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Origin of Agan

Total Records: 8 
Origin of Agan, Meaning of Agan

Origin: The name is is traced to George Lygon Father of Sir Richard Lygon of England and means 'wolf-shaft spear'.
Surnames: Leagan, Leagans, Legans, Liggins, Liggons, Ligon, Lygon
Submitted by: Mrs. Jim R. Legans
Origin of Agan, Meaning of Agan

Origin: Michelle Callene Dagan b. 10/10/66 sister Marsha Louise Dagan b 10/17/68 brothers Philip John Dagan b 2/28/70 Daniel Earl Dagan b. 6/1/71 Parents Robert Arnold Dagan and Patricia Collene Dagan from OHio area
Surnames: Dagan
Submitted by: Michelle Dagan
Origin of Agan, Meaning of Agan

Origin: doese anyone know of the whereabouts of karin cousins nee lewandowsky married james cousins in dortmund germany 1963 he was in the 47 guided weopons regt royal artillery
Surnames: fagan
Submitted by: chris
Origin of Agan, Meaning of Agan

Origin: I?d like information about Paganucci because I?m making my family tree. Thanks.
Surnames: Paganucci
Submitted by: Rogerio Paganucci
Origin of Agan, Meaning of Agan

Origin: looking for my fathers mothers people
Surnames: Lagan
Submitted by: bramar
Origin of Agan, Meaning of Agan

Origin: From Eigin, force, violence; hence, strong-handed, active. The name may be local, and named from Agen, a town in Guienne, France; also Agen, Welsh, local, a cleft.
Surnames: Agan, Egan
Submitted by:
Origin of Agan, Meaning of Agan

Origin: The surname "Regan" is from O'Reagian in Ireland, and can also be found in Germany. In German, in means, 'To Concur".
Surnames: Regan, O'Reagian, Reagan, Ragan
Submitted by: Katie
Origin of Agan, Meaning of Agan

Origin: Another variant is "Reagan"
Surnames: Rea, Reagan
Submitted by: William Rea

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