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Ambrose Genealogy
Emphasis on the descendants of William Henry Ambrose. Central location for anyone researching the Ambrose families who came from Germany to the Maryland/Virginia area and migrated west to Ohio, Illinois and Kansas.
The Haas / Davenport Home Page
Our Davenports were found in Tyrell and Washington Co, NC. Would be delighted to exchange information with anyone researching this family line. Thanks Linda
Genealogy Page of Leslie Nutbrown
Large number of new England ancestors, with emphasis on DUSTIN, BRADBURY, STAPLETON. Section on Royal ancestors. Section on U.S. Presidents as cousins
gochenaur/bass geneology
Cari D Bass - InterneTree
Barr's & Robinson's
InterneTree: Ancestor Tree of Martha Susan Robinson Barr's & Robinson's: Surname List
Lowell & Heather Ballard Family Ancestors
Book: Ballard Family Ancestors Lowell & Heather Ballard Family Ancestors: Surname List
Bushell Family Page
InterneTree: Alan Baldwin Genealogy Report: Descendants of Richard Bushell Genealogy Report: Descendants of Hillarie Douty Genealogy Report: Descendants of Michael Hogben Genealogy Report: Descendants of Thomas Bushell Genealogy Report: Descendants of John Cobus Bushell Family Page: Surname List
Ford (Faure) - Hohman (Hohmann) Family Tree
Ford (Faure) - Hohman (Hohmann) Family Tree: Surname List
Baillie Family of Oakville, Ontario, Canada
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Alfred Joseph Baker All-in-One Tree of Alfred Joseph Baker Baillie Family of Oakville, Ontario, Canada: Surname List
Brian, Nicki and Wesley's Page
Nicki J Austin - InterneTree
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Agnes Albano
The Robert E. Anthony Family Home Page
My Father's Family:came from the New England area specifically New Hampshire in and around North Conway. My grandfather can be traced back to William Henry Anthony, b. bfr 1984 In Newfoundland. My Mother's Family: were in the Great Lakes area in northern Illinois. My grandfather was Garfield R. Leaf, b. 1902. My grandmother was Charlotte M. Doolittle, b. 1908. Robert Anthony - InterneTree Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of William Henry Anthony Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Henry Anthony
Crossings In Time
Report: Kinship of Peggy Lou ANDERSON
The Ambrose's of Toronto, Canada
My Toronto siblings are brothers Donald and David and sister June My Mother is Minnie (nee McLeod) My Father is Sydney (deceased)-Born in England My Grandfathers were Fred Ambrose and George McLeod (Born in Scotland) My Grandfather McLeod emigrated to Hudsons Bay and married Annie Iserhoff (sp?), the daughter of a native Cree Indian and Russian immigrant.
Nina Faye(Harper) Ambrose Family
Nina F Ambrose - InterneTree
Jock & Anne Ambrose's Family of Kentwood Michigan
My father, Bruce Williams Ambrose, passed away on December 31, 1999. He was the last surviving son (of five boys) of Rel Alton Ambrose and Lelia Williams Ambrose, formerly of Oxford, Michigan. My mother, Betty Palmer Ambrose (nee: officially Elizabeth Louise Palmer) is still alive but is the only remaining member of her immediate family. Her parents were Edwin Cecil Palmer and Margaretta Louise Palmer (nee: Morton) of Kalamazoo, MI. Anne's Father, Keith Gorman, passed away in October 1983, and her mother, Marianne Gorman (nee: Garrison) is still alive.
A.S.Ambrose UK Homepage
Anthony S Ambrose - InterneTree
The Updated Joshua Lynn Ambrose Home Page
William J Ambrose - InterneTree Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Joshua Lynn Ambrose
The Joshua Lynn Ambrose Family Home Page
The primary locations are Kansas, North Carolina, Virginia and West Virginia. Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Joshua Lynn Ambrose
Ambrose/Beamon union
Ambrose/Beamon union: Surname List InterneTree: Janice Jean Ambrose (McCormick)
The Erdman/Ambrose Family Home Page
immigrant ancestor-Christoph and Rosa ERDMAN and their nine children. He is said to have emigrated around 1855 when he was 23.
