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Descendants of John Henry Butler are as follows: Generation No. 1 JOHN HENRY BUTLER. He married MARY LIZZY LATHISAW. Children of JOHN BUTLER and MARY LATHISAW are: i. CLARENCE EDWARD BUTLER. ii. CHARLOTTE BUTLER. iii. NELLIE BUTLER. iv. CHARLOTTE BUTLER. v. MAGGIE BUTLER. vi. ANDREW BUTLER. vii. ISIAH BUTLER. viii. GEORGE BUTLER. Generation No. 2 CLARENCE EDWARD BUTLER. He married MARY AGNES SHORTER. Children of CLARENCE BUTLER and MARY SHORTER are: i. PHILLIP BUTLER, m. TINA JEFFRIES. ii. ANNA BUTLER. iii. AGNES BUTLER. iv. JOHN BUTLER. v. JOE BUTLER. vi. CLARENCE EUGENE BUTLER, b. January 20, 1913; d. July 16, 1985. Generation No. 3 ANNA BUTLER. She married JAMES HAGER. Children of ANNA BUTLER and JAMES HAGER are: i. SARAH TERESA HAGER. ii. NANCY VALERIA HAGER. iii. AGNES HAGER. AGNES BUTLER. She married JOSEPH WORTHINGTON. Child of AGNES BUTLER and JOSEPH WORTHINGTON is: i. MARY ELIZABETH WORTHINGTON, b. September 01, 1924. JOHN BUTLER. He married LILLIAN MITCHELL. Children of JOHN BUTLER and LILLIAN MITCHELL are: i. JOHN JACOB BUTLER. ii. RUTH BUTLER. JOE BUTLER. He married MARY BUTLER. Child of JOE BUTLER and MARY BUTLER is: i. ELSIE BUTLER. CLARENCE EUGENE BUTLER was born January 20, 19131,2, and died July 16, 1985. He married GWENDOLYN BROWN December 26, 1931, daughter of OLIVER BROWN and ELIZABETH WILLINGTON. Children of CLARENCE BUTLER and GWENDOLYN BROWN are: i. MARION DELORES BUTLER, b. June 10, 1932. ii. JEAN HORTENSE BUTLER, b. August 13, 1934. iii. CLARENCE EUGENE BUTLER, b. December 06, 1937; d. April 15, 1983. Generation No. 4 MARY ELIZABETH WORTHINGTON was born September 01, 1924. She married JOSEPH BAILEY. Children of MARY WORTHINGTON and JOSEPH BAILEY are: i. JOSEPH BAILEY, b. December 21, 1942; m. (1) CAROLYN ADAMORE; m. (2) CYNTHIA BAUMGARDNER. ii. CAROYLN BAILEY, b. July 07, 1944; m. WILLIAM BROWN. iii. ROBERT BAILEY, b. February 06, 1946; m. JOANN MORGAN. iv. AGNES BAILEY, b. April 02, 1948. v. GENEVA BAILEY, b. April 14, 1949; m. STANLEY BOYD. vi. ROLAND BAILEY, b. July 06, 1951; m. (1) ESTHER FORD FRANCESKA; m. (2) ROBIN RICHARDS. vii. JOHN BAILEY, b. May 29, 1953; m. KATHY ANDERSON. viii. ROSANNA BAILEY, b. July 01, 1958. MARION DELORES BUTLER was born June 10, 1932. She met (1) CHARLES WEBSTER BALTON, son of WILLIAM BALTON and GERTRUDE MCCURDY. She married (2) VINCENT VAN ALLEN. Child of MARION BUTLER and CHARLES BALTON is: i. CHARLES BALTON (Ibo Kwakou Balton), b. December 22, 1954, Washington D.C.. JEAN HORTENSE BUTLER was born August 13, 1934. She married LEO MAURICE ACORS. Children of JEAN BUTLER and LEO ACORS are: i. ADELE MARIE ACORS, b. February 15, 1956; m. ART STANLEY JOHNSON. ii. MAURICE PAUL ACORS, b. January 30, 1957; m. (1) KAY COOPER; m. (2) VALERIE HOLMES. iii. CHERYL CECILIA ACORS, b. June 28, 1960; m. DAVID SIMON LITTLE. iv. LEO MARTIN ACORS, b. July 16, 1964; m. BEVERLY ANNE WATFORD. CLARENCE EUGENE BUTLER was born December 06, 1937, and died April 15, 1983. He married SHIRLEY COOMBS in 1954. Children of CLARENCE BUTLER and SHIRLEY COOMBS are: i. SHEILA BUTLER, b. February 25, 1954; m. DRAKE FARLEY. ii. CLARENCE BUTLER, b. February 04, 1955. iii. JEROME BUTLER, b. September 05, 1956; m. SHERRITA JACKSON.
