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Vanessa's Family Webpage
This website is a compilation of family records that I have acquired over the years including census, immigration, cemetery and marriage records as well as our family tree.
Davis, Meeks in Knox Co, KY; Lemons, McMillian in Rhea Co, TN
Lemons & Grimmett Family Lines - Here My family lines, all originating from the areas of Knox Co, KY, Rhea Co, TN, and Greenbriar CO, WV. Major Surnames: Grimmett, Lemons, McMillian, Davis, Meeks
Allegany, Cattaraugus County New York Biographical Sketches
Biographical Sketches From: 'Historical Gazetteer And Biographical Memorial Of Cattaraugus County, NY', Ed By William Adams, Published 1893 - History of the Town of Allegany ? Chapter XVIII (18) Page 430
Staal and Worldwide Connected Families - Website
ITS purpose is to display, gather information and extend the family tree for the benefit of people with the Staal family name and their connected families.
THE Staal & Worldwide Connected Families ? Website, is a unique site with not only lists of names & dates, but origins, priceless family stories, histories, detailed historical facts about our ancestors, lifestyles, the Holocaust, family trees, genealogical reports, kinships, links & family photos all exclusive and not found elsewhere.
THE family trees cover eleven generations of the Staal & their closely connected families.
McLaine- Dankle Family Page
InterneTree: Michele L Beam
My Genealogy Home Page
MELYSSA BEALL surname list
My Genealogy Home Page, The Bear's and McCourts
Book: The Bear- McCourt Family InterneTree: Ellwood T Bear CA
The Beatleys of Brooklyn, NY
The Beatleys of Brooklyn, NY: Surname List
Angela M Beaner of Billings, MT
InterneTree: Descendant Tree of George Pautler Family Group Sheet Report: Report Angela M Beaner of Billings, MT: Surname List
Rumble-Specht Family Tree Baylor-Kanouse Family Tree
James H. Brown Geneology Page
Davis/Underwood Family Tree
Ronald Baxa of Littleton, Colorado
Josef BAXA and Marie HVALA (or CHVALA) 1811 - Pretin (or Preheischen)Bohemia. Their children: 1. Franz, Sr. (b. 1847 - Pretin Bohemia) 2. Jacob 3. Josef 4. Baz (Bolv?) 5. John 6. Anna Franz, Sr and Katarina BARTA (Jan BARTA and Anna ZISKA) Their children: 1. Frank, Jr. (b 1880 - Pilzn, Czech) 2. Alois - (b.1900 - Pilzn, Czech) 3. Anton (Anthony) - had two girls. 4. Anna - (b 1894 - Bohemia) 5. Josef - moved to Germany. Had 2 children, Olga Baxa who married Theo STAHL and had two children, Ludwig and Frieda who married ZVORSKY in Czech and had two boys. 6. John, Sr. - (b 1886, Nurschan, Bohemia) 7. James, Sr. - (b 1888, Bohemia) Franz, Sr is reported to have died in 1042 in Feymourau, France. Katarina in 1923, also in France. Frank, Jr. and Marie KAUER (b. 1874 in Tuschkov, Bohemia of Wenzel (Jim) KAUER and Katherine LEBERZAHN) married in Hamborn-Duisburg, Germany. Their children: 1. Herman (b. 1906 in Hamborn Germany) 2. Ann (Annedle) Peyton (b. 1911 in Hamborn Germany) Frank, Jr. family emigrated to the Ohio in the U.S. in 1912/1913. Herman and Mildred Dale married in Tiffin, OH Their children: 1. Ronald Baxa 2. Virginia Baxa Kyler 3. Larry Baxa I am particularly interested in tracing Alois. He is reported to have emigrated to France, but later returned to The Czech Republic. Their children: 1. Rosa (now living the Czech) 2. Anna, born in 1921 and living in Czech. Anna had three children: 1. Louisette, now living in Czech. 2. Francis, Sr., born in 1948 and lives in Germany. 3. Annie, now living in Germany. Francis, Sr. had two children: 1. Francis, Jr. now living The Czech Republic 2. Marie-France, born in 1976 and who lives in England.