Home Page of Steve Ambrose
The family history is mostly concentrated in PA, OH, and MD. John Frederick Ambrose was indeed the son of Mathias Ambrose. Mathias (b.1695, d.1784). Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Mathias Ambrose Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of John Fremington Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of John Bedell Genealogy Report: Descendants of Mathias Ambrose
Rapue, Massaro, Lavelett, Wood, Aubuchon & Shellenberger
Antone Rapue was born May 1844 in St. Louis, Missouri. His father was born in French Canada and his Mother was born in Missouri. That is the extent of what I know about him until About 1880, when he Married Emma Ruth Lavelett also born in Missouri. They had seven sons William (1882MO-1949CO), Edoire (1884-Unk) Then the family moved to Colorado. Fred (1887CO-1957CO), George (1890CO-1973CO), Antoine (1892-1894), Thomas (1984CO-1969CO), Paul (1898CO-1933CO) My Grandfather is George John Rapue. He Married his first wife Margaret Christie and had two children, George William (always called Jr.) and Virginia Lucille. Margaret died February 27, 1927 of the flu. Cosimo Massaro (1839It-1925CO)and his wife Maria (1837It-1914CO)in 1863 and they had 3 sons Angelo(1867It-1902CO), Antonio (1873It-1955CO), Daniel (1877It-1911CO). Daniel Antonio Massaro married Gertrude A. Gaugler (1881PA-1953CO) in 1897 and they had 3 children. Anthony (1901CO-1971CA), Angelo (1904CO-??), Mary Louise(1909CO-1998CO). My Grandfather George John Rapue married my Grandmother Mary Louise Massaro on November 8, 1929 in Golden, CO. Together they had nine children, Angelo (Daniel), Paul, Richard, Thomas(1936CO-1979CO), Patricia, Annette, Walter, Eloise, and Marvin(1949CO-1999Shelley D. Rapue - Ambrosen
The Leedy G. Ambrose Family Home Page
Ambrose surname in Washington County, NC after 1800; and in Tyrrell County, NC, before 1800.
The Jodi Ambrose Home Page
Area lived in, Wisconsin. Ancestors originated in Germany.
The S. P. Ambrose of Goodman, MS
Ambrose family from Goodman, Mississippi. Joel Ambrose first appears in the 1840 census. He married Margaret and they had nine children: Dan, Joe Henry, Hayward, Sheppard, Margaret, Lizea, Henderson, Jessie, Willis.
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: James H Ambrose
The William Ambrose Home Page
Ambrose family from Baltimore County, Maryland. William Ambrose first appears in 1747 in the St. Thomas Parrish report in Baltimore County. Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Ambrose
The Stiney & Margaret ( Orpkush) from PA
Stiney & Margaret Agnes ( Maidname Opkush) Ambrose, Name in the American (Lithuania name was Ambrozus)Stiney was born 1871 in Vilas or Stedapanlis Lithuania and died in March 22, 1935 in Pa. He married Margaret Agnes Orpkush in Wilkes Barre or Scranton, she was born 1879 and died Oct 2, 1943 They lived from MarLin PA, to Minerville,PA to Tamaqua PA, to Caoldale PA. The kids name were Ann Dunsauage, Vincent Ambrose lived in NJ, Cecilia no kids,Margaret Smith & 2 kids name Robert (died) & Richard belive to live in NJ, Alice Sembach 2 kids kids moved to Ohio , AlbertAmbrose 3 kids in Tamaqua Joseph , Charles Ambrose. InterneTree: Ancestors of James (JR) Ambrose Report: Kinship of Vincent Vincentovich Novitzki 1 The Stiney & Margaret ( Orpkush) from PA: Surname List
The Page & Cynthia Ambrose Home Page
Isaac Ambrose (b. 1818) and his son Ellsberry/Elsbury Ambrose (b. 1840) families from Washington County, NC. Ellsberry was married to Mary ??? and Isaac was married to Priscilla ???. Children of Ellsberry and Priscilla are: Isaac Ambrose (b. Feb. 28, 1840), Henry Ambrose (b. 1841), James Ambrose (b. 1842), Joseph Ambrose (b. 1845), and Ann Ambrose (b. 1845).
WASHINGTON ALLEN (b-July 7/4/1810, d-May 4,1878 Buford, Georgia). ROBERT GREER (b.1772 - d.1832) South Carolina. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Benjamin Kilgore Genealogy Report: Descendants of WilliamAnderson Greer Genealogy Report: Descendants of Bona Sr. Allen Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Pierce Genealogy Report: Descendants of Robert Greer
My Genealogy Home Page
John H Allyn surname list \r\n
Ambrose Genealogy
The German AMBROSE families of Berkeley County, Virginia; and Frederick County, Maryland.
The McEathron / McEachron Families
A comilation of 2500 descendants and spouses (a small percentage) of Donald McEachron (nee McEachern) and Anna McDonald. They arrived in America in 1738 on the first of the three Lachlan Campbell Expedition ships.
Ray & Diane's Family Tree
Our genealogy site not only has the standard surname and person index, but a wealth of research data from vital records, obituaries, census, etc. We have also included a few photos of our ancestors.

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