My Genealogy Home Page-- James T. Bain, Families of Grandpts
James Bain and his wife Elizabeth Doherty, born in North Carolina in 1799 and 1800 repectively. They were the parents of Martha, John, Harvey, Adeline, Lee and Nancy. My Genealogy Home Page-- James T. Bain, Families of Grandpts: Surname List
Ladner family , Michigan
InterneTree: Descendants of Unknown Ladner Genealogy Report: Descendants of Unknown Ladner Ladner family , Michigan: Surname List
The Nix And Richard Families
InterneTree: Brenda K Ardoin Genealogy Report: Descendants of Henry Nix The Nix And Richard Families: Surname List
The Adamo Family, Leamington Spa
Sarah Louise Adamo - InterneTree\r\n
Adamo Family Tree (All in One)
InterneTree: Michael A Adamo\r\n
The Adamowski Family Home Page
I am researching The ADAMOWSKI Family. I am looking for any information that may help me create my family tree.\r\nMy great grandparent Andrew and Sofia Adamowski immigrated to America between 1900-1907.I am not sure if they came from the Ukraine or Poland. Andrews date of birth was November 11,1881. They had four children, two sons Karol and Walter and two daughter, Annie and Mary.\r\n
Scozzari(o) - Adamo Family and Davis - Caruthers Family
I was born Frank Scozzari Adamo. Our family name however was not always Adamo. Several members of the family knew that our family name was changed to Adamo from Scozzari or Scozzaro in the early 1900s. Though there have been several versions of why the name was changed, to date, no one in the family knows or is willing to state exactly why our family name was change. There are two facts. First, my father, Phil Scozzari Adamo was baptized as Phillippo Scozaro, a month after he was born. That means that his last name was legally changed to Adamo after 1901. Fact 2: the records in Tampa's old phone directories show only Scozzaris and no Adamos prior to 1920 and no Scozzaris, but only Adamos after 1920. Thus the name was officially changed from Scozzari(o) to Adamo in 1920. Every member of the family I have talked to, including my father, indicate that Dr. Frank S. Adamo, my dad's brother, changed the name. Again, why? Nobody knows or is willing to say why.\r\n\r\nSome of the main lineage to the Adamo - Scozzari Family Tree\r\nAdamo - Scozzari - Ferlita - Tagliarini - Cagnina - Greco - Ficarrotta - Lazzara and many others. I have provided the Genealogy Report for the descendants of Francisco Adamo Scozzari(o), my great grandfather, is availFrank Scozzari Adamo
Ron & Donna Adamo of Frisco,TX
Looking for Adamo family from Troia,Foggia, Italy who came to U.S. and settled in Jefferson County,PA to work in the coal mines and then moved to Pelham,NY. Alfonso was a stone mason who belonged to a union. His wife, Michalena Napolitano Adamo, born in Troia, Foggia,Italy had four children. Oldest son was born in Brockway, PA. One child is still alive, Flora Adamo O\Brokta, is 91 and lives in Yonkers, NY. Alfonso was one of 11 children. Some of them came to the U.S. His older brother was Cosimo Adamo who was also a stone mason. His younger sister was Giovaninna & was married to Frank Utano. They lived in Pelham,NY. She went by the name of Jenny. \r\n
Donna & Ron Adamo Family Home Page
DeConte,Carlos--NYDeConte,Fortune-CA,NYI am researching the artist,Fortune DeConte. He was born on a yacht offthe coast of France. His father was Carlos Santa Sour de Conte. He wasa peer of France. Fortune was a teacher at the Calif Art Instute. His widowwas Johanna and their two children were Carlos &Fortuna. They lived inNew York City,NY. Fortuna had no children. Carlos had two children. Carlos & Fortuna De Conte.Both were both in New York City.Dickinson, William C.--NY,NJ--1800's Cooper, Caroline-NY,NJ-1800'sI am researching the Dickinson Family who lived in Piermont,NY and/orNew Monmouth,NJ. They had between 9 & 11 children. They had a plot inthe Rockland County cemetery ,Sparkill, NY but returned it to the cemetery when they moved to Brooklyn,NY.\r\n
Venetian noble families
All the patrician families of Venice (belonging to Maggior Consiglio)

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