Christian F. Voigt & Carl C. Peters Home Page
Christian Frederick VOIGT and Dorothea Sophia STURM, circa 1790, Alt Werder, Germany. Their son Frederick Wilhelm VOIGT b. 1808 and Karolina Charlotte STURM b. 1813 lived in Gribow on the homestead called Fuchsburg. The next generation shows another Frederick Wilhelm VOIGT married to Fredericka HENKE; Gottlieb A. Voigt married to Fredericka A. STURM in Kolberg, Germany; Karolina and Herman died at age nine and seven, respectively; Otto and Franz VOIGT, came to America in the 1860s and settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Gottlieb's daughter, Anna Voigt LICHTFUSS remained in Germany. Carl Christian PETERS, circa 1870, was a landscape gardener at the estate of the Countess von Molthe(?) in Germany. His wife, Christina RAHN came to America with their three daughters, Sophie Wilhemina, Carolina, and son-in-law, Joachim KLEBNOW. They settled in Milwaukee, Wisconsin in 1854. The Peters' family is from the Mechlenburg area of Germany. The Peters' family is related to the Voigts through the marriages of Ida Luther, first wife to Otto Albert Voigt and Emmy Peters, cousin to Ida and second wife of Otto.
The Batchelor Home Page
Sharon Marie Batchelor surname list
The Megan Elizabeth Batchelder Family Home Page
Megan E Batchelder - InterneTree User Home Page Report: Report
The Steve Bast Family Home Page
Steve Bast surname list
Old Genes - St.Clair County Cousins
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Alexander Baron deWiltz Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Thomas Bondy Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Georg Johaun Ernst Prange Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Patrick Conniff Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Unknown Posey
Barr's & Robinson's
InterneTree: Ancestor Tree of Martha Susan Robinson Barr's & Robinson's: Surname List
The Thomas L. Barcom Family Home Page
Barcom from Wisconsin and Canada, Meier later changed to Meyer from Wisconsin decended from John Meier in Germany, Johnston from the West Monroe, Oswego County New York area and the Sheboygan County Wisconsin area and Zettel from Wisconsin decended from Sebastian Zettel of Germany, the area of Bavaria. The name Barcom stems from the French name Berthiuame and is spelled by some branches as Barcomb, Barcome and several others. Zettel is sometimes spelled Zettl. Sebastian, Maria and their three children settled in Leroy, Wisconsin. Son Joseph later moved to West Bend, Washington, Wisconsin while daughter Maria, Teresa and son Xaver remained in the Leroy area . Joseph's son Albert settled in Baron, Wisconsin while the rest of his children remained in the West Bend area. Johan Meier settled in Washington County Wisconsin and his children settled primarily in the West Bend and Milwaukee, Wisconsin area. I am a direct decendant of son Leopold Wilhelm Meir Sr. The Thomas L. Barcom Family Home Page: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Barbara Achilles Kurt R Bandel surname list
Bandt Caves
InterneTree: Gayle Lynn Bandt Report: Marriage Report Bandt Caves: Surname List
The Fluxgold Family
The Fluxgold Family: Surname List
Balko Family Ancestors
Diane Balko surname list
The Thomas R. Baker Family Home Page
Thomas R. Baker surname list
Baker`s Baked Beans
BAKER, John. - b. abt. 1755 England, Surrey, possibly Great Bookham or Leatherhead. AMEY, Thomas. - b. abt. 1710 England, Surrey, possibly Great Bookham. WORSFOLD, John. - b. abt. 1795 England, possibly Surrey. BECKER, Konrad. - b. abt. 1790 Germany, Hessendorf. BECKER - Alberta, Canada 1920-1940 , BECKER - Ontario, Canada 1850-1920 , KRUG, Balthazar. - b. abt 1810 Germany. ROTHAERMAL, John. - b. abt 1823 Canada West (Ontario), Waterloo Co., Wellesley Twp. EMERY, John. - b. abt 1600 England, Somerset, Ashwick. EMERY - South Australia, Australia 1800-to date , McMURDO - South Australia, Australia. 1800-1878 . Jeffrey Baker - InterneTree Report: Baker's Baked Beans Baker`s Baked Beans: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Mary Bailey
InterneTree: Rachel Baxter (Beixter)
The Painted Post The Theo. G. Bahner Jr. Family Home Page
illegimate son born in Middlemass Scotland late 1600's was given the surname of Middlemiss and immigrated to the Colonies late 1600 or early 1700 , ancestors settled in Lenola ( Maple Shade ) New Jersey. Bahner Family of Erfurt, Germany whose Son Hugo R. Bahner immigrated to the U. S. in the late 1800's. Minarovich and Blasko families of Malzenice, Czechoslovakia.
