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Origin of Amo

Total Records: 7 
Origin of Amo, Meaning of Amo

Origin: from Lebanon, Syria
Surnames: Chamoon, Chamoun
Submitted by: Sandra Barnett
Origin of Amo, Meaning of Amo

Origin: The Origin of the Name Zamora is Jewish. It means the place of singing & dancing. Since the Jewish were runnin away from someone in the 1200 some Jewish people went to Spain and settled where it is now Zamora Spain. The Jewish called that place zamora and eventually used it as their surname.
Surnames: Zamora
Submitted by: Christopher Zamora
Origin of Amo, Meaning of Amo

Origin: Minnie born 1894. Married Charles Edwin Beard in Bristol, England about 1914
Surnames: Scudamore
Submitted by: Donna Prosser
Origin of Amo, Meaning of Amo

Origin: Mountain Range
Surnames: Okamoto
Submitted by: Nabria
Origin of Amo, Meaning of Amo

Origin: Origin: France-"Lamoreaux"
Surnames: Lamoree
Submitted by: Jeff Lamoree
Origin of Amo, Meaning of Amo

Origin: my name is jose manuel carcamo, i've always been teased about my name and many times i wished it was different as i grew older i realized that it was unique and began embrasing it with pride. I thought it was only a last name that was found in the far land of honduras but little did i know when i researched it that its found from south america to the caribbeans and its very popular in different regions of honduras, im still working on the origin and meanig, perhaps it doesnt have one
Surnames: carcamo
Submitted by: jose manuel carcamo
Origin of Amo, Meaning of Amo

Origin: Baum means "tree" in German
Surnames: Khamouna
Submitted by: Jazz Khamouna

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