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Estevan Tellez Banegas Family of Dona Ana, New Mexico
Don Estevan, born as Estevan Tellez Banegas on August 3, 1865 in Dona Ana, New Mexico. He was born under the Mexican flag, saw New Mexico claimed as a United States Territory after the Mexican American War, and then witnessed New Mexico gain full status as a State in the Union. Don Estevan was the son of Manuel Banegas, one of the early settlers of the Dona Ana Bend Colony located in southern New Mexico. The Dona Ana farming community was settled in 1842 under a formal land grant by the government of Mexico. Manuel Banegas and other settlers were granted ownership rights under the grant and developed the rich farming community by diverting irrigation water from the untamed Rio Bravo, later renamed the Rio Grande River. These ownership rights of the original settlers were later validated under a US Supreme Court ruling that was sought by Don Manuel and other early settlers. Outline Descendant Tree: Manuel Banegas, Expanded for son Estevan
My Jeanneology
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Basil Human There were HUMANs in England as early as 1250, the English surname meaning Hugh's man. A group of German/Dutch HUMANs went to South Africa in the early 1700s and founded the town of Humansdorp. There are also HUMANs of Russian, Czech and Scandanavian descent, sometimes spelled HUMANN. The earliest known HUMANs in our line are Basil HUMAN and his wife Isabel. They were having kids in Maryland in the 1760s, spent the 1770s in Caswell Co, NC, and ended up in the Fork District of Madison Co, GA by 1786. Basil died on May 6, 1795 and left a will naming his 6 children; Alexander, Basil, Peggy WELLS, Anna, Susannah and Rutha. Alexander HUMAN (my gggg grandfather) was born 18 Sept 1760 in Maryland. At 17, he enlisted in North Carolina as a private in the American Revolution, and fought in the battles of Guilford Courthouse, Stono Ferry and Briar Creek. He married Elizabeth HAWKS on 4 Sept 1810 in Madison County, Georgia. Alex and Elizabeth had 2 children; Frederick and Isabel Ibby. Ibby never married; Frederick's descendants remained mainly in GA and the Carolinas. Basil HUMAN Jr. went to Tennesse, and married the widow Winifred (GEORGE) GILLIAM on 28 Jan 1797 in Knox County. Basil and Winifred settled in Morgan County, Tennessee, and had 3 children; James G., Anna and Solomon. James G. HUMAN moved to Polk County, Missouri where he founded the town of Humansville. Three other children -- Preston, Housley and Jane -- are thought to be children of Basil Jr. and Jemimah (GALLOWAY) GILLIAM (Winifred's widowed daughter-in-law). Anna HUMAN was the mother of Rev. Jessiah Groves HUMAN, who was born in Madison County, Georgia 10 March 1791. Jessiah was a pastor at the Walnut Fork Baptist Church in Jackson County, GA. He married Sally WOOD on 19 July 1810, and married Sarah GARNER on 13 May 1845. Several of Jessiah's children moved to Texas and settled in Smith County.
Santos Family Tree
Santos Family Tree originating from Dinalupihan, Bataan - (Luzon) Philippine Islands.
Amante Family Tree
Amante Family originating from Bataan, Luzon - Philippine Islands

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