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The Beatys and Littles of Ireland and India
BEATY I am researching the BEATY family, originally from Ireland. From family folklore Francis BEATY was born in Tullamore, Ireland in 1757 . Francis and his wife Catherine gave birth to three sons, John, Francis and Henry, probably in Stoke Damerel, Devon, while he served in the Royal Navy. In 1820 Francis and 1821 Henry, joined the Honourable East India Company Army as Cadets in Bengal, India. The elder son of Francis, named Francis Henry BEATY, and his wife Caroline Ophelia (n?e Sheels), had fifteen children all born in India. Five of the sons served in the Indian Police. The Beaty family finally left India in 1948. The cities in India and Pakistan that feature in the family history are Lahore, Jhansie, Karachi, Landour, Mussoorie, Quetta, Rawlpindi and Simla. LITTLE/LYTTLE I am also researching the LITTLE/LYTTLE family from Northern Ireland. In 1839 Andrew LITTLE was born in the Parish of Montiaghs, Lurgan, County Armagh, Northern Ireland, to Thomas and Mary (n?e Wilson) LITTLE. In 1858 he joined the 27th Inniskilling Regiment and sailed to India. He remained in India and retired from the army in 1894. He died in Dehra Dun, India in 1926. He had five children Mary Anne, Thomas Wilson, William John (my grandfather) Edward and Andrew. The surname spelling changed to LYTTLE with the children. The cities in India/Pakistan that feature in the family history are Dehra Dun, Jhansie, Karachi,Lahore, Meerut, North West Province,Peshawar and Simla. The Beatys and Littles of Ireland and India: Surname List
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Doris P Bayne surname list
The Fishers of Shropshire
Carol Louise Battson surname list
The Lineage of Richard Bryan Ballard
The Lineage of Richard Bryan Ballard: Surname List
Balko Family Ancestors
Diane Balko surname list
Edward Thomas Baker from Neosho, MO
InterneTree: Peggy Lynne Baker
Baker & Moore in New Jersey & New Hampshire
BAKER Family of Mercer/Middlesex/Somerset Counties in NJ from 1700 to 1880 and allied with it DEBAUN of Bergen County NJ, from 1880 to 1920 NYC, then from 1920 forward Rockingham County NH. I believe this Baker line to have originated in Holland as BACKER and anglicized to BAKER in late 17th century New Utrecht before settling in the Province of East Jersey. MOORE of Rockingham County NH. PAYZANT of Nova Scotia and MA. Allied with Moore is FELLOWS of MA & NH. My daughter's maternal family are HALL of NJ, LA & Maine, allied with BORDEN of IL, MA, Maine & London, UK and CARTER of WV, LA, and Maine. InterneTree: David Baker Wolfeboro Falls
Ancestors of John A. Baird and Michelle L. (Orndoff) Baird
Ancestors of John A. Baird and Michelle L. (Orndoff) Baird: Surname List
The Baileys Family Home Page
Report: Kinship of John B Bailey The Baileys Family Home Page: Surname List
The Edward C. Badger Family of Hudson, New Hampshire
InterneTree: Ancestors of Edward Charles Badger, Jr The Edward C. Badger Family of Hudson, New Hampshire: Surname List
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InterneTree: Tina L Babberl IA
Babber Family Tree Hans Raj Babber was born in Jaurin, India about 1918. His family lived in Sialkot and then moved to New Delhi. Hans Raj immigrated to East Africa where he married and had seven children. In the early seventies the family immigrated to England and the eldest son Immigrated to Canada. I am the eldest son Ashok (Ash) Babber.
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InterneTree: William Earl Abbett
Kimberly Ann (Reinhard) Augelli - My Family Tree
InterneTree: Kimberly A Augelli NC Kimberly Ann (Reinhard) Augelli - My Family Tree: Surname List
The Ronald Atwater Family Home Page
ATWATER , PHILBRICK , FRYON from the Central New York area 1830's -1920's. Also : JACKSON , PETRY (PETTRY) , HODGE , CRUISE, from the West Virginia ,North Carolina , Virginia areas 1830's on. Also WHITTINGHAM from England and GABBET from Ireland.
