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Alice Ament Davidson Gedge
I have some pictures of ancestors, a researched database, and pages of continuing research by surname
My Genealogy Home Page
Michael D Beamer surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
David Baxter surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
David Baxter surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
David Baxter surname list
Our grandparents, James and Mary Joss, left Scotland to live in Canada in the early 1900's. They settled in Winnipeg, Manitoba. As the children married, some of them stayed in Winnipeg and some immigrated to the United States of America. Seattle, Chicago and Detroit were cities where the children settled and raised their families. Joss Family Tree
Qui Habet Aures Audienti, AUDIAT! Matthews 11-12
All-in-One Tree of Ole Pedersen Qui Habet Aures Audienti, AUDIAT! Matthews 11-12: Surname List
Aris Family, Ottawa, Ontario/ Dalton family, Catalina, NFLD
InterneTree: Danah K Aris ON Aris family of Ottawa/ Dalton family of Catalina: Surname List
Anibal Family
John (P.) Anibal/Annable b. March 20, 1803 in Saratoga Co., NY. He migrated west to the Rochester, NY area, before finally coming to the Eastern Michigan area in the 1830-1840's. He had been married first to a Polly Colburn, poss. in NY. He then married Hannah J. Fuller, pre-1840. Between the two marriages, there were 17 children born. Anibal - Saratoga Co., NY, Rochester, NY area, Montgomery Co., Kan., and MI. Anible - MI Annibel - CA Apsey - MI Bailer - MI DeMund - MI Fahsholtz - poss. Kansas and New Mexico Felker - Montgomery Co., Kansas Gifford - MI Griffore - MI Hauser - MI and CA Hepinstall - MI Hodges - Paw Paw, MI Linament - MI Loyer - MI Novinger - MI Seestedt Stein - MI Stickler - MI Taubitz - MI Wilcox, Chester(1892) - MI
The Amento/Spagnolo Family Home Page
Carmen) Amento; New Haven, Conn Area; Syracusa, Italy (Lucy) Marino; New Haven, Conn Area (Peter) Ferriolo (Ferriola) New Haven, Conn Area (Grace)Paolissi, New Haven Area (Rosella) Vollero, New Haven, Conn Area Ralph (5 siblings, 3 children) SPAGNUOLO, Revere, Mass; New Hampshire; San Valice, Italy (Celia) PENZA, Revere, Mass, Avelino, Italy (Joseph 11 children)RIZZO, Revere, MA & Chivano, Italy (Maria)VENA, Chivano Italy (Frank (Francesco) 10 siblings, 7 children) VENUTI, East Boston, Reading, Mass, Perry, Michigan;Avelino, Naples, Italy (Carmena) INCERTO, Mt. Visuvious, Salerno, Italy (Levi)HOLCOMB, originally from Wash.Cty, NY, moved to Mt. Holly, Vermont (James Amaza, 5 children) ORKINS, from Troy, NH & Weston, VT
Hoyle & Aitchison Research
my family: \r\nHoyle, Hargreaves, Lord (Canada, England and Washington State)\r\nMarguerat (Switzerland to the U.S. in 1850)\r\nAment, Martin, Coryell, Patterson (primarily in eastern U.S. and trying to jump the Atlantic)\r\nAvery, Brownell, Harper, Cowger (Kansas from Virginia and New England)\r\nBemis(s), Morgan, Topping, Orr\r\n\r\nThese names are in my husband's family:\r\nAitchison & Cairns (Canada, Scotland, Idaho, Washington)\r\nWynne (Nebraska, Washington, Ireland)\r\nGibler (Iowa, Virginia, Germany)\r\nBeasley (Iowa and east)\r\nLarson (Iowa, Illinois, NY, Denmark)\r\n
Will and Dena's Family Tree
Our ancestors came from these countries settling in the states below. Germany, France, Canada, Russia, Netherlands. State county most researched: Kentucky: Floyd, Magoffin, Morgan, Carter and Boone; North Dakota: Morton, Eddy; Minnesota: Hennepin and WrigBoeser, Cament, Cardinal, Carrier, Claessen, Classen, Cole, Fleck, Glassen, Kurtz, Perkins, Perras, Risner, Rister, Schantz, Steckler, Wadkins, Watson
Getman Family of America Website
Descendants of Frederick Getman and Mary Bierman and other Getman families. Montgomery and Jefferson, New York, Bucks County, Pennsylvania
The Yost Family Tree
This page is in its early stages of construction. I am learning how to make it a little better each day. Right now it is simply an alphabetical list of my family

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