The Bahn/Fisher Family Home Page
My grandfather was Edwin Albert Bahn and my grandmother was Viola Mae Watts on my father's side. They were both from Missouri. My grandfather was George Joseph Fisher and my grandmother was Helen Mae Heple on my mother's side. They were both from California. My grandfather's family has been in California since 1846. Julian Hanks family which is my great-great grandfather.
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Brislin Genealogy Report: Descendants of Domenico DiFrancesco Genealogy Report: Descendants of Johannes Barth Genealogy Report: Descendants of Reese Genealogy Report: Descendants of Orazio BAHRT FAMILY Johannes Georg Martin Bahrt came to the United States in December 1847 from the small village of Sus (Suess) which is in Hessen, Germany (Formerly the Kingdom of Hessen-Kassel). He settled in Tamaqua, Pennslvannia and was living with the Miller family (1850 census). Martin (namesake), went back to his village several months later and returned in February of 1848 with his brother John Georg. John Georg settled in Hazleton with his wife Rebecca Rueth and their two children George and Maria M. Martin and John Georg's sister, Anna Martha Hess (nee Bahrt) also came to America and settled in Luzerne Co. Martin , probably married the daughter of Christian Miller, Elizabeth, who died young but had one son with Martin named John William. John William married Sophia Elizabeth Kannegiesser, daughter of John and Rachel Kannegiesser of Herigen, Prussia. Areas of decendent migration include: Tamaqua and Hazleton PA, New Jersey, Inyo Co. California, and Buffalo, New York. FAMILY DIFRANCESCO Anna DiFrancesco came to the United States in 1905 with Donato DelNegro,husband of her niece Filomena Checchia. In 1906, Anna married Pasquale Orazio of Buccino, Italy. Anna had been living on 4th Ave in Elizabeth, NJ with her brother Antonio (DeFrance)and Pasquale with his uncle Vincenzo DiLeo (Leo). Anna was the daughter of Felice DiFrancesco and Maria Lugia Berardi (St. Anthony's marriage record states Monaco). Anna was born in the village of Montazzoli, which is in the provence of Chieti, state of Abruzzo. Anna's brothers and sisters include Gennaro and Albina (Checchia) who stayed in Montazzoli, Antonio and Laura Giovina who emmigrated to the United States., Giacinta (married Camillo Baratucci), Mariangiola, and Guiseppe. There may have been more, and supposidly one when to either Argentina or Sao Paolo, Brazil. Nobody remembers who or their name. REESE FAMILY Mariam Reese was born in 1860 in Wales and settled in Audenried, Pennsylvania (Yorktown)about 1883. She married George Price and they had several children, only 4 daughters survived to adulthood: Charlotte (Roberts), Mariah (Smith), Mary Ann (Bahrt), and Susan. Mariam died in 1909, and listed in her obituary were brothers Thomas and Benjamin Reese. One brother lived in Hocking Valley, Ohio, the other in Audenreid. Nobody knows who their decendents are or of their parents. Mariam and George Price are buried in the Jeansville Methodist Cemtery. BRISLIN FAMILY Neil Brislin came to the United States as a child with several brothers and sisters from Ireland and settled in Mauch Chunk, Pennsylvania (Carbon County). He had a brother named James Brislin (1880 Census), and married his wife Jane (Anne)Boyle around 1860. Jane had one known brother, Michael, who lived in McAdoo, PA. Neil and Jane had several children, only 3 lived to adulthood: Hugh, James, and Catherine. Later in life son Hugh changed his surname to Breslin. For the majority of their lives they lived in Jeddo, Middletown, Pennsyvlania, and are buried at St. Anns Cemetery in Freeland, PA. MOONEY FAMILY John Mooney was from the village of Lougherherk, Ireland which is in the Union of Glenties, Co. Donegal (Parish Glencoulmkille). John married Anne Boyle from the village of Owenteskinney (Owenteskna) which is in the Union of Glenties, Co. Donegal. John was barely 17 years old when he married his bride who was much older than him. They married at the Chapel of Ardara in Donegal, Ireland on November 24th, 1874. They emmigrated to the United States in 1875 and settled in Eckley, Luzerne Co. Pennsylvania. John's parents were Hugh Mooney, and Madge Carr who stayed in Ireland with John's siblings Hugh and Mary. One of his sisters, Anne, came to the United States and married John Campbell and settled in Drifton, Pennsylvania. Anne's parents were William Boyle and Anne Harvey. Supposidly she had several brothers who were teachers in the area of Owenteskna.
