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Origin of Amero

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Origin of Amero, Meaning of Amero

Origin: From my knowledge the surname Cameron originates from thr galic term Cameroshone or bentnose i do not have a bentnose at present but i have no doubt if what i have said as an answer to the qestion i may get one ATB Ben ( as i prefer ) Cameron
Surnames: Cameron
Submitted by: Reuben Cameron
Origin of Amero, Meaning of Amero

Origin: Christina McDonald Cameron born Greenock Scotland born August 1922 Married James Wilson McNelis 1944
Surnames: Cameron
Submitted by: Stella Saaristo
Origin of Amero, Meaning of Amero

Origin: Francisca Gogue RAMERO, m. Justo Pangelinan AFLAGUE. parents of Frncisca father - Norbeto RAMERO, mother - Rita GOGUE.
Surnames: RAMERO
Submitted by: SUE AFLAGUE
Origin of Amero, Meaning of Amero

Origin: The first Cameron was a knight named sir Donald, the younger son of the younger brother of the King of Denmark. Knowing he would never be king he left Denmark for the Highlands of Scotland to build his own fortune. There he fell in love with a Baron's daughter who had already been betrothed to another knight. In those days the only way to break a betrothal was to challenge the betrothee to a dual to the death, which he did. To two knights battled for a long time. In the end Sir Donald prevailed but his nose was broken. It never healed right and he became known as Sir Donald the Bent Nose.
Surnames: Cameron
Submitted by:

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