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Smith-Gleason Family History
Personal web site sharing data collected about my family.
My Genealogy Home Page
Kathleen Beam surname list
Pigeon/Archambeaus of Michigan
JoAnn Pigeon Family Tree
Avery's & Arendale's (Kansas) and the Rambeau's, Snodgrass's & Golladay's (Oregon). the Golladay family, originally from Virginia
Jared Archambeau's Family Tree
Jared Archambeau's Family Tree
Harold O. Ambeau Port Allen,La.
Harold O Ambeau - InterneTree
The John Rutherford Allen Family
My Allen Family first appears in Maysville, KY (old Limestone) in Mason County about 1775. The patriarch was Hugh Allen, whose sons, Hugh Jr. and John eventually moved to the Centerville, OH area about 1811. In Centerville and Washington Township, OH, the Allens married into the Kelsey and Kindle Families. I am also descended from the Larew Family of Augusta County, Virginia; the Adair and Qua Families of St. Lawrence and Washington Counties, New York; and the DuMontier and Rochambeau Families of Montreal. From Ireland, I am descended from the Rutherford Family from Belfast (arrived in the US about 1870) and the McKnight Family from Bangor, County Down, N. Ireland which arrived about 1870 as well. On my wife's side, we are related to the Glickert (Gloikert or Glo:ikert) Family of St Louis; the Aubuchon Family of Montreal and St Louis, arriving in Canada from France about 1640; the Jolliffe Family of Virginia, arriving in Norfolk from England about 1660; the Dragoo Family of Virginia, arriving from France about 1680; and the Batchelder Family of New Hampshire. \r\n
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Joseph Acre
Abentrod Family Home Page
John Abentrod, born in Germany (Prussia) imigrated abt 1850-1860 died abt. 1874-1880. His wife was Josephine Stemper or Stenka? Born in Prussia died in Alpena, Michigan in 1881.Looking for his ancestors.\r\n\r\nMary B. Jakubiak Born in Germany 1864, Moved to Poland abt 1867 imigrated to U.S.A. and married John Abentrod Jr. Lived in Alpena Michigan then moved to Detroit Michigan. She had three brothers Andrew Stanley and Vincent.\r\nLooking for her ancestors.\r\n\r\nMichael Israel Fortain born in Detroit, Mich. or Montreal Canada. married Melvina Archambeault or Archambeau who was born in Canada in 1850 died in Detroit 1910-1920. Their children were Henry, Israel Joseph, Leo and Elmer. Traced one branch of the family back to Francois Meloche and Therese Hernu.\r\n\r\n
The Riordan Family Genealogy Page
The Riordan Family genealogy includes Irish surnames from Counties Waterford and Kerry. Post your surnames here. Ancestors emigrated to Fitchburg and Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Includes links to Irish genealogy, Irish culture and Irish-American hiArchambeau, Baldwin, Belapalovich, Crowley, Donnelly, Finnerty, Kelleher, Lukezich, Popovich, Riordan, Scanlon, Shea, St Jean

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