The Edward C. Badger Family of Hudson, New Hampshire
InterneTree: Ancestors of Edward Charles Badger, Jr The Edward C. Badger Family of Hudson, New Hampshire: Surname List
Donna Hoskins Backus, Family historian
BACKUS/BACKHAUS family were Lutherans they came from somewhere in Pommern, Prussia @ 1890's to Akron, Ohio and by the 1930's and 1940's some had moved on to California. The RAHN and SEIDEL families came from Germany or Prussia @ 1880's to the New York/New Jersery (city)area with at least one moving on to Los Angeles @ 1900-1910. Donna Delores Backus - InterneTree Donna Hoskins Family Tree
Bachs of Nebraska United States
My grandparents on both sides of my family were imigrants from Germany before marriage. My maternal grandparents were settlers to nebraska with their families. My paternal grandparents families settled here after marriage (I believe). Grandfather Bach's father's name I believe to be Edwin or Edward. Edwin was born in Germany in the black forrest region. The mother was reported to be Pennsylviana Dutch which is German. My Grandmother Bach's maiden name is McAdams. She was adopted by her aunt when she was little. Both of her parents were killed in an auto accident in Missouri I believe. The maternal grandparents were from Germany. Grandfather's name was Robert Haushahn and Grandmother's name is Doris Ramer. Annette M Bach - InterneTree
Turnmire Home
Book: Turnmire Family InterneTree: Connie Nicole Austin
InterneTree: Ada Hazel Wead Austin
Qui Habet Aures Audienti, AUDIAT! Matthews 11-12
All-in-One Tree of Ole Pedersen Qui Habet Aures Audienti, AUDIAT! Matthews 11-12: Surname List
Atwood Branan Couch Mahan Sapp Stringfield Family Genealogy
InterneTree: All-in-One Tree of Loren James Floyd Atwood Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Loderick Hudson Stringfield Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Uriah Hamilton Brannan Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Thomas Attwood Atwood Branan Couch Mahan Sapp Stringfield Family Genealogy: Surname List
The Mastrangelo Family Homepage
From Connecticut, California, and New Jersey: Atkinson From Pennsylvania and Italy: Mastrangelo, Cortellessa (*Or Cortella*). From Pennsylvania: Taylor, Seiter, Pechin, Porter, Gillmore, Schaffer, Hanes (*or Haines*), Hahn, Webster, Fisher, Enley (*Or Henley*), Werron, Kelly, Smith, Stuhlsytz, Goettner, Neely, Harley, Walter, Hain (*or Hein*), From Montbeliard, France: Pechin, From Washington County, Iowa: Pechin From Brooklyn, New York: Hain (*or Hein*), Weigand From Syracuse, New York: Pechin From Oswago, New York: Bastian From Atlanta, Georgia: Bonshee From Merchantville, New Jersey: Porter From Camden County, New Jersey: Porter From California: Lewis From Santandar, Spain: Gutierrez From Spain: Menna, Linares, Colechar
Atchison-Beecher; New England to Ohio
Atchison-Beecher; New England to Ohio: Surname List

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