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Origin of Agle

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Origin of Agle, Meaning of Agle

Origin: The name Nagle is from Germany and it means nail maker; the Nagle's were nail makers or smiths in Germany. the name is also spelled Nagel or Nail or Noogle or Naugle.
Surnames: Nagel, Nagle, Nail, Naugle
Submitted by: Treva 'Naugle' Jones
Origin of Agle, Meaning of Agle

Origin: Looking for Joseph and Susan:children are William(b.1856,d.1938), Belle, Sally, Isaiah(sp), and Harry. They were Penn. Dutch descent, worked as caretakers on a rich estate.
Surnames: Huffnagle
Submitted by: Annette Huffnagle
Origin of Agle, Meaning of Agle

Origin: Vernon and Gordon Ragle either in Cincinnati,OH or Somerset,KY
Surnames: Ragle
Submitted by: Joyce Sulfridge
Origin of Agle, Meaning of Agle

Origin: John Neagle living in Hoxton, Shoreditch, London, UK. Had 5 children,Beatrice, Lucy, Lil, Emily Clara and John.
Surnames: Neagle
Submitted by: Mark Dennis
Origin of Agle, Meaning of Agle

Origin: The surname Dalgleish comes from a placename in the Southern Uplands of Scotland. The placename is in a P-Celtic language which is often described as Proto-Welsh or Cumbric. The language had been supplanted by Old English by AD 800 and was certainly dead in the region by the time the Viking Kingdom of York replaced the Saxon realms of Northumbria. The place-name is often translated as meaning "green field". What must be remembered, however, is that the period when it became necessary to have surnames - and thus when the people living there became identified by this place-name, was a long time after the language was dead. The fact that the place-name is at least 1,100 years old reveals nothing about those people who became known by the name. Never-the-less, the name was last recorded as a field name and there is no record of there ever being any substantial settlement there - so it is likely that whoever lived there were farmers or farm labourers and it is remarkable how quickly and how far the name has spread over the past four hundred years.
Surnames: Dalgleish, Dalgliesh, Dagleish, Dalgeish, Dolgleish
Submitted by:
Origin of Agle, Meaning of Agle

Origin: Sagel came from the names Zagel and Zachel. IN Gemany that was the old world for the Germanic tribe of the Saxos in Eastern Germany. You can find all those informations at Martin Sagel excellent family research website at www.sagel.de
Surnames: Sagel, Sachel, Zagel, Zachel, Sagle, Saguel, Sagell, Saggel
Submitted by: Martin Sagel

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