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The Miriam And Robert Andree Family Home Page
Robert R Andree - InterneTree
Paul Andree - Ancestors And Descendants
Paul Andree Ancestor Report
The Rev. Paul H Andree Family, 1879; Of Westmoreland Co, Pa
Paul H Andree, Sr family. His mother was Hannah Wall 1859 to late 1997. He worked in the coal mines as a child and then on his uncle?s farm for his keep until his uncle died. Paul was supposed to inherit the farm, but for some reason he didn?t. Paul attended the Felsburg Methodist Church where Sarah Zimmerman was the organist. They fell in love, but Grandma Zimmerman (Sarah?s mother)wouldn?t let Sarah marry Paul because he was an orphan with no family; so they eloped to Maryland. In later years, Grandma Zimmerman thought so much of Paul that he became her favorite. Paul received the Wesleyan teaching of ?Holiness? as a Christian, which was unpopular in some churches. He began holding prayer meetings in homes as he was called upon. My father, Howard, said that Paul was often away in the evenings and Sunday afternoons to lead meetings. The Nazarenes had a tent revival that birthed a church in Monongahala. Thet needed a Pastor and people said to call Paul Andree. He said he would take it until they found a Pastor; he stayed for 34 years until he retired. He bought a large house in New Eagle which he called his ?house of prayer?. People came for prayer and counsel at any time of the day. Paul wrote many gospel tracts and had them on displPaul Howard Andree
The Andreen/Kramer Family History
geneaolocy tracing my father's (Teddy R. Kramer) his mother's (Edna Burton) family back to four brothers named Barstow, who embarked (probably from Yorkshire, England) on the 20th of September, 1635, bound for New England on the Turelove, John Gibbs, Master. They settled in Cambridge, Waterton and Dedham, Massachusetts. Their names were George, Michael, John and William Barstow. my paternal great, great grandmother's sister, Darwina Fayette Barstow Loud my paternal grandmother, Edna Burton Kramer. Edna Burton Kramer's father's history has been traced to her parents, Nathan Burton and Sarah Fenn, b. August 5, 1780 and August 29, 1783, respectively. geneaology tracing Teddy Kramer's father's (Daniel Kramer) line back to Marie Rosina Weidner Heimburg, b. March 1, 1824 at Zichra Duchy, Sax Weimer, Germany, and George P. Kramer, b. January 16, 1843, at Cassdorf Nassau Prussia Germany. Teddy married Mary Kane in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Her father's (Jeremiah Edward Kane) history traces to Henry John Kane, b. in Sribberenne County, Cork, Ireland, 1815, oldest of three sons. History of Mary Kane's mother, Clara P. Carroll, only extends to her parents, Mr. and Mrs. William P. Carroll of Galveston, Texas. Harry M. Andreen Sr. parents (Nils Andreen and EMary Andreen
Heather Tener Andree
My dad's surname is Tener, my mom's is Burke and my husbands is Andree. The Tener's came from Ireland. The Andree's from Friesland, NL.
Kurtis Andree's Genealogy Page
Andree's of Canonsburg, PA Kurtis M Andree - InterneTree
Genealogy the family ENDE and HEIDEN
family research in Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania, Saxonia and Saxonia-Anhalt

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