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The Janna Martin Babcock Family Home Page
Janna L Babcock - InterneTree my father's family, the Martins were from Lewiston, Maine. His mother's maiden name was Dulac. Her mother's maiden name was Arnoldy. Their families came from France to Quebec and Acadia in the 1600's and 1700's. my mother's family, surname Kvernvik. They came from Norway in 1906. Her mother came from Norway around that time also, my grandmother's surname was Mathisen. My husband's family is also from Maine. The Babcock's settled in Bangor. His paternal great grandmother was a decendent of Abraham Somes who settled in Somesville on Mt. Desert Island, Maine, in the late 1700's. My husband's mother's family, the Ernst's came from Brooklyn, New York, and Switzerland. His maternal grandmother's family, the Skiff's and Beadle's, came form Greenwich, New York, and Easton, New York. The Janna Martin Babcock Family Home Page: Surname List
Francis Amiott was born on March 22, 1823 in Rosey, France. He came to America in May of 1854 with his wife, and 2 children. He was married in June of 1845 to Jeane (Jane) Baptiste in Rosey, France. He became a US citizen on November 5, 1860. He was a blacksmith by trade. his father's name was Mathias and his mother's name was Jane.
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This is a website of compiled lineages and charts, and family photo's of visitors who descend from Philippe Amiot (aka Amyot, Amyotte etc.)
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Be A Villeneuve Connections Listed Site! Submit Your Website Today & Join our online forum! Submit your Villeneuve query on our message board or for publication in our quarterly newsletter, so researchers who are not online can read them too! We also have an online Family Group Sheet form to submit your ancestors for our database! Submit your favorite recipe using our online form (You may qualify to receive a free complimentary back issue of the newsletter! Find out how on our site!)
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Surname newsletters: The Villeneuve Connections, The Noren Newsletter and The Camberg Connections
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Resource page for variations of: Amiot, Amyot, Newvine, Villneff, Vilneff, Villeneuve, Noren, Norin, Camberg, Kamberg, Camber, Timmons

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