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Ancestry of Rosa Genetta Swain Ball
Ancestry of Rosa Genetta Swain wife of George Matt Ball of Whitley and McCreary Counties, Kentucky.
Jan's Ancestors
This site is designed to share my Kelley and Colyer family from western Pennsylvania and to connect with others researching the same family lines.
Rury Homepage
Tracing all Rury variations everywhere. Extensive Sultemeier, Bonjour and Cloudt trees also.
PAGEL One-Name Study
One-Name collection site for all occurances worldwide of the surname PAGEL and its variations. Includes extracts from the 1905 Wisconsin state census index, Milwaukee city directories, Chicago death index, information on books published by and about PAGELsPachel, Paffel, Pagals, Pagee, Pagell, Pagelow, Pagels, Pagil, Pagle, Pagles, Paglow, Paugel, Pego, Pekel
Newton County, Arkansas Families
Over 700 surnames of Newton County, Arkansas
(Richard's Genealogy) Walbridge
Descendants of James Walbridge of Chautauqua, NY and Cedar, IA.
Cagle - Stem Families
Family Tree of the Family of Thomas A. Cagle.
Bonnie (Gallagher) Gilson Home Page
Site contains GEDCOM data, old family photos and documents
E162 Database includes over 5000 people using all variations of EVERSOLE / EBERSOLE surname. Periodic E162 Newsletter.
Staal and Worldwide Connected Families - Website
ITS purpose is to display, gather information and extend the family tree for the benefit of people with the Staal family name and their connected families.
THE Staal & Worldwide Connected Families ? Website, is a unique site with not only lists of names & dates, but origins, priceless family stories, histories, detailed historical facts about our ancestors, lifestyles, the Holocaust, family trees, genealogical reports, kinships, links & family photos all exclusive and not found elsewhere.
THE family trees cover eleven generations of the Staal & their closely connected families.
My Genealogy Home Page
Richard and Patricia Beach surname list
Pedigree of William Ashton Beagle and Jeb Liner Beagle
Pedigree of W. Ashton Beagle and Jeb Liner Beagle
The Marvin S. Beasleys of Goodyear, AZ
InterneTree: Marvin S Beasley The Marvin S. Beasleys of Goodyear, AZ: Surname List
HUFFMASTER -William (Ruth's father) -Ruth (6/11/1857-6/4/1914) Owaneco,IL Christian Co. UNDERWOOD -Achsa (Ruth's mother) BEATY -James Francis (9/14/1850-7/15/1926)Owaneco,IL Christian Co. -Haley Eugene (1/14/1877-12/6/1962) Owaneco,IL -William Luther (9/16/1878-12/6/1943) Owaneco, IL -Ivy (Iona) (10/19/1884-7/4/1941) Owaneco,IL SPEAGLE -Bertha A. (2/20/1879-11/5/1950) Owaneco,IL -Clara Ellen (12/28/1880-6/22/1959) On the CHESTERMAN side: MAY -Nancy Ann This is a hard one. She was a girl 10-12 yrs. old during Revolutionary War and possibly a decendant of a Mayflower family. On Dec. 31, 1799 she married Samuel Cowgill and had 4 boys. Samuel died in 1801(or 7) and Nancy married John Worley Chesterman Feb. 9, 1809. They had 7 children, Rachel,Abraham,Jemima,Elijah, Rebecca, and Jonathan. NANCY ANN MAY. CHESTERMAN -John Worley DAPPERT -Anna Margaret She came from Germany a few years before she married Elijah Smith Chesterman on Nov. 1, 1840 in Canal Dover, Ohio. They had 9 children, Jemima, John Henry, Charles Worley, Anna, James May, Marrard,Caroline, and Oliver K. STAHL -Louisa M. (4/3/1866-10/8/1958) I am very interested in her. She married Oliver K. Chesterman on Jan. 10, 1894 in Spencer, Indiana. I think she might have come from Germany. She and Oliver had 6 children, 4 girls and 2 boys, Maude Viola, Grace Elaine, John Dewey, Omar Kenneth, Anna Marie, and Edith May who was a Downs Syndrome.
The John Michael Beamers of Adams County, PA
Book: John Michael Beamer The John Michael Beamers of Adams County, PA: Surname List
The Families of Cagle-Creekmore-Beard-Ivy
Betty J Beard surname list
The Jack Beard Family Home Page
BEARD and EAGLE names from Iredell or Rowan Co., NC. Greatgrand parents Thomas M. Beard & Jane Eagle (6/1848-5/1923)..Had three children.Henry C. Beard (1872-1942 Iredell Co.) is my grandfather...Albert Beard, and Mollie Beard...Think that A.P. Beard, born in 1810, is the father of our Thomas M. Beard.
