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James Addair, born abt. 1750 and died abt. 6/13/1823 in Montgomery Co., VA\r\n\r\nHe married:\r\n\r\n1st wife: Annis Harbison abt 1767. \r\nTheir children were: \r\nJames born 1768 died 3/24/1845 in Pulaski Co., VA\r\nJane born 1770 died 2.10/1835 in Jackson Co. AL\r\nThomas born 1775 died abt 1840 in Tennessee\r\n\r\n2nd wife: Unknown abt 1780\r\nTheir children were:\r\nElizabeth died bef. 1846\r\nSarah died bef. 1846\r\nJohn died bef. 1846\r\nWilliam died bef. 1846\r\nMary died bef. 1846\r\nSusanne born 1789 in Montgomery Co., VA died 10/2/1865 in Pulaski Co., VA.\r\n\r\n3rd wife: Martitia (letitia) Page on 9/2/1810 in Montgomery Co., VA (No Children)\r\n\r\nJames and Unknown wife's son JOHN\r\nHe married: Unknown\r\nTheir children:\r\nSamuel (married Nancy Hensley 7/7/1836 in Lawrence Co., KY)\r\nJohn (married Swendy Kirk 3/19/1839 in Lawrence Co., KY)\r\nWilliam\r\nMoses\r\nThomas\r\nJames \r\nNancy\r\nPhoebe\r\n\r\n\r\nJohn and his unknown wife's son MOSES\r\nBorn 1834 in Floyd Co., KY\r\nDied 1898 in McDowell Co., WV\r\n\r\nHe married:\r\n\r\n1st wife: Susie Florance, in Virginia\r\nTheir children:\r\nThomas Addair Sr., William A., John, Samuel, Lottie, Noah\r\n\r\n2nd wife: Susanna Mullins on May 6, 1857 in Tazwell Co., VA\r\nTheKenneth Lee Addair

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