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Jayne Beaumont's Family Tree (Lancashire, England)
InterneTree: Jayne A Beaumont
Al-Haj Family Tree
I was born in Terat Haifa (10/04/1940)for the Father Rashid Saleh El-Haj and mother Latifa yousef Al-zaben.The first known Grand Father to us is Ahmed El-Haj. \r\nAHMAD Al-HAJ: has sons Abdullah ,\r\nABDULLAH AHMED: has Ahmead, Khalid, Mohamed and two daughters Shamsa and Hamda Al-Haj.\r\nKHALID ABDULLAH: has a son Ramzi and one daughter Aysha.\r\nAHMAD ABULLAH : has Mustafa, Fatima, and Mariam\r\nMUSTAFA AHMAD :has Saleh, Ibrahim , Yosef and Hamameh\r\nSALEH MUSTAFA:( Aqela Aliter, wife) has Rashid, Younis and Fatima\r\nIBRAHIM MUSTAFA: (Shamseh,Al-Haj, Ayesha Qubaia, Maiam \r\nSadel Dean Wifes) has Ata, Hassam, \r\nMahmoud, Sobhia Bahja,Asmaa and Hayatt \r\nYOUSEF MUSTAFA :(Ameneh Amoura wife) has Mustafa and Fatima.\r\nRASHID SALEH MUSTAFA:( Latifa Al-Zaben) has Badri, Amenah, \r\nNazmeiah, Romia, Izeyah and Abllah\r\nBADRI RASID SALEH :Montreal-Canada (Miassar Atta Mustafa) has \r\nRashid , Mohamed, Issam, Mona ,manal and Hadeel. \r\nYOUNIS SALEH MUSTAFA: Baghdad-Iraq( Sobhia BAKIR) has Jihad, \r\nSaleh Amin Reziq and Wedad\r\nJIHAD YOUNIS SALEH :(Danmark) has Sadam and Saleh\r\nSALEH YOUNIS Saleh: has Jihad \r\nAMIN SALEH: has Omar and Mohamed\r\nRIZEQ YOUNIS : has Tareq, Younis and Shayma\r\nATTA IBRAHIM Mustafa:Saida-Lebanon(SaddBadri Rashid Al-Haj
Miyanji Khalid Ahmed of Bangalore
Miyanji K Ahmed - InterneTree
Char's Kentucky Ancestors and beyond
InterneTree: Charlotte Ahmed ak\r\n
InterneTree: Charlotte Ahmed\r\n

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