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Origin of wahl

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Origin of wahl, Meaning of wahl

Origin: My people came from Bassenheim, Reifenberg, Germany. They migrated to the Volga Region in Russia 1765.
Surnames: Wahlschmidt, Waldschmidt
Submitted by: Donald J. Waldschmidt
Origin of wahl, Meaning of wahl

Origin: This family traces back to the Galts or Celts in the highland North of the Meditranean Sea, dating about 800 BC. The Surname is first listed as Z'Walla meaning "descended from the Celts and was in the Saanen district of Switzerland. It was formalized to Zwahlen, Zwahlin or Zwallen in Switzerland. When the first ancestors came to America, imigrating through Lancaster, PA the name was 'americanized to Zwalle or Zwaller and later changed to Swalley, Zwally, Zwalley and Schwalley. Jacob Swalley moved to Iowa in the early 1800 and some of his descendents changed it to Swolley. All people with any variation of this spelling are related, excepting Swaley which is English.
Surnames: Swolley,stwalley,zwally,swalley,zwahlen,zwalle
Submitted by: Clint Swalley

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