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John Henry Amerine arriving in Pennsylvania in the 1750's. He was from the Germany/Switzerland area and resided in Bedford County, PA. He married Sarah Picony in 1757. John and Sarah had five sons, Abraham, George, Frederick, Phillip, and Henry, and one daughter, Mary. Abraham is my great-great-great grandfather. He was born in 1761 in Bedford County, PA and married Mary Wolford in 1785. Abraham and Mary had seven sons, Moses, John, Henry, Andrew, Frederick, Jeremiah, and Abraham Jr., and one daughter, Susanna. In the very early 1800's, this family moved to Belmont County, Ohio. Around 1820, Abraham moved his family to Union County, just northwest of what is now Marysville. Moses is my great-great-grandfather. He was born in 1797 in PA and married Elizabeth Watkins. Moses and Elizabeth (Watkins) had one son, George, and six daughters, Mahala, Nancy, Sarah, Polly, Emma, and Melissa. Moses married Elizabeth Fink in 1854 in Wheeling, WV. Moses and Elizabeth (Fink) had three sons, Willis, Wesley, and John, and two daughters, Carolyn and Dora. Elizabeth Fink died in a fire in 1867. Willis is my great-grandfather. He was born in 1859 in Marysville. In 1880, Willis married Alice Machling. Willis and Alice had two sons, George and Arthur, and fMax Eugene Amrine
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