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Searching for connection of McGregor to Agor
The Robert Baller Home Page
Henry (or Heinrich) Baller was born in Pommern Prussia in 1863. He married Ottilie Schorsch who was born and lived in Malwitz, a small town near Sprottau (now Szprotawa) in Silesia, Prussia. They emigrated to North America in approximately 1894 . Their entry point was Halifax Nova Scotia and then to Detroit. They settled in South Dakota and eventually made their way to St. Paul Minnesota. Henrys parents remained in Prussia. Their names were August and Augustine (nee Bunde) Baller. August and Augustine were born in 1840 and 1838 and had 7 children including Henry: Herman, Emilie, Anna, Alwine, Franz and Otto. Herman emigrated to Milwaukee Wisconsin and also lived in Oshkosh. Emilie remained in Prussia and married a man named Schindler. (They had 3 children: Gertrude, Martha and Paul). Anna remained in Prussia and married a man named Johannes Plack. I have no information on Alwine. Franz may have emigrated to South America. Otto appears to have remained in Germany, marrying a woman by the name of Anne Koch. They had several children. Otto died at the age of 32. I would be very interested in hearing from any descendants of August and Augustine. Zagorski family Surname. Of Polish ancestry, Michael John Zagorski and Justina Balbina Jagodzinska emigrated to the US in 1887. They also settled in St. Paul, Minnesota Nowalany family surname. Klemens Nowalany and Johanna Mleko emigrated from Czechoslovakia/Austria to the US (Duluth, Minnesota) in December of 1905. Klemens father, Valenty Nowalany was the Marshall of Bugaj in Czechoslovakia. Valenty was married to a woman by the surname of Stryczynska. The Baller-Garski-Kieffer-Nawalany etc Family Tree
The NILES/McCALIP /McCALEB Family Home Page
NILES, WING (MA VT IA WY) Sisters Ellen & Josephine Wing married two Niles brothers, Avery and Smythe Harry in Vermont. BENNETT, HEATH, CREAGOR/KRUGER (England/Germany/Holland PA OH IA WY) McCALIP/McCALEB (TN AR OK)- Especially the line of Hansel and Louisa, who settled in Scott Co., Arkansas. I would be overjoyed to find the illusive son, William, who fled, leaving wife Polly with three children (@ 1882?) What happened to the remaining family? LONG, PRICE (AR OK) - Married McCaleb women. WILLIAMS, HANBY (MO AR OK) Their daughter Ollie Arzella Williams married John Wesley McCalip in 1905. WALTER (MO AR OK) Polly Ann Walter who married William McCalip as a teenager. There are rumors that she was part Indian. Was this her real name? BLANKENSHIP (IL AR OK) Polly remarried to a Gilbert Blankenship (Mid-1880s), and her daughter Elizabeth (Lizzie) also married a Blankenship although briefly. DEAN (AR OK) Elizabeth (Lizzie) married Tom Dean @ 1900 in Locust Grove, OK and bore Martha and Joe. (1903 & 1908)
My Genealogy Home Page
William W Ascol surname list
The Ascol/Eiland & Dunshie/Poole Family Tree
InterneTree: Ancestors of William Charles Dunshie Report: Birthday Report The Ascol/Eiland & Dunshie/Poole Family Tree: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
InterneTree: Felisha R Anderson Report: Parent Report Report: Birthday Report Report: Kinship of Andrew Jackson Ligons
The Agoritsas Family Home Page
My father's name is Agoritsas.My mother's maiden name is Pervanas.My maternal grandmother's name is Juris.Most of the members are living in the Northeast area of the United States, northern part of Greece, and others in Australia and Switzerland.
Reuben Magor of Moonta
Bernadette B Affleck's surname list

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