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Kariger & Parker Family
Only the older relatives shown in respect for the privacy of the living.
Ancestors & Relatives of Tim Bateson
Ancestors & Relatives of Tim Bateson: Surname List Gangwer/Gangewehr/Gangewere/Gongaware: Originating in Germany my Gangewehr ancestors settled in the Lehigh Co, Pa. area then a few including I believe a Samuel M. Gangwer moved to Seneca Co, Ohio. It seems the last name may have been changed on or about the same time as the move to Ohio. Bateson: Origination in England. Sturdevant: Originating in the Scandinavian countries, the Sturdevant/Sturdivant/Sturdavant surname is huge. Settling mostly in the south. John Sturdevant born in Connecticut about 1773. Genealogy Report: Descendants of Samuel M Gangwer Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Sturdevant Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Bateson
Lee & Rosanne (Neff) Baldwin Family Home Page
The family contains the following know soldiers: Civil War-six Confederate and one Northern, one War of 1812, and one American Revolution. The oldest line dates back to the marriage of Hans Keller and Madlena Bosshart in Fehraltorf, Switzerland on 25 February 1571.
Descendants of John Henry Butler are as follows: Generation No. 1 JOHN HENRY BUTLER. He married MARY LIZZY LATHISAW. Children of JOHN BUTLER and MARY LATHISAW are: i. CLARENCE EDWARD BUTLER. ii. CHARLOTTE BUTLER. iii. NELLIE BUTLER. iv. CHARLOTTE BUTLER. v. MAGGIE BUTLER. vi. ANDREW BUTLER. vii. ISIAH BUTLER. viii. GEORGE BUTLER. Generation No. 2 CLARENCE EDWARD BUTLER. He married MARY AGNES SHORTER. Children of CLARENCE BUTLER and MARY SHORTER are: i. PHILLIP BUTLER, m. TINA JEFFRIES. ii. ANNA BUTLER. iii. AGNES BUTLER. iv. JOHN BUTLER. v. JOE BUTLER. vi. CLARENCE EUGENE BUTLER, b. January 20, 1913; d. July 16, 1985. Generation No. 3 ANNA BUTLER. She married JAMES HAGER. Children of ANNA BUTLER and JAMES HAGER are: i. SARAH TERESA HAGER. ii. NANCY VALERIA HAGER. iii. AGNES HAGER. AGNES BUTLER. She married JOSEPH WORTHINGTON. Child of AGNES BUTLER and JOSEPH WORTHINGTON is: i. MARY ELIZABETH WORTHINGTON, b. September 01, 1924. JOHN BUTLER. He married LILLIAN MITCHELL. Children of JOHN BUTLER and LILLIAN MITCHELL are: i. JOHN JACOB BUTLER. ii. RUTH BUTLER. JOE BUTLER. He married MARY BUTLER. Child of JOE BUTLER and MARY BUTLER is: i. ELSIE BUTLER. CLARENCE EUGENE BUTLER was born January 20, 19131,2, and died July 16, 1985. He married GWENDOLYN BROWN December 26, 1931, daughter of OLIVER BROWN and ELIZABETH WILLINGTON. Children of CLARENCE BUTLER and GWENDOLYN BROWN are: i. MARION DELORES BUTLER, b. June 10, 1932. ii. JEAN HORTENSE BUTLER, b. August 13, 1934. iii. CLARENCE EUGENE BUTLER, b. December 06, 1937; d. April 15, 1983. Generation No. 4 MARY ELIZABETH WORTHINGTON was born September 01, 1924. She married JOSEPH BAILEY. Children of MARY WORTHINGTON and JOSEPH BAILEY are: i. JOSEPH BAILEY, b. December 21, 1942; m. (1) CAROLYN ADAMORE; m. (2) CYNTHIA BAUMGARDNER. ii. CAROYLN BAILEY, b. July 07, 1944; m. WILLIAM BROWN. iii. ROBERT BAILEY, b. February 06, 1946; m. JOANN MORGAN. iv. AGNES BAILEY, b. April 02, 1948. v. GENEVA BAILEY, b. April 14, 1949; m. STANLEY BOYD. vi. ROLAND BAILEY, b. July 06, 1951; m. (1) ESTHER FORD FRANCESKA; m. (2) ROBIN RICHARDS. vii. JOHN BAILEY, b. May 29, 1953; m. KATHY ANDERSON. viii. ROSANNA BAILEY, b. July 01, 1958. MARION DELORES BUTLER was born June 10, 1932. She met (1) CHARLES WEBSTER BALTON, son of WILLIAM BALTON and GERTRUDE MCCURDY. She married (2) VINCENT VAN ALLEN. Child of MARION BUTLER and CHARLES BALTON is: i. CHARLES BALTON (Ibo Kwakou Balton), b. December 22, 1954, Washington D.C.. JEAN HORTENSE BUTLER was born August 13, 1934. She married LEO MAURICE ACORS. Children of JEAN BUTLER