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My Genealogy Home Page
Kathleen Beam surname list
The Paul Baldwins of Memphis, TN
Robin P Bailor - InterneTree
Beagles are Forever -- My Adabuf Beagles
InterneTree: Adabuf Acamar
Merylene (Sailors) Arnold Family Home Page
ancestors of William M Sailors of North GA area and Bessie Gaines Douglas Sailors. On my Mother's side are the ancestors of Thomas Mathews from Oglethorpe County,GA.
William Armbruster/Susan Stromberg
InterneTree: Liz Bach (Bak) William Armbruster/Susan Stromberg: Surname List
The Phiefer(Pfeiffer) Family Home Page
Phiefer(Pfeiffer) family from N.J.Blackwood, Turnersville, Woodbury, Camden.Louis Dilks Phiefer d.o.b. 1848 d.o.d. 2/2/1922 married Mary Adams, son Benjamin T. Phiefer d.o.b. 10/31/1892 d.o.d.2/69married Sylvania Rymer(Reimer) from frankford, P.A. son Benjamin T. Phiefer Jr. d.o.b. 10/16/1913 d.o.d. 2/5/71 in Cherry Hill, N.J. married Dorothy P. Nailor had 7 children. Jesse A. Pfeiffer Alexander d.o.b. 2/8/1881d.o.d. 2/14/1938 in Blackwood, N.J. son Charles J. Alexanderd.o.b. 11/6/1910 d.o.d. 7/18/1976 in Blackwood, N.J.had a pony ranch in this area Arrow Head for many years.
Joshua Deitner's genealogy website.
This page is for the purpose of researching and sharing my family tree and finding others who may have links in and out of my family tree. My simplified ancestry so far researched on my father's side is: August Drude, b:4-18-1872 in Norogradvolinsk, Voline, Russia, m: Pauline Buechler, with children: Harry,b:1902, and Alma,b:1904, d:1982. August and Pauline immigrated from Russia, August from Hamburg, GER port in 1892. Pauline is believed to have died and August remarried to Wilhelmina 'Minnie' Schultz.
My Genealogy Home Page
John H Allyn surname list \r\n
Alexander EASLICK/ESLICK was born in 1797 and married Hannah COLEMAN/COALMAN in 1827.\r\nGeorge W. ALEXANDER 1823-1876 mar. Jane E. MANLEY\r\n
Edward W Mageary & Jessie M Orvis & Family
MAGEARY family from Rochester, New York. \r\nLYNCH family from Lynn, Massachusetts and Halifax, NS, Canada. the ORVIS, CHAPMAN, FULMER, TURK families of New York. \r\nADKINS of Bangor, Maine.\r\n\r\nEdward W Mageary & Jessie M Orvis & Family: Surname List\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n
Deitner, Drude, etc.
My Deitner family website.
The History of the Falor Family.
Contains an extensive look at the development of the Fehler/Falor family starting with Hans Adam Fehler, the original German immigrant in the early 1700's. Large clickable family trees. Includes birth, marriage, death records as well as history and photo?s of key family members.
A concise look at the history of the Falor family
This site contains an extensive look at the development of the Fehler/Falor family starting with Hans Adam Fehler, the original German immigrant who came to Philadelphia via Amsterdam in October 1738. Large clickable family trees. Many images of birth, marriage, death records as well as scraps of history and photo?s of key family members.
Genealogy the family ENDE and HEIDEN
family research in Mecklenburg, Western Pomerania, Saxonia and Saxonia-Anhalt
Ancestry of Jean
Ancestry of Jean (John) Noe who emigrated to New Orleans in 1848 with 3 brothers from Aslace Lorraine Provice of France. His 8 children - Leo, Lawrence, Frederick, Andrew (A. Noe & Pop Co), Emma, Charles, Carrie and Jacob - full lineage to present for JacFalgione, Haber, Noe, Sailor, Schlagel
Deitner, Drude, Nailor
Joshua Deitner's personal genealogy website researching Deitner, Drude, Nailor, and many other names.
Descendants of Henry Lines
Lines family of Franklin and Rush counties of Indiana from the early 1800's on.
Ancestors of Burl Louis Leavell
My intent is to gather all data on all branches of Leavell families to help us all track down our origins. Families already well-documented in books--Hackleman, Tyner--will get shorter shrift.
Traylor Family Links
A one name study of Traylor and associated names in the US sine 1670
The Temple Site
Gedcom file.

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