The Descendents of Reuben Bayless and more!
The Descendents of Reuben Bayless and more!: Surname List
My Genealogy Home Page
George Frederick Baylor surname list
The Ralph John McAdams Home Page
Ralph John Henry McAdams is descended from the McAdams line, beginning with James McAdams and Rebecca Hill from Orange Co. N.C. Ralph J. McAdams was born September 25, 1911 in Roosevelt, Kiowa Co.,Oklahoma and died August 23,1975 in Amarillo, Potter Co., Texas. He served in France and Germany in WWII and was a Fireman in Amarillo until his retirement in 1960. He first married Sylvia Marie Edney, Jan. 26, 1938 and had two daughters, Thelma McAdams and Bobbie Jo McAdams, then,second, married Tula Marie Holland. His parents were, Charles Albert McAdams and Virginia Evangeline (Bledsoe)McAdams. Charles was born in Caddo Mills,Hunt Co.,Tx.where he met and married Virginia, who originated from Fairview,Scott Co.,Va.on Dec.11, 1905. Charles McAdams parents were James Monroe McAdams and Cynthia Minerva (Kimes)McAdams who moved to Hunt Co. Tx. from Linclon Co. Tn. in 1876. James McAdams parents were William and Jane McAdams from Lincoln and Marshall Co.s Tn. William McAdams parents were Hugh McAdams and Maria (Bagley)McAdams from Marshall Co. Tn. Hugh McAdams parents were Joseph McAdams and Margaret (Whitsett)McAdams from Orange Co. N.C and Marshall Co. Tn. and Joseph McAdams parents were James McAdams and Rebecca (Hill)McAdams from Orange Co. N.C.
The Thomas Baustert Home Page
Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Johann Baustert User Home Page Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Heinrich Hartmann Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Peter Baustert My Baustert ancestors came to this country (from Luxembourg) around 1890. They settled in Pa., Mi., and Ok. My paternal great grandparents are Matthias Baustert and Elizabeth Engle, and Jacob Schmidt and Elizabeth Heintz. My paternal grandparents were Nicholas John Baustert and Anna Schmidt. My maternal grandparents are Albert Edward Hartman and Effie Belle Goldinger. My wife is RoseMary Basista. Her paternal great grandparents were Michael Basista and Anna Kertis, and Michael Margitan and Anna Morgan. Her paternal grandparents were Michael Basista and Mary Margitan. Her maternal great grandparents were Matthew Kelcha (aka Zalobin) and Suzanne Olaxsovich, and Michael Fencik and Anna. Her maternal grandparents were Joseph Zalobin and Anna Fencik. They were from Czechoslovakia. The Thomas Baustert Home Page: Surname List
The Elusive Baumgardner/Millslagle's of PA, IN,OH, IA,CO, OR
Sharon L Baumgardnerfrey - InterneTree Jacob Baumgardner. I am the Great Great Grandaughter of Jacob, Great Granddaughter of his son Caleb born 1857, IA, Great Great Granddaughter of Eliza, born, 1847 place unknown, died 1876, Eldora Ia. Jacob had sons, Moses, Nathan,Timothy,Caleb and possibly others unknown. Caleb had a son, Claude C Baumgardner, my Grandfather, My father was Robert Lee Baumgardner born, 1908, died 1951.
Ellinger and Hooker Family in Ind
Penny S Bauer surname list
My Genealogy Home Page
nancy baughman surname list
Book: THE BAUGHMAN FAMILY InterneTree: John F Baughman THE BAUGHMAN FAMILY TREE: Surname List
Bates and Conner Families Home Page
Genealogy Report: Descendants of Simpson Dyer Bates Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Floyd Conner Bates and Conner Families Home Page: Surname List
Decendants of George Baseden/Basden family
User Home Page Report: Marriage Report User Home Page Genealogy Report: Descendants of George Baseden User Home Page Genealogy Report: Descendants of James Etherton
The Basil(Boesl), Donahue, Leid, McCann Family Tree Page.