and LEO ACORS are: i. ADELE MARIE ACORS, b. February 15, 1956; m. ART STANLEY JOHNSON. ii. MAURICE PAUL ACORS, b. January 30, 1957; m. (1) KAY COOPER; m. (2) VALERIE HOLMES. iii. CHERYL CECILIA ACORS, b. June 28, 1960; m. DAVID SIMON LITTLE. iv. LEO MARTIN ACORS, b. July 16, 1964; m. BEVERLY ANNE WATFORD. CLARENCE EUGENE BUTLER was born December 06, 1937, and died April 15, 1983. He married SHIRLEY COOMBS in 1954. Children of CLARENCE BUTLER and SHIRLEY COOMBS are: i. SHEILA BUTLER, b. February 25, 1954; m. DRAKE FARLEY. ii. CLARENCE BUTLER, b. February 04, 1955. iii. JEROME BUTLER, b. September 05, 1956; m. SHERRITA JACKSON.
The Baird's of New York
InterneTree: William Michael Baird The Baird's of New York: Surname List
The John DeMorse Family Home Page (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)
John DeMorse Sr. first settled in the area now called Friendship, Maine around 1750. The John DeMorse family moved to Morse Island sometime before 1790, and Morse's have lived on the island ever since. Book: Morse Island Family The John DeMorse Family Home Page (UNDER CONSTRUCTION): Surname List
Bahr & Bundle Family Tree
Bahr & Bundle Family Tree: Surname List
The Arvin & Mallan Family Trees
InterneTree: Ancestors of Sherri Marie Arvin Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas John Arvin Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Massey Jones Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Cannon Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Harritt The Arvin ? Cannon - and Jones families are Catholics from Indiana. The Harritt families were Christians from Ohio & southern Indiana. The Mehlenbacher families are Lutherans from Canada and Germany. Jenkins family is from Michigan. The Novak and Sasek families are from Bohemia and Illinois. The Arvin & Mallan Family Trees: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Jack Amore
The Carol Helmick Amore Family Home Page
Carol L. Amore surname list My family is from West Virginia in the Elkins, Buchannon and Pickins areas. The Amore's and Wright's are my husbands surnames and are from Ohio and France.
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Bill Amore
The Bryant Family
I list my direct ancestors; the year they were born; and the town,county,country where they were born. I listed my Email address for anyone who would like to trade information
The John Lohmann and Florine Stangl Family of Iowa
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of George Stangl\r\n\r\nThe John Lohmann and Florine Stangl Family of Iowa:\r\nSurname List\r\n\r\n
Descendants of Champion Allen Home Page
Champion Allen was born in Cleveland County, NC in 1833. He married Elizabeth Sarah Camp.They had eleven children. His parents were David and Elizabeth Allen. \r\n\r\nDonald Allen - InterneTree\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of David Allen
My Genealogy Home Page
ferris d aldridge surname list
The Brian Akins Family of Ontario
InterneTree: Ancestors of Brian Edwin Akins\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Edwin Walker\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Ggrand Mckenzie\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Patrick Akins\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Henry Charles Wilkinson
The Descendants of Alfons A. Ahrens and Beatrice Woods
The Ancestors of Alfons A. Ahrens & Bea V. Woods
The Nelda Agrusa Family Home Page
William Henry DODD was born September 20, 1828 and died December 20, 1890 in Lark, I.T. He married (l) Elizabeth Martin in Independence Co ARK and (2) Nancy Caroline Six August 15, 1868, Independence Co ARK. He listed his birthplace as KY.
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Terry Adolf\r\n
The Pittman's from Jackson Co., FL. and Houston Co. AL.
