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Trisha Lepird
Description: Daughter of Charles and Patricia (Graham ) Daggett
Grandaughter of Lloydd and Alice Daggett

Surnames: Daggett

Mary Tackitt
Description: Primary interest is in descendents of
Emberson Milum Tackitt (aka Marion, Ambrose, and Tagget) - born AR death AZ
and William Henry Tackitt - born in AR death MO

Surnames: Tackitt, Tackett, Tagget, Miller, Tacquett

Debbie McMinn
Description: Abraham Baggett b. 1783 d. after 1850 in Clarksville TN. son of James Baggett b. 1756 of Anson Co. N. C.

Surnames: Baggett, Biter, Davis, Underwood

Essie Raggett Milligan
Description: Researching Arthur Henry Raggett, Almede Jane Wise Sparks & her step father John Allen, her mother Martha Elizabeth Wright??, Crawford Wright

Surnames: Raggett, Bryant, Jackson, Bearden, Sauls, Trail, Fryer, Hendrix, Morgan, Balfour, Ingle, Winn, West, Langston, Dillard, Barnett, Reid, Wilkins, Sparks, Hawkins, Tolleson, Tatum, Wright, Crow, McLain

Terry Robertson
Description: Georgia in 1700s; Mississippi in the 1800s and Texas in the 1900s

Surnames: Robertson, Ragan, Jones, Battle, Stackhouse, Baggett, McDonald

Patricia Ann Taggett
Description: The descendents of William Taggett born 1791 and Matilda Augusta Thompson from Cornwall and Devon, England, and their descendents in Australia.

Surnames: Tagget, Taggett, Hicks, Mathews, Price, Skilton, Presnell, Spiller, Moon, McCracken, Johnston, Ford, Burnell, Glover, Garrard, to name a few.

Sara Binkley Tarpley
Description: Researching all of the Tennessee Binkleys and their descendants wherever located and related families

Surnames: Binkley, Werle, Neuvillers, Frey, Leedy, Shackleford, Wilson, Gentry, Butner, Bailey, Spradlin, Jolly, Tarpley, Skelton, Baggett, Allen, Kirkpatrick and others

Brian Phelps
Description: Research into the Phelps family history of England, including the genealogy of descendants of William Phelps and his brother, George Phelps, from Crewkerne, who settled in Massachusetts in the early 1630-1635. Over 16,000 names in the complete database.

Surnames: Phelps, Bremser, Claggett, Root, Loveland, Diuguid, Clagett, Sanford, Backhaus, Tolman, Plantagenet, Chew, Stewart, Griswold, Call, King, Smith, Holbrook, Clopton, Adams, Spencer, Thompson, Magruder, Pearce, Tolman

Fran Hollis Powles
Description: searching Ulster, Nth Ireland, also Wales UK ,Sidney AUSTRALIA.
Please make contact if these names are familiar to you.

Surnames: Purchase Haggett's-Hollis-Mghee.

Description: Robert born in Bethnal Green abt 1855--60

Surnames: Waggett

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