Report: George Leid - Living Descendants as of 04-10-03 (View PDF) Report: Michael J Donahue - Living Descendants as of 04-10-03 (View PDF) Report: John Boesl II - Living Descendants as of 04-10-03 (View PDF) Report: George McCann - Living Descendants as of 04-10-03 (View PDF) The Basil(Boesl), Donahue, Leid, McCann Family Tree Page.: Surname List
The Banks/Mayer Family of PA
InterneTree: Ancestors of Margaret Jane Banks The Banks/Mayer Family of PA: Surname List
Bandt Caves
InterneTree: Gayle Lynn Bandt Report: Marriage Report Bandt Caves: Surname List
The Carmichaels of Minnesota
The Carmichaels of Minnesota: Surname List Our David is the second youngest son of David CARMICHAEL and Margaret [McLEAN] CARMICHAEL of Elmsville (aka: St. Patrick's Parrish, Digdeguash) of Charlotte County, New Brunswick, Canada. David's grandparents are: Parental - Dugald CARMICHAEL and Jannet [CRAIG] CARMICHAEL Maternal - Murdoch McLEAN and Susannah [DODWELL] McLEAN. David left New Brunswick to emigrate to the St. Croix Valley area of Minnesota, USA sometime during the early 1850s - just following the death of his father. His mother would soon remarry and move from New Brunswick to the state of Maine and many of his siblings were married and starting families. The Minnesota Territory had become well known as place to be for greater opportunity and prosperity then any of the other territories. Minnesota had built a tremendous excitement to those who want the American Dream. David's travels to Minnesota are still speculation, but we believe his younger brother, Daniel, followed him. David's Minnesota venture may have been initailized through plans of his Minnesota bound McLEAN cousins who have been identified through various Minnesota census records having settled in Anoka and Washington Counties. Following David's arrival in Minnesota, he soon became a major contributor to the growing lumber industry in the Washington and St. Croix County areas around the communities of Bayport and Stillwater, Minnesota and also that of St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. David married Rebecca Harmon COX, daughter of Melinda [HADLEY] COX and Joseph COX of Indiana. Rebecca's mother was widowed very young and had been very well provided for, as a widow. At this time, we do not know what had motivated Melinda [HADLEY] COX to leave Indiana with her two small children which brought her to the Stillwater area, but once she arrived she became the owner of a thriving mill located in nearby Bayport. Melinda [HADLEY] COX re-married to a man named A. ? SECREST who was widowed as well and had two daughters of his own. Melinda died 12 years later, leaving Rebecca to care for her step-father, two half sisters and brother; and left her wealth to her husband. It is believed that SECREST made arrangements with one of his largest and loyal logging customer's, (you guessed it! - David CARMICHAEL), for Rebecca's hand in marriage, who was then 15 years of age. But! The Civil War would soon erupt and David would be one of the very first enlisting volunteers and was soon off to defend liberty and freedom as he understood it to be. David's grandfather, Dugald CARMICHAEL had been a Revolutionary War British soldier nearly 70 years prior, so with that memory, David went to battle fearlessly; proud to be the first of his lineage to fight and defend freedom. Yes, David's grandfather fought as a Loyalist for His Majesty's Umpirical Army during the American Revolutionary War, but only by persuasion not by intent; as his grandfather's only intent upon arriving in the New World, was to find wealth (for his family at home in Scotland) but soon after his arrival he was taunted (as many were) to join the British cause. Many recruits were told of only a short duration being involved and were promised land in the New World in exchange for their loyalties - of course, the land could only be given IF the Brits won the War and we all know how that turned out!
Bales - Ballard Family History
Robert E. Bales, Sr. surname list
The Lineage of Richard Bryan Ballard
The Lineage of Richard Bryan Ballard: Surname List
The Balfour, Clark Clan
My Balfour Line: Kenneth Scott Balfour m. Francis Dawn Clark. William Scott Balfour m. 1st W. Ada May Williams 2nd W. Daisy Williams. John Balfour m. Isabella Scott. Thomas Balfour m. Anne Rodger. John Balfour m. Mary Gosman. William Balfour m. Alison Mitchell. John Balfour m. Jean Wilson. Thomas Balfour m. Helen Bowman. George Balbirnie Balfour m. Agnes Lumsdain. George Balfour m. Janet Lathangie. David Balfour m. Margaret Scott. My Clark Line: Walter Ferris Clark m. Doris Vasey. Arthur Clark m. Sophia Francis Blanckenhagen. Julie A Balfour - InterneTree
The Balej's (Baley) of Austria Bohemia
The Balej's (Baley) of Austria Bohemia: Surname List
Michelle (Whisenant) & Robert Baker's Family History
Michelle & Robert Baker surname list
The Kirk Baker Family Home Page
Baker Family of Gaspe Quebec.The First Baker to settle in Gaspe is believed to be Samuel Baker.He was a Loyalist from New York who moved to St.Nicholas Quebec in 1783 and was living in Gaspe in 1793.

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