InterneTree: Descendants of James Olive\r\n\r\nInterneTree: Annette M Burkam
The Richard Adams Family Home Page
ADAMS, of Lousia and Goochland Counties, Va. ca:1725-1800, Cambell County, Tn., and Rockcastle, Lincoln, Madison, and Garrard Counties, Ky. - PARRISH of Louisa and Goochland County, Va. - SPOONAMORE and LUNSFORD, of Garrard and Rockcastle Counties, Ky. - HILL and REYNOLDS, of Scott County, Va. \r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of William Adams\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Walker Roger Adams\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Daniel Yancy Hill\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Tandy Reynolds\r\n
Lisa's Heritage and Homesteads
Ethnic origins include German, Irish, Scots-Irish, and Swiss, as a minimum. Other ethnic possibilities include English, Welsh, and Native American. There is also a possibility of Dutch origin.\r\n\r\nThe Adams clan landed first in Maryland, moved to Pitt County NC, then Thomasville GA and parts of AL and FL. Others of the clan migrated to Jasper TX. The Parramores are known first in NC and likely migrated with the Adams clan to GA. The McFarlands, also allied with the Adams line, began most likely in VA or PA, from whence they moved to TN and finally migrated to TX. The Wilsons who allied with the Adams clan, are first noted in Ohio. \r\n\r\nThe Nugents ae first found in TX and the Kings are first noted in Arkansas. Both are found in Ft. Necessity, Franklin Parish LA. It is believed they also arrived in the Carolinas. Additional family names in this line include Slaughter, Wiggin(s), Doyal, Ballew, and Ross.\r\n\r\nThe Grantham clan started out in VA (John Grantham and Anne Brown union). The Hinsons and Howzes are tied to this line, as are the Slades and Ratliffs. The Grantham-Slade union was in Marion County MS, from whence they removed to St Helena and Livingston Parishes of LA. The Hinsons were also from MS, Pike and Hinds counties. Lisa A Adams
The Lisa Adams Family Home Page
Most of my ancestors came from England, Ireland and Scotland, some even from France, Wales and Holland. Arriving in America, some as far back as before the Mayflower, they settled in Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey but the majority were pioneer settlers of the South and settled in Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia, Louisiana, Kentucky, Texas and Florida.\r\nAt present I am researching Lewis Washington Tanner, b.abt 1845 possibly from Georgia and his wife Arminda Honey Hooper, b.abt 1869. Lewis was a cook in the Union Army at the age of 16. I am also researching Walter William Adams\r\nb.abt 1854 in Kentucky and his wife Victoria Hill, b.abt 1860 also in Kentucky.\r\n\r\nDescendant Tree: Descendants of William Carver\r\n\r\nDescendant Tree: Descendants of John Hendry\r\n\r\nDescendant Tree: Descendants of James W. Parnell\r\n
Genealogy the family ENDE and HEIDEN
family research in Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania, Saxonia and Saxonia-Anhalt
Cutlip Connection
Cutlip Family Association presents: Cutlips in America -- Ancestors and Descendants of George Cutlip who arrived in Charleston, SC on 17-Oct-1749. Cutlip.Org serves as a hub for Cutlip Family activities.
Dale Roots And Twigs
I made this page in hopes of finding missing links. Please email me if you find a connection.
Descendants of Edward Narramore
My direct line down from Edward Narramore of Kewshaw District, SC
All My Branches
Genealogy Web Site
Genealogia Familair de Sergio Enio Buratto
Genealogia das familias Buratto, Straatmann, Rieger e outras de PortoAlegre - RS - Brasil
Larrimore, Roberts, Haskew, & Teague Families
The family lines I am actively researching are: Bradford, Haskew/Hesskew Larrimore/Laramore/Laremore/Larimore/Lariman, Pearson, Roberts, Teague and Wilson. Most members of the family originated from the UK and settled in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas, and Virginia.
Rendall Network
A site established for the collection of Rendall family histories. This is a commercial site
The Saverio and Maria Sansone Family Tree Home Page
This page is devoted entirely to genealogy and to family. It is also the home page of the Sicilian Ancestry WebRing
Marla Kay's Genealogy Page
Her genealogy section is devoted to the many surnames from the Eastern Shore of Maryland, that appear in her family tree. Some have resided there for over 200 years!
Carley's Kindom
All genealogy and other links along with several surname indexs

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