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InterneTree: William Armelin
The Branches, Limbs, and Twigs of My Families
my Howard ancestors came to America from England. My Weathers were in South Carolina in the early 1800's. My Layton, Abbott/Abbett, and Shockley families in Georgia then moved to Alabama. Genealogy Report: Descendants of William Howard
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InterneTree: Vicky L Anderson
The Anders/Powells of Iowa/Missouri
Carla Anders surname list
Gerhard Althoff (1765) X Elisabeth Vogel Johannes Gerhard Althoff ( 18/8/1791) X Wilhelmine Huhn Wilhelm Althoff (22/7/1825) X Wilhelmine R?dig Peter Althoff (13/8/1873) X Clara Michels Augusto Althoff ( 12/11/1896) X Filomena Kretzer Pedro N. Althoff (20/8/1936) X Sonia Knabben Amilcar Althoff ( 25/2/1963) X Erica Ferreira B?rbara F Althoff ( 7/4/1993)
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Mary E Evelyn Anderson surname list
Shannan's Ancestors
InterneTree: David A Andersen Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Shannan Anese-Kaare Andersen Genealogy Report: Ancestors of Shannan Anese-Kaare Andersen
The Tougas/Brake/duQuesnay/Perkins Home Page
ancestors and descendants of Edward (of Riverhead) Brake b. 1836 in Bay of Islands, and Josephine Duval b. 1856 in Sandy Point. ancestors and descendants of Guillaume Tougard (Tougas) (Lovellette) (Laviolette) b. about 1644 in Fatouville, Normandy, France, and Marie Labbe, b. about 1644 in Fatouville, Normandy, France. ancestors and descendants of Robinet leMercier (later generations duQuesnay) b. about 1425 in Vieux, France. Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Charles Tougard Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Robinet Lemercier Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Richard Brake Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Samuel Atwell Perkins
The Oaks Family Home Page
marriage of John Oaks and Experience Wolcott in 1732 at Salem, Massachusetts. John Oaks died in 1767 at North Sunderland, Massachusetts where he was a mill owner. Upon his death, he willed the mill to his son Jonathan. The Oaks Family Home Page: Surname List
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InterneTree: James Randall Westberry Sr (SCA)
The Alverson's of Michigan
Alverson's from New York in the area of Chautauqua County, and cities of SHERMAN, Mina, Gerry around the 1820's. Carroll, NY for the Alvord name around 1820-1830's. InterneTree: Dave W Alverson User Home Page Report: Kinship of Dave Alverson Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Melvin Clark Fuller Genealogy Report: Descendants of Melvin Clark Fuller Genealogy Report: Ancestors of William Alverson The Alverson's of Michigan: Surname List
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InterneTree: Lana Abrams Tom G Allison surname list
The Dennis Clark Allen Family in Rockwall, Texas
Dennis grew up in Salina, Kansas, son of Raymond Warren Allen, also born and raised in Salina Kansas. His father was Clark Edwin Allen of Salina. (a railroad man) Clark's father was Elisha Warren Allen, a Kansas pioneer. \r\n\r\nInterneTree: Dennis C Allen\r\n
The Robert W. Alexander family, Owensboro, KY
Alexander-Peyton Family Tree
Descendants of Johann Walz
InterneTree: Pam N Adkins OH\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Johann George Walz\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Jordan Wheeler\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of Charles Conlon\r\n\r\nGenealogy Report: Descendants of John Wheeler\r\n
Adams & Dowell Home Page
RESEARCH\r\nAdams: Locations are Colorado, Kentucky, North Carolina, Virginia, Wisconsin. \r\n\r\nMartison: Locations are Norway & Wisconsin\r\n\r\nBlanchards: Locations are Connecticut, Massachusetts, New York, & Vermont.\r\n\r\nBarnhouse, Carpenters, Crabbe, Junkins, Kelleys, Picketts: Locations are Illinois, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania.\r\n\r\nDixon, Dowell: Locations are Illinois, Kentucky, Virginia.\r\n\r\nLagana & Hudock: Locations are New York, Italy & Hungary.\r\n
The Home Page Of Adams, Christianson, Esbrook and Lundmark
I\m researching my Family history and looking for any information related to me. The family names are Adams, Christianson, Esbrook (Hesbrook) and Lundmark.\r\n\r\nThe Hesbrook or Esbrook as the name was changed to after comming to America come over from England.\r\n\r\nLundmark were from Sweden.\r\n\r\nAdams were from Belgium.\r\n\r\nChristianson were from Canada \r\n\r\nInterneTree: James Adams\r\n\r\nThe Home Page Of Adams, Christianson, Esbrook and Lundmark:\r\nSurname List\r\n
The John Cook Family Home Page
Im seeking information on Captain John Cook who was supposedly lost at sea in +- 1759?.This man left a son named John who was raised by a man named Schank/Schenck? Probably from the New Jersey/ New York area. John enlisted in the Revolutionary War under a Captain John Schank?and fought in several battles (Germantown,Flatbush,etc.) He later married Ida Vanliew who died, then married Rachel Bryson. He died in 1822, Owl Creek township, Ohio.\r\nRobert B Abbe - InterneTree
The Richard F. Abbeys of Ontario NY
My wife is jenniferjo. We have Three kids jason katilyn and paul. My father is Paul w. abbey jr. I have two brothers Todd Russell, he has one son Steven paul. My other brother is Craig Wesley. My Grandfather is Paul W Abbey sr. He was born in the town of Sparta Ny, This is near canandagua NY. My father grew up in the city of Rochester and the town of Honeyoe. My brothers and I were born in Rochester NY. We grew up in the town of brighton. \r\n
Here an Abbott, There an Abbott, Everywhere an Abbott!!
Book: Ancesters of Ralph Eugene Abbott\r\nInterneTree\r\n
Family Home Page of Abbett
Peter R Abbett - InterneTree\r\n\r\nUser Home Page Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of Allen M. Abbett\r\n\r\nUser Home Page Outline Descendant Tree: Descendants of William White\r\n\r\n
The Abbe / Hollman Family Home Page
Hollman - Michigan,Ohio,New York, GermanyAbbe - Michigan,Ohio, New York, Germany\r\nKoiser - Michigan, Ohio, Louisianna\r\nVanderMeer-Michigan, Netherlands\r\n

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