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Origin of west

Origin of west

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The Family Facts archive, with its rich historical information, can tell you everything from the lifespan of your ancestors to the very meaning of your last name. Every time you find a fact, we'll tell you what it means.

Origin of west

Total Records: 9 
Origin of west, Meaning of west

Origin: It's Swedish
Surnames: Westberg
Submitted by: Peter Westberg
Origin of west, Meaning of west

Origin: James Westbrook, convict arrived Australia c1814 'Earl Spencer'. Emancipated Bathurst NSW 1816-1818
Submitted by: Lyn Griffiths
Origin of west, Meaning of west

Origin: Originally From England. Westall's Have Come To America From 1650 Through Late 1800's. I Am Compiling Info On All Family Members. My G-G-Grandfather Came In The 1780's To Clarksburg, Harrison Co., Va
Surnames: WESTALL
Submitted by: Bob Westall
Origin of west, Meaning of west

Origin: Emme Westervelt married to Henry Parker, living in Western Penna. Children Cora Ellen, and Freeman George Parker. I need more info.
Surnames: Westervelt
Submitted by: Corrine Corbin
Origin of west, Meaning of west

Origin: looking for henry thomas westley and ancestors. he was born 1816 and married ann kavey she was born 1791
Surnames: westly
Submitted by: wendy labrum
Origin of west, Meaning of west

Origin: Daniel Westmoreland from TN. Parents names were Willis and Margaret. Married Julia Denig 1891 in Milwaukee Co. WI. Was cook, chef in Racine, WI
Surnames: Westmoreland
Submitted by: Mary Denig-Chakroff
Origin of west, Meaning of west

Origin: GGrandfather W.H.West married to a Mary West and daughter was my grandmothe Salley or Sallie B. West of Halifax co NC married to Charlie Harris of Warren co NC.
Surnames: West
Submitted by: JoAnn Gonzalez
Origin of west, Meaning of west

Origin: West

English origin means west town
Surnames: West
Submitted by: glitz
Origin of west, Meaning of west

Origin: Westfield

English origin means from the West field
Surnames: Westfield
Submitted by: glitz

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