle of the fifth century, or about two hundred years after their first arrival in Argyleshire, and that Loarn was the first king and was succeeded by Fergus. What became of Angus we are not told. It would seem that, either from incapacity or preference of private life, he aspired not to any share of the power of his brothers. But though Loam be left out of the regal list in the Scottish accounts' yet neither he nor Angus is unknown to them. Fordon, lib' iii. cap. i., says that Fergus, son of Ere, came to Scotland cum duobus fratribus Loarn et Tenegus, with his brother' Loam and Tenegus,' which last word is a not uncommon corruption of Angus with Fordun. The register of the priory of St. Andrews, written about 1250, also says of Kenneth, son of Alpin, sepultus in Yona insula, ubi tree filii Erc, scilicet Fergus, Loarn, et Enegus, sepulti fuerant; ' he was buried in Iona, where the three sons of Erc, namely Fergus, Learn, and Enegus were buried."' [Enquiry into the History of Scotland, vol. ii. p. 92.] It would appear that Cantyre, (from the Gaelic word Ceantir, Headland), was the portion of Fergus, Loam possessed the district called after him Lorn, and Angus is supposed to have colonized Islay, as it was enjoyed by Muredach his son, after his decease.
Surnames: Angus
Submitted by: DP
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: ANGUS, styled by the annalists Angus MacFergus, was also the name of the most powerful king the Picts ever had. He reigned between 731 and 761, in which latter year he died. Belonging originally to the southern Picts, he had, in 729, raised himself to the command of that portion of the Pictish tribes, and in the year 731, by the conquest of Talorgan MacCongusa, his last opponent, he obtained the throne of the whole Pictish nation. In consequence of his success a league was entered into between the principal tribes of the northern Picts and the Dalriads or Scots of Argyle, who were ever ready for war with their Pictish enemies. Angus, however, crushed this formidable union, and almost annihilated the Scots of Dalriada; 11 and yet," says Skene, 11 it was his power and his victories which laid the germ of that revolution that resulted in the overthrow of the Pictish influence in Scotland." [History of Highlanders, vol. i. p. 55.]
Surnames: Angus
Submitted by: DP
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: ANGUS, was also the name of a king of the Dalriads, who began to reign in 804 and died in 811. At a very early period the district of country lying between the North Esk on the north, and the Tay and Isla on the south, was called Angus, which it still retains, though also called Forfarshire from the county town. Its more ancient name is commonly supposed to have been so named from Angus, a brother of Kenneth the Second, to whom this territory was granted by Kenneth, after the union of the Picts and Scots. Gaelic scholars, however, think that the name denotes a hill of a particular description, or which was applied to a special use; and it is supposed to have been derived from the Hill of Angus, a little to the eastward of the church of Aberlemno, in ancient times the usual place of rendezvous for the inhabitants of the surrounding country, during the predatory incursions of the Danes and Norwegians. It seems more probable that the hill itself took its name from the district.
Surnames: Angus
Submitted by: DP
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Scotland
Surnames: Sangster
Submitted by:
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Origin German
Surname Langenbach or Langenbacher
Surnames: langenbacher
Submitted by: Stephen
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: albanian
Surnames: matranga
Submitted by:
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Langeveld, Dutch, means "Long field", most families by this surname stem from the region
near Noordwijk in the Province of Zuid-Holland, the Netherlands. There is in fact an are there literally called "het Langeveld", famous for an old battle, the "Langevelder-Slag", and the flower (tulip) fields in that area.
Surnames: Langeveld
Submitted by:
Origin of Ang, Meaning of Ang

Origin: Langereis means "Long Journey"
Surnames: Langereis
Submitted by:

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