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The Angela Larouche Beauchesne Family Home Page
the Merrills are decendents of Sir Francis Drake, and also have a coat of arms and castle by the name DeMerle. Theresa Burlamacki came to this country from Italy. the Beauchesnes came down from Sherbrook, Canada. Joseph Beauchesne's parents are the ones who came from Canada, and Joseph would be my husband's Great, Great Grandfather. We are from the North East, New Hampshire mostly on my side, and Massachusetts mostly on my husbands.
lisa amack in kansas
my name is lisa(amack) stovall,my parents are shirley (ann )rae (carlson)& duane shelby amack he was born 10/19/1942 in st. francis ks. died 1/1984 in ks. city ks. his brothers & sister was alvin , keith,wendell born 3/15/1905 died 9/26/1997 in goodland ks.wendell's wife was dorlin ,children randy, jay leroy,starla ,&j.c.. larry , bernard,born 6/4/1916 died 1/11/1999 in goodland ks.duane had 8 children ,terry, david (died 5/1983)lisa ,daryl ,kim ,tamra ,wade kelly , kelly wade amack.duane's parents are floyd shelby amack born 1/5/1902, died 8/5/1969 . ruth aster (baker)amack born 9/4/1905 or 1906 died 1/9/1956 . floyd &ruth was married on 10/10/1922.floyd's parents are charles e amack & francis (harris)no date.charles &francis children are ,floyd,harold,hazel,melvin,jenny & chester ,chester had a daughter darlene her daugther was belinda, her was daughter was trisha. charles parents are tabor& racheal(clark).
The Svendsen / Burringtons of Green County Wisconsin
My grandfather, Peder Johannes (John Peter) Svendsen immigrated in 1914 on the SS United States (not the famous liner but the old steamer). He was born in a house called Sejehuset in a small village called Slaglille in Alsted, Sor? amt in 1892. His mother's family had lived in the house for generations. I have traced his father's family (Jacob Conrad Svendsen) back to Holsteinborg on the southern coast of Sealand not too far from Slaglille still in Sor? amt. Jacob Conrad was born in F?rslev in 1824 to Jacob Peter Svendsen and Sophie Charlotte Husum. Sophie's parents were Andreas Husum and Birgette M?ller of Holsteinborg. InterneTree: Carol A Andrejak DE
Happel-Rundschau / Happel-Genealogy
Happel-Genealogy is a magazine on CD-Rom and internet, which is principally involved in researching this special family name. For subscribers there is a database of 25.